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    Home  |  Lighting  
    The BettyLou($275) is a electric candle? Create an intimate candle - it atmosphere by placing this cordless rechargable lamp on your favorite wine glass - it shines over seven hours. It features a super-efficient LED, powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, that offers the feel of an elegant, mobile indoor lantern in its cordless design. Available in the golden and silver version.
    VEIL Solar Shades
    Home  |  Design  
    Summer is coming, let us hide under this VEIL Solar Shades. The VEIL Solar Shades is a concept for Australian primary school yards for the integration of solar-energy harvesting info a form that is both pragmatic(providing shade & energy) and evocative. This project created by Australian design firm Bro North in partnership with the Victorian Eco-Innovation Lab. This shades feature a broad, uni-directional panels surface that is rotated throughout the day by school children to best suit the positon of the sun. It also included an LED feedback system shows whether the shades are getting enough sunlight, LED glow green(good), LED glow red(bad). I love this projcet, I hope it can be installed in the main streets in the future, which can provide the energy for the street lamps or traffic lighting...
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    Chalkboard Hanger
    Home  |  Accessories  
    This Chalkboard Hanger($55) is a mini chalkboard, you can use it anywhere. It also included a white chalk and a felt eraser and is fashioned with an elastic band to hold notes and postcards.
    Universal Shower Diffuser Saver
    Home  |  Outdoor  
    Change your water bottle in portable shower! This Universal Shower Diffuser Saver(GBP 24; about $50) transforms a standard water bottle into a portable shower. You just screw it on like a bottle cap and then squeeze the water bottle to push the water out of the holes at the "shower head". I think first you should buy a big bottle of water. [ Pic, Via ]
    Home  |  Design  
    The Greenhouse concept by Jantze Brogard Asshoff. Cute trash bin! Unfortunately it just a concept design now.
    Sculp IT Live Work
    Home  |  Building  
    It is a 2.4 meters(7'10" wide) building. This five story bulilding, even include a bathtub on the roof, I love this bathtub. Four wooden floors between two existing walls, hanging in a steel skeleton, organize this house: downstairs for work, dining on 1st, relaxing on 2nd, sleeping on 3rd, and on the roof, go and enjoy the view.
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    Flying Alarm Clock
    Home  |  Clock  
    Another fun alarm clock. The Flying Alarm clock($25) wakes you up with a loud shrieking alarm coupled with a little propeller-driven key that leaps off your nightstand. It will not cease ringing until the rotor is returned to the alarm clock base. It looks awesome!
    Park Planters
    Home  |  Accessories  
    This adult Park Planters($TBD; re-release spring 2008) for you are 18+. By Science + sons, Drawing inspiration from the bonsai, park planters were created to elevate the common household plant to the status of full grown tree.
    Laser Target Alarm Clock
    Home  |  Clock  
    The Laser Target Alarm Clock($20) is designed for you want to have fun in the morning and out of bed quickly. When you wake up to an alarm and you have to concentrate to carefully aim the laser beam at the target, you'll be suitably awake so as not to easily fall back asleep.
    Solar Airship
    Home  |  Outdoor  
    Today I finded out this fun toy, the Solar Airship(GBP 12.5; about $25). It looks like an eight metre bin liner, you just fill it with common-or-garden air, and it will amply demonstrate the power of solar energy. When filled with fresh air and exposed to the heat from the sun, the solar airship rises majestically into the sky in the most dramatic visual demonstration of solar energy. See the video chick to here. Or check out the amazon for GBP 10.
    Notebook Portable Flat-Folding BBQ
    Home  |  Outdoor  
    We just reported the BBQ Sword, see this Notebook Portable Folding BBQ(GBP 20; about $40), if you like? It's a compact, folding barbecue that's designed to be taken anywhere. It weights 4.0Kg. Now you just take it to where you choose and 1. Fold it out. 2. Fill it up. 3. Light it up.
    Eva Solo Knife magnets set
    Home  |  Kitchen  
    I like this way to palce knifes in the kitchen. Simple and clean. The Eva Solo Knife magnets set(GBP 39; about $78) included 4 knife magnets to hold up your knifes. You just put them where you need them or hang them together on the wall.
    BBQ Sword
    Home  |  Outdoor  
    If you want a sword that you can roast a sausage? This BBQ Sword(GBP 15; about $30) is actually a twin-pronged fork fashioned to resemble a musketeer-style sword. It even comes with a cut-out cardboard mask. Very cool style on BBQ.
    Craftsman 1470 Piece Tool Set
    Home  |  Accessories  
    Wow, see this picture! This 1470 piece Craftsman Professional Tool Set($8,600) included 300 pc. Base Essentials Set, 198 pc. Professional Essentials Set, 189 pc. Specialized Essentials Set, 204 pc. Advanced Access Pro's Set, 106 pc. Advanced Professional Tool Set, 89 pc. Specialized Access Professional Tool Set, 83 pc. Ultimate Fully-Polished Ratcheting Set, 77 pc. Heavy-Duty Mechanic's Set, 94pc. Auto Specialty Professional Tool Set and 130 pc. Professional Impact Set. The Craftsman sets that comprise the 1470-piece-package can be bought individually if you don't need everything (or if you don't have $8,600).
    Naughtone Plus Storage Units
    Home  |  Store  
    The unique unit, l like its shape. Plus Unit(GBP 500; about $1,000) is a free standing storage unit with protective silicone feet and position locking doors. It has five equally sized spaces, optimised for a wide variety of uses. Available in oak, green or white doors.
    Sunbeam Hot Iron Storage Case
    Home  |  Store  
    If you iron your(his) shirts? It is a good solution let your hot iron cool down before you put it back. The Sunbeam Hot Iron Storage Case($20) safely stores your hot iron right after use, minimizing the risk of burns. The interlocking handle assures the iron will not fall out when picked up and is comfortable to carry.
    Step Stools
    Home  |  Seating  
    One desk or three desks. Step Stools inspired by the simple versatility of American Shaker furniture, these nesting stools pull out to make a set of steps.
    Izona CookSurface
    Home  |  Kitchen  
    This Izona CookSurface is so pretty. It has an easy-clean ceramic cooktop, the cook surface incorporates three sets of hidden pan supports for different sizes of pans within the ceramic surface. When the burners aren't in use they retract into the black glass, leaving a smooth, clutter-free surface.
    Breville BKT500 ikon Kettle Toaster
    Home  |  Kitchen  
    This pretty Breville BKT500 ikon combines toaster and kettle in one piece. A neat compact design! The Breville Kettle-Toaster combo answers consumer needs for smaller, compact, yet fully featured kitchen appliances. I love this design. The premium stainless steel features such as; the A Bit More button for when your toast comes up a bit light, the smooth cushion-controlled lid safely cutting power on opening, ambidextrous illuminated controls and single power cord.
    Original Sofa
    Home  |  Seating  
    The Original Sofa($6,800) designed by designer Mario Spinelli, which delivers unmatched flexibility in seating arrangements with its two rotating seats and round ottoman. You can configure your own sofa to match your mood and changing needs. The center seat remains fixed while the two round ends rotate 360 to face any direction. The sofa sharp could see the relationship between you and him(her).
    Windmill Clock
    Home  |  Clock  
    The modern Windmill Clock - Kazadokei stands at 6.5 feet(2 meters). Designed by Nendo. It's "second" hand reaches almost 5 feet (1.5 meters). A amazing Clock. It uses the mechanisms of large timepieces found in parks or buildings, not those you'll find inside homes. It will be a perfect stand clock in modern living rooms.
    Framed Secretary
    Home  |  Furniture  
    We reported a IKEA secret Laptop Workstation, today we recommend this Small Space Secretary Desk($800) for smaller spaces. This modern style secretary features two supply drawers and a drop-down front panel that serves as a desktop. Panel opens with touch-latch. 40"w x 20"d x 59"h. I like this framed secretary, a pretty workstation.
    Home  |  Furniture  
    I like this furniture, you can play it as a bed, sofa... The Attica furniture($TBD) can mix and match the sectional pieces to suit your space, and your mood. It included an arm chair, corner chair, armless chair, ottoman and coffee table.
    Creative Home Engineering
    Home  |  Store  
    A company - Creative Home Engineering that makes and sells the hidden passageways for create a secret room. You can pull a favorite book from your library shelf and watch a cabinet section to reveal a hidden passageway; twist a candlestick and your fireplace rotates, granting access to a hidden room...
    Heart Break-Out Poster
    Home  |  Post  
    I like this poster. The Heart Break-Out poster($40) by the Dora Drimalas. Silk-screen poster, edition of 100.
    NOVA 3D LED Display
    Home  |  Lighting  
    This amazing lighting is the NOVA 3D LED Display. It builds with 25,000 lightballs, each lightball containing 12 LED. It can display 16 million colors and 25 images per second.(Wow!). It developed by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich for their 150th anniversary. It is 5 by 5 by 1 meter and it is 3.3 tons. If you go to Zurich, you can see it in the train station's main hall, and it will be there till September 2009.(a very cool lighting!) Check out see more pictures.
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    Coffin Sofas
    Home  |  Seating  
    If would you consider the Coffin Couch($4,500), it made from unused 18 gauge steel coffins. "Our niche happens to be 18 gauge steel coffins which we collected from local funeral homes primarily in Southern California. It is a health and safety law that funeral homes cannot resell used coffins to the general public. We approached funeral directors with the attitude of recycling. These coffins are not used for burial due to slight cosmetic inconsistencies. They are reconfigured and modified resulting in a finished product - a unique one a kind coffin couch. "
    Play And Freeze Ice Cream Maker
    Home  |  Kitchen  
    Make a tasty pint of gourmet ice cream in just 20 minutes with Play & Freeze Ice Cream Make($25), add some ice and rock salt in one end and ice cream mix in the other. Now the fun part: shake & roll the ball around for a bit and then you'll have ice cream in minutes.
    Kohler Fountainhead VibrAcoustic Bathtub
    Home  |  Bath  
    The new experience for your bathtub. Kohler's new Fountainhead VibrAcoustic Bathtub($TBD) adds sound vibration, chromatherapy, and music to further enrich the experience while soaking in this tub. It is proven that sound vibration, music, and chromatherapy that can help you easy stress and put the mind at ease - and creates a bath environment of harmony both invigorating and restful. I love it, the Kohler add these elements, gvie you maximize the bathing experience. And it is pretty.
    Home  |  Store  
    Toolbox($TBD) with 90 drawers. Next time you forget the stuffs, just remember the drawer's number. If you forget the number...
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