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    Western Kitty Tee
    Style  |  TShirt  
    The Western Kitty Tee from thedeligrocery.
    Robots in Disguise 1
    Style  |  TShirt  
    Robots in Disguise T-Shirt($9 only for 24 hours) by Simeon Wells. Cool!
    Pirate Bay TShirts
    Style  |  TShirt  
    Support the Pirate Bay by purchasing this cool Kopimi/Piratbyrån T-shirt($22).  Bytelove donates all the profits to Piratbyrån the Pirate Bay.
    Flash Camera
    Style  |  TShirt  
    Flash Camera T-Shirt($9; only for 24 hours) by Joao Lauro Fonte.
    Knitted Mario Sweaters

    Knitted Mario Sweaters

    Knitted Mario Sweaters
    Style  |  Apparel  

    Cool officially licensed Mario sweater! These 100% wool sweaters feature a couple of tastefully subtle 8-bit Marios on the front, and what appears to be a coin hidden inside one of the pockets, from online store of Shigesato Itoi for about $425. They're hand-knitted.

    Cube Bracelet
    Style  |  Jewelry  
    This Cube Bracelet is a piece of cool jewelry from 80spurpleA perfect gift for your geeky hipster girlfriend. Currently it is sold out, but you can sign-up to be notified when it’s back in stock.
    bullet rings
    Style  |  Accessories  
    These bullet rings from bulletgirl, Cool! From left to right, 45 AUTO rhodium plated with CZ caps flower ring; 357 MAG 24k gold plated bullet with CZ cap ring; .357 MAG rhodium plated bullet with CZ cap ring.
    How To Use The Force
    Style  |  TShirt  
    Half circle motion + Force button,  by Sean Husbands. Vote it up at SplitReason
    The Dude Abides
    Style  |  TShirt  
    The Dude Abides T-shirt($10 only for 24 hours) by Tom Ledin(a skateboarder, and an artist).
    Legacy of Flynn by HDDoobie
    Style  |  TShirt  
    Legacy of Flynn by HDDoobie from threadless, vote it up!
    Geek Army Knife
    Style  |  TShirt  
    Today's Tee, Geek Army Knife by ian_s.
    Beer Pong Shirt
    Style  |  TShirt  
    Beer Pong Video Game Shirt from zazzle,
    Ice Cream Shape Tie
    Style  |  Accessories  
    Now you can have ice cream on your shirt without the mess, with this funny ice cream shaped tie! $26
    37 Celsius986 Fahrenheit
    Style  |  TShirt  
    37 Celsius-98.6 Fahrenheit by Tomas De Santis from threadless. Also available in t-shirt versions.
    Style  |  Watch  
    The Mutewatch(€199) is a fully functioning watch with a hidden touch screen that can be navigated with a swipe. The Mutewatch is as silent as the name states. Its alarm doesn’t make a sound. It just vibrates your wrist and can be dismissed by pinching the watch.
    "Mutewatch is a silent alarm in the shape of a vibrating wristband. This discreet device with its disguised touch screen brings structure and time back to its user. It serves as a quiet reminder that helps you to follow your own agenda without disturbing people in your surroundings. Mutewatch is always at hand and allows you to navigate swiftly between its functions, its clock, alarm and timer, giving you the ability to set your vibrations as you go. "
    Suitcase Stickers

    Suitcase Stickers

    Suitcase Stickers
    Style  |  Bag  
    These Cool suitcase stickers from thecheeky.com "may cause offense to airport and immigration staff". They come in a colorful variety of very sticky styles, like smuggled cocaine, cash & even a bound and gagged hostage.
    SpiderMans Only Fear
    Style  |  TShirt  
    Spider-Man's Only Fear by MarcyVF from threadless, vote it up!
    Hand Bag
    Style  |  Bag  
    Hand Bag by Brussels-based designer Mia Schmallenbach.
    Style  |  Bag  
    Tie + bag= Tiebag. Sunchic's Tiebag(EUR 486) is a combination of a tie and a bag to give you this exclusive style of shoulder bag. The shoulder strap is a pure silk tie that matchs with your suit. 
    "detail: the pure silk tie is the shoulder strap, brass buckle with rhinestones embedded, the highest quality calfskin... "
    Steel Tie
    Style  |  Accessories  
    The tie alternative, made from 2mm spring steel. Awesome! €14.95.
    Stormtrooper Back Buddy
    Style  |  Bag  
    For Star Wars fans! The Stormtrooper Back Buddy($37; October 2010) is available now for pre-order from Urban Collector. The 24' backpacks include a carrying pouch large enough to carry books, DVDs, and more!
    The Hellboy Hoodie by Andrew Hillman
    Style  |  Apparel  
    The Hellboy Hoodie designed by Andrew Hillman.
    Spinal Column Racerback Tank
    Style  |  TShirt  
    Sarah Reilly’s spinal column racerback tank($79; Aug 9 2010). Currently it is on backorder(:-)), Cool!
    Pocket Mirror
    Style  |  Accessories  
    The Pocket Mirror(4 Euros; about $5) by Pavel Sidorenko, this little pocket mirror is small enough to stash in a credit card slot in your wallet.
    "Light and flexible mirror in size of plastic card. Good for pocket or wallet. Made from plastic."
    Primitive Shoes x Nike Air Max 90 Infrared
    Style  |  Shoe  

    Infared 90’s will be hitting retailers again! For the July 24th release of The Air Max 90 Infrared, Primitive Shoes did a shoot and interview with Model Justene Jaro to remind folks that…Grab your AM90 soon at Primitive
    "It's the second running shoe created by Tinker Hatfield that displays a Visible Air Window on it's exterior. No matter how many times the original Infrared colourway sees a retro release, it's re-arrival is always welcomed with open arms.
    Herschel Novel Duffel bag
    Style  |  Bag  
    The Herschel's Novel Duffel bag($75) comes with a separate shoe compartment to make sure your shoesdon’t dirty whatever else in your bag. I like it. 
    8 Bit Spray N Pray
    Style  |  TShirt  
    8 Bit Spray N' Pray by m 2 designs from threadless, vote it up! 
    I love this t-shirt design!
    Style  |  Accessories  
    Beardwear(EUR 35) designed by Johan Olin. For anyone who ever wanted to try a beard. Using adjustable woollen strings around the ears.
    BeerBot Bottle Opening Shirt
    Style  |  TShirt  
    This Beerbot T-shirt($20) features a robot on the front, and with a beer bottle opener attached, from thinkgeek. Cool.
    "The BeerBot Bottle Opening Shirt is amazing. This slightly inebriated robot forgot about the Three Laws six beers ago, but he’ll gladly help you pop the top of your brewski. When life is hilariously cruel and hands you a beer without a means to open it, you can laugh as you throw wide your jacket and hand the bottle to your BeerBot. POP! Open."
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