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    i-sleep by Ivonne Dippmann. Now you can sleep on your laptop with this i-sleep pillow. i -sleep is a comfortable soft pillow which be attached on your laptop. If you tend to fall asleep, your just close your laptop, a pillow gets filled with warm air, music is being played and after 10 minutes the alarm clock rings. Cool!
    Heating up
    By closing the laptop an air cushion blows itself up, which is connected by a valve with the fan of the computer. The computer is in the "sleep mode" and warm exhaust air is blown into the pillow. The material is coated with Latex at the inside, so the supplied warm air can be kept for a longer time. The heat supply is interrupted by opening the laptop again.
    Making music
    By closing the computer a playlist is activated by a music program. This playlist can be individually created or is automatically generated by the program. The titles being played correspond to the duration of the desired sleeping time.
    Waking up
    After the last music title being played, the possibility exists to be waken up. The waking time, the waking tone and the distances of the repeating waking noise are individually adjustable.
    By Ben on Sun Oct 5 2008
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