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    Chain Saw Pendant
    "Sterling silver chain saw pendant on a 20-inch chain. Chain saw is approximately 1.5 inches...
    8 bit pantyhose pixelate your legs
    These are 8-bit pantyhose!
    Anti CleavageWrinkle Bra
    La Decollete has created the Sleeping Beauty Bra which supposed to prevent ladies (and...
    Skeletor Belt
    The Skeletor Belt by Italian designer, Delfina Delettrez."Wrap your waist in Delfina's...
    Circuit Board Tie
    Circuit Board Ties($30) designed by Michael Phipps of Scatterbrain Ties, looking just like a...
    TShirt Personal Trainer
    Self promotion T-shirt for Roland Semprie, Personal Trainer.
    Dissect the Frog
    Dissect the Frog by Jessica Paquette on threadless.
    love is love
    Love is love by Victor Maury on threadless.
    love ring
    Love Ring by Natalia Gomensoro on sale here.
    Womens Liquidated Logo By Anonymous
    Womens Liquidated Logo By Anonymous $35
    iPod Nano Leather Cuff
    The iPod Nano Leather Cuff from etsy, cool idea!"The durability of leather combined with the...
    Casio GShock Bluetooth Watch
    Watch   /   Comments
    The new Casio G-Shock Bluetooth is designed for use with upcoming Bluetooth profile 4.0 mobile...
    Midas Touch
    Golden thumb by Mahtab Hanna.
    The Shoes Appreciation Society
    Shoe   /   Comments
    Some types of shoes. By niege borges.
    Anatomical EduWear from Seasons Studios
    Anatomical Edu-Wear from Seasons Studios.
    Bloodstained Nikes
    Shoe   /   Comments
    Nike SB Stefan Janoski sneakers supposedly going on sale for Halloween 2011.
    A Simple Plan
    A Simple Plan, REPRINT USD$10
    Argyle Invaders
    Argyle Invaders from thinkgeek.
    Til Death Do Us Part Ring
    Til Death Do Us Part Ring” by Kate Bauman. On sale here. “Why have one engagement ring...
    Skull Ring
    I love this skull ring from Holloow jewelry(Japan).
    Marc Newson
    The T-Shirts designed by Marc Newson for G-Star RAW.
    Diamond Necklace
    Diamond Necklace from jujulee's Etsy shop.Mini diamond pendant made out of Shard acrylic glass.
    CATCAT by Mike Mitchell
    CAT-CAT by Mike Mitchell.  Available as a shirt at SirMitchell"I would have made the...
    Enjoy God by Jeremy Scott
    Enjoy God by Jeremy Scott.
    Cigarette Socks
    Shoe   /   Comments
    Created by the Brooklyn based sock company Ashi Dashi. Cool or ridiculous?
    Claw Silver Cuff Bracelet
    Claw cuff sterling silver bracelet. 100% sterling silver.$250
    deer with little antlers hat
    Hat   /   Comments
    If you want to knit this cute hat? Check out 'deer with little antlers hat KNITTING...
    A Wearable Planter
    A Wearable Planter from Colleen Jordan."Why should your plants stay at home? They help clean...
    Hedgehog Mittens
    Hedgehog mittens, on sale here. Cute!
    Angry Buffet
    Angry Buffet from RIPT Apparel, USD$10 for 24 hours only.
    Dunhill Biometric Wallet
    The most secure wallet ever, the Dunhill Biometroc Wallet. This carbon fiber wallet is...
    Edible Candy Heart Ring
    This oversize 3" heart ring is completely edible and completely handmade, made...
    NIKE Clog
    Johnny Kelly painted a pair of wooden clogs to look like Nike shoes for the Nike78 exhibition.
    Supermarine Rain Shirt
    The Rain Shirt from outlier. Featuring "woven with the longest Egyptian cotton fibres...
    Watch   /   Comments
    This watch have the funny watch 'hands'!  ¥ 15,540
    Awesome sweater
    Awesome sweater!
    Google Maps TShirt
    I am here. by すぽぽ.
    inner beauty tshirt
    "Show your inner beauty Human torso model100% cotton T-shirt Single size women & men"...
    shoes by Globe
    Shoes fromJapan's Globe. Cool
    Plug Ring
    Silver and bronze. $200.
    Central America
    "Central AmericaIt make me chuckle."$26
    laser cut tshirts
    PERF Apparel creates unique laser cut patterned t-shirts for men and women. Each T-shirt is laser...
    And the C3POscar goes to
    And the C3POscar goes to... by rodrigobhz, voting at Threadless.  "I'd like to...
    The Large Pocket Tee
    The Large Pocket Shirt($30) features an impressively large patch pocket on the front that's sure to...
    Batman Hoodie
    Batman All View Men’s Zip Hooded Sweatshirt from amazon(Unavailable). Another link...
    Rocket Surgeon Tshirt
    I'm no rocket surgeon. $17.97.
    Sky Invader
    Sky Invader by Yau Hoong Tang.
    The Social Hands Tee
    The Social Hands Tee, on sale here.
    Lava Burn Ward
    Lava Burn Ward by Rockhart at teefury for $9(only 24 hours).
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