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    SpiderMans Only Fear
    Style  |  TShirt  
    Spider-Man's Only Fear by MarcyVF from threadless, vote it up!
    Hand Bag
    Style  |  Bag  
    Hand Bag by Brussels-based designer Mia Schmallenbach.
    Style  |  Bag  
    Tie + bag= Tiebag. Sunchic's Tiebag(EUR 486) is a combination of a tie and a bag to give you this exclusive style of shoulder bag. The shoulder strap is a pure silk tie that matchs with your suit. 
    "detail: the pure silk tie is the shoulder strap, brass buckle with rhinestones embedded, the highest quality calfskin... "
    Steel Tie
    Style  |  Accessories  
    The tie alternative, made from 2mm spring steel. Awesome! €14.95.
    Stormtrooper Back Buddy
    Style  |  Bag  
    For Star Wars fans! The Stormtrooper Back Buddy($37; October 2010) is available now for pre-order from Urban Collector. The 24' backpacks include a carrying pouch large enough to carry books, DVDs, and more!
    The Hellboy Hoodie by Andrew Hillman
    Style  |  Apparel  
    The Hellboy Hoodie designed by Andrew Hillman.
    Spinal Column Racerback Tank
    Style  |  TShirt  
    Sarah Reilly’s spinal column racerback tank($79; Aug 9 2010). Currently it is on backorder(:-)), Cool!
    Pocket Mirror
    Style  |  Accessories  
    The Pocket Mirror(4 Euros; about $5) by Pavel Sidorenko, this little pocket mirror is small enough to stash in a credit card slot in your wallet.
    "Light and flexible mirror in size of plastic card. Good for pocket or wallet. Made from plastic."
    Primitive Shoes x Nike Air Max 90 Infrared
    Style  |  Shoe  

    Infared 90’s will be hitting retailers again! For the July 24th release of The Air Max 90 Infrared, Primitive Shoes did a shoot and interview with Model Justene Jaro to remind folks that…Grab your AM90 soon at Primitive
    "It's the second running shoe created by Tinker Hatfield that displays a Visible Air Window on it's exterior. No matter how many times the original Infrared colourway sees a retro release, it's re-arrival is always welcomed with open arms.
    Herschel Novel Duffel bag
    Style  |  Bag  
    The Herschel's Novel Duffel bag($75) comes with a separate shoe compartment to make sure your shoesdon’t dirty whatever else in your bag. I like it. 
    8 Bit Spray N Pray
    Style  |  TShirt  
    8 Bit Spray N' Pray by m 2 designs from threadless, vote it up! 
    I love this t-shirt design!
    Style  |  Accessories  
    Beardwear(EUR 35) designed by Johan Olin. For anyone who ever wanted to try a beard. Using adjustable woollen strings around the ears.
    BeerBot Bottle Opening Shirt
    Style  |  TShirt  
    This Beerbot T-shirt($20) features a robot on the front, and with a beer bottle opener attached, from thinkgeek. Cool.
    "The BeerBot Bottle Opening Shirt is amazing. This slightly inebriated robot forgot about the Three Laws six beers ago, but he’ll gladly help you pop the top of your brewski. When life is hilariously cruel and hands you a beer without a means to open it, you can laugh as you throw wide your jacket and hand the bottle to your BeerBot. POP! Open."
    Style  |  TShirt  
    The PAC-BONES()$TBA is awesome!
    Pac-Man is gonna be 28 years old this year. By our estimation, that's 980 in video game years.
    Envelope iPad Bag
    Style  |  Bag  
    Obviously inspired by the Macbook Air envelope case. This plain leather Envelope iPad Bag is $60 and from peasantsandtravelers. Carry a envelope case, Cool or ?
    Let the Game Continue
    Style  |  TShirt  
    Let the Game Continue($18) designed by Eduardo San Gil from threadless.
    Flight 815 zipup hoody
    Style  |  Apparel  
    Your own Oceanic Flight 815 zip-up hoody design by Kyle Maplesden from Threadless. Vote it up!
    MBF HM4 Thunderbolt Watch
    Style  |  Watch  
    MB&F has just announced the Horological Machine No4 Thunderbolt watch. The watch inspired by aviation, it is made of titanium and and crystal. Only 20 watches will be made this year and will be for $158,000! Watch a video of it after more.
     "The sleek aerodynamic form of the Thunderbolt’s titanium and sapphire envelope has its roots in Maximilian Büsser’s childhood passion for assembling model plane kits, though none looked remotely as futuristic as this. The striking transparent sapphire section of the case requires over 100 hours of machining and polishing to transform an opaque solid block of crystal into a complex, exquisitely curved panel allowing the light to come in and the beauty of Thunderbolt’s engine to stand out. Every component and form has a technical purpose; nothing is superfluous and every line and curve is in poetic harmony. Articulated lugs ensure supreme comfort. Highly legible time is a fringe benefit."
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    Screw This War
    Style  |  TShirt  
    Screw This War from threadless, vote it up!
    Style  |  Bag  
    Motherchildbag(€20) – shoppingbag for mother and child. Good idea, with a 'pink' handle for your little one!
    King Vader
    Style  |  TShirt  
    King Vader Tee by luismtz. Cool King Card design!
    Irish Dance Socks
    Style  |  Shoe  
    Irish Dance Socks($9), cute socks for dancer!
    "Women's medium (fits most)."
    Ride the darkside
    Style  |  TShirt  
    Ride the darkside by raymex from threadless, vote it up!
    New Adidas Wings 20 Shoes
    Style  |  Shoe  
    Adidas’s new leather Wings 2.0 shoes designed by Jeremy Scott. Wings on your shoes, Cool? They will be on sale through Adidas Originals online store on August 10th, 2010.
    Style  |  TShirt  
    The StarFail T-Shirt($10; only for 24 hours) by Roborock.
    The Hairy Collection

    The Hairy Collection
    Style  |  Apparel  
    The Hairy Collection from Nutty Tarts, includes Hairy Panties, Hairy Leggings, Hairy Undershirt, Bad Face Day paper bag...
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    SmurfAvatar Mashup TShirt

    SmurfAvatar Mashup TShirt
    Style  |  TShirt  
    Smurf/Avatar mashup T-shirt($18) by Louise Mundo on sale at Threadless.
    Puckman XRay
    Style  |  TShirt  
    Puckman X-Ray($10) picture T-Shirt.
    Space Invaders Messenger Bag
    Style  |  Bag  
    Space Dip Triple Retro Messenger Bag from thinkgeek for $90.
    - Vinyl Messenger Bag
    - Silkscreened Space Invaders printed along one side
    Hoof Heels
    Style  |  Design  
    Hoof Heels by Roxanne Jackson. Wow, what's this?
    2010, ceramic, platinum gold luster, flock, glaze, fur.
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