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    Microchip Cufflinks
    Style  |  Accessories  
    The Microchip Cufflinks($12) made from real microchips. For the real gadget fans. This stylish accessory is made from real chips. Chips measure 3/4" (19mm) square, and 1/8" (3mm) thick.
    Contraband T-Shirt
    Style  |  Apparel  
    Olly Moss's Contraband T-Shirt($18) hides all the naughty stuff(skulls, handcuffs, axe, keyboard, knife, snake...) in a normal T-Shirt. All naughty stuff will glow in the dark. Cool?
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    Dreams Quick Mobile Ashtray
    Style  |  Accessories  
    It is a fashion and green idea! Quick Mobile Ashtray($26) from Japan, is a slim portable ashtray that keeps the cigarette butts off the ground. The inner pocket is 100% fireproof. It uses the air vacuum system to kill the cigarette fire. At the same time, it traps smoke and keeps the ash in the pocket. Easy to clean and replaceable. The body size is small and compact for any bags and pockets. Available in 5 different colors.
    LG 3G Touch Watch Phone
    Style  |  Watch  
    LG announceds 3G Touch Watch Phone at CES. The LG 3G Touch Watch Phone($TBA) features 7.2MBPS 3G HSDPA and a full touchscreen interface on a diminutive 1.43 inch screen, a built-in video-capable camera, voice recognition, either with or without a Bluetooth headset, text-to-speech for reading text messages to you aloud; a music player, a built-in speaker, and stereo Bluetooth support. The LG 3G Watch Phone is Europe only for right now, with a release date of sometime in 2009. Click 2 enlarge!
    Style  |  Shoe  
    Wow, see this shoe, with horseshoe iron!
    Rancho(€ 200) is the new ankle pony boots style with well made wood wedge and original horse iron. Confortable shape for easy walking. Made in real leather, transpirant lining. Totally handmade by Punitiveshoes craftsman with first quality leather. Ready to ship in 45 business days.
    Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse Skateboard
    Style  |  Accessories  
    For celebrating the launch of the Stephen Sprouse collection this week, Louis Vuitton creates limited edition skateboards. It also comes with a Louis Vuitton case. Cool!
    ¡°For instance, the company is wrapping the store in vinyl and spray painting neon graffiti all over the facade. The window display will feature a 6-foot neon light installation in Sprouse¡¯s Rose motif. The store¡¯s interior, enhanced with black brick wall facing, will also be sprayed with the neon graffiti.
    The collection will launch in its entirety at the SoHo boutique on Thursday. The complete worldwide launch will follow on Feb. 2, though the Rose pieces will be available at Louis Vuitton stores worldwide starting Friday.
    For the launch, the luxury goods company is also creating two limited edition pieces, which will only be available at the SoHo location: a Stephen Sprouse graffiti skateboard replete with a hard case monogram skateboard trunk, and a Stephen Sprouse ¡°Roses¡± T-shirt. The company hopes to sell three graffiti skateboards with trunks for $8,250 each, and 70 T-shirts for $250 each. ¡°I don¡¯t expect them to last very long,¡± Lalonde said. ¡°By Friday, there probably won¡¯t be any more left.
    Steve Jobs Lives T-shirt
    Style  |  Apparel  
    Today is Steve Jobs's live...(Macworld 2009, the new Mac Pro(17" version), new iTues.. from apple ) Josh has sent us this tip without any word. The Steve Jobs Lives T-shirt($30) is black color, maybe you can wear this shirt to Macworld 2009 live(too cold now!...)
    Sunny Side Up
    Style  |  Apparel  
    I love this Sunny Side Up T-shirt($24). A big sunny side up egg on your T-shirt, It looks so real!
    Socks Anatomy
    Style  |  Design  
    The Socks Anatomy designed by Anton Repponen, Cool! Check out see some I loved designs by Anton Repponen.
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    Style  |  Accessories  
    If you want to carry your bag? The Bucklette($TBA) is a belt buckle like case that holded your lipstick, a key or two, cash and ID. Designed by Sandy Alexander.
    "This versatile accessory has a clip on the back so you can attach it to your waistband ?no belt needed! The Bucklette?Clip-On opens to reveal a nook for a tube of lipstick, a clip to secure your key, and a flat compartment with a clip to hold your currency and ID in place. Original embossed design with antique finish. Made in the USA from a recyclable, lead-free metal. "
    Bow Tie
    Style  |  Accessories  
    The famous design Sruli Recht has released their Bow Tie.
    "Made from a certain cloth from the Laantan tribe in North-Western Laos near China and Burma, 11 days' hike from the River Mekong. The Lantaan produces a distinct weave for their traditional dress from locally grown cotton, woven in narrow lengths and twice hand dyed in indigo found in the Indigofera plants of Asia."
    Hot Water Bottle Bag
    Style  |  Bag  
    A hot water bottle bag($160) that you can fill your bag with hot water and give you warmth in the winter. I like this idea, but the $160, a bit expensive.
    "Warm up your wardrobe with this bag made from a reclaimed hot water bottle used during the 1960s by the "Bundeswehr" (Germany's Federal Defense Force). Tough and utilitarian, the body of this bag is made of recycled truck tarp, while the army water bottle serves as a flap. Features a clasp for closing, long adjustable strap and an interior pocket for a cellphone or small item. Handmade in Stuttgart, Germany."
    UNDFTD Incase Ballistic Basketball Bag
    Style  |  Bag  
    Isn't it awful when your sweaty clothes mix around with your ball and sneakers? UNDFTD and Incase have released a ball bag. The DFTD + Incase Ballistic Basketball Bag($172) is made of ballistic nylon features packable water bottle pockets, ball pocket, shoe bag, velcro removable STRIKES logo patches, messenger bag style shoulder strap, 2 heavy duty carry handles, hidden stash pocket and multiple interior pockets.
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    Cabestan Winch Tourbillon Vertical Watch
    Style  |  Watch  
    A $275,000 Steampunk style watch! I can't believe its price tag. The Cabestan Winch Tourbillon Vertical($275,000¨C$400,000) is the brainchild of Vianney Halter and the engineering masterpiece of the DMC Group's Jean-François Ruchonnet. A wrist-watch built around a winch-driven chain fusee movement, it has a tiny 450 link chain and nickel silver drums; altogether there are 1,352 separate components. Two rotating drums indicate the time, while further drums show power reserves; you wind the watch using the glorious little capstans. Various cases are available, ranging from brushed titanium, gold and platinum, through to gold encrusted with diamonds.
    Drawer Bag
    Style  |  Bag  
    A Draw Bag, I love this design, By Jung-Ah Kim. In a desk, it can be stored and operated like an desk drawer. And the darwer can be used as a ordinary bag, you just grab a drawer and go...
    Zuca Pro
    Style  |  Bag  
    Zuca Pro deleveloped for the seasoned road warrior. It is part carry-on, part "darn is this thing cool". Featuring include an aluminum-alloy frame with a built-in seat(with a 300-pound weight capacity), removable packing pouches that stack like drawers.
    "The 4-inch polyurethane wheels absorb shocks and make for a seriously silent ride. And because each wheel is recessed, the bag slides into overheads without a shove or grunt."

    Handmade Beards by Erin Dollar
    Style  |  Accessories  
    Erin Dollar is a happy bearded lady, haha. Erin from Portland, Oregon, she made these beards, now you can buy them from her Etsy shop for $38-$45.
    Guitar Solo T-shirt
    Style  |  Apparel  
    The Guitar Solo T-shirt($25) - an electric guitar and a machine gun rolled into one.
    Casio Databank Watches
    Style  |  Watch  
    I have ever a Casio watch. I love the Casio classic old watch. This Christmas Casio has updated the classic Casio Databank watches with new looking and more colors(black, green, orange and white).
    "The Casio Databank DBC32 Series watch($60-70) makes it all possible with its 25-page databank, 8-digit calculator and 5 multi-function alarms (with text). All of this with the added bonus of a 10-year battery. Black Databank Watch featuring 10-Year Battery."
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    TooLate Watch
    Style  |  Watch  
    Italian watch brand called TooLate has just lanched in US. The TooLate Watch($30) has a beautiful minimal design, and water proof. Come with many fun colors. They said that the TooLate has been success in Italy. The watch only has a simple time and date function using 2 buttons just below the face of the watch. The very simple watch!
    Lego Ring
    Style  |  Accessories  
    The Mathea's sterling silver LEGO rings($140-$165), you can also add Lego brick or accessories to change their appearance. They include three models(as the pic), with one ($140), two ($151) and four studs ($165).
    ScotteVest SeV Cotton T-Shirt
    Style  |  Apparel  
    The ScotteVest's SeV Cotton T-Shirt($25) has three pockets(1 chest pocket and 2 side seam pockets), feature sev's weight management system to keep you from looking bulky, and with the left shoulder pocket packing a special wire management system and elastic loops to keep your earbuds in place. You even control your music player from ouside the pocket through the fabric. Cool!
    Yunju Lee
    Style  |  Accessories  
    British designer Yunju Lee has designed these unusual jewelry accessories. Include lipstick collar brooch, ketchup stains brooch, ink stain pin brooch, iron brooch, milk mustache... Would you wear one of those? I love the lipstick collar brooch!
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    Duck Huntin
    Style  |  Apparel  
    Packing a NES light gun on the back of jeans. Cool, with your Nes gun and walking on the street! The Duck Huntin'($20) T-shirt features an NES light gun printed on the bottom back of a high quality white American Apparel shirt
    PM1208 Wrist Gamma Indicator
    Style  |  Watch  
    I like the mulit-fun gadgets! PM1208 Wrist Gamma Indicator($370) is a unique watch that monitors the radiation levels of the environment as well as the irradiation level of the person wearing the indicator. It features swiss-made clock with design of the steel casing ensures that the watch is water resistant in depths up to 328 feet (100 meters).
    • Monitors gamma radiation level 24 hours-a-day.
    • Measures the ambient dose and dose rate continuously.
    • Alerts users to hazardous situations through an audible alarm.
    Nixon Newton Watch
    Style  |  Watch  
    Nixon's new watch, the Newton($100). It has not hours and music hands. From the picture, you can see two dots replace them.
    "Japanese quartz with LED light and display Case: Custom 50 meter molded polycarbonate with hardened mineral crystal Band: One piece custom injected silicone with patented locking looper and stainless steel buckle"
    Man Bra
    Style  |  Accessories  
    Man Bra? Yes! A Japan company Wish Room has released the bras for man! I can not read the Japanese from its website, I don't know what's benefit for men? The new style for men? For big breast men?
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    Rockza Pac-Man Messenger
    Style  |  Bag  
    We have featured a Pac-Man Hoodie. If you want a Pac-Man bag? This series of Pac-Man Messengers(about $39) come from Korea! The bags are available in several styles, including one prints full of cute and colorful ghosts, another with a slightly more subtle grey-on-black design. Each bag measures appx. 14" x 10.25" x 6". For Pac-man fans. Check out you can also see a Space Invaders bag.
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    Diamond Ring
    Style  |  Accessories  
    If you want to a big Diamond Ring! The Diamond Ring($160) in in sterling silver. "Based on the traditional classic Tiffany's engagement ring, this inspired ring is part of AlissiaMT's Bling-Blink series. Instead of karats, the silhouette ring comes in three widths' options."
    PinkWolf Suitcases
    Style  |  Bag  
    We featured a guncase briefcase. Today we will see a set of cases showing the outline of a gun, an axe, or a knife. Cool cases by PinkWolf.
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