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    LG Microwave Oven with Built In Toaster
    Home  |  Kitchen  
    I love the multi-fun! This LG Microwave Oven($139) with built In a toaster. It features included a 900 Watts Microwave and a 800 Watts Toaster. And it has 9 Toaster Browning Levels.
    Shit Box
    Home  |  Outdoor  
    If you have experience found a toilet when you are in the outdoor? Shit Box(GBP 16; about $30) is a lightweight portable cardboard toilet, made specifically for outdoor use. The box pops up from a convenient 14inch flat pack to a rigid, reusable, comfortable toilet. Each box comes with ten degradable poo bags. [Thanks, Little Jack]
    Lexon Around Clock
    Home  |  Clock  
    A new way to show time. The Lexon Around Clock(EUR 30; about $45) design by Anthony Dickens. Anologue clock showing time by the cylinder rotation and use the the red wire to identify time. The size is diameter 4.33 x 2.16".
    Xantrex Xpower Solar Powerpack
    Home  |  Outdoor  
    The green power, you can get free electricity by this Xantrex Xpower Solar Powerpack. It's completely self-renewing, which included a detachable 5-watt solar panel that charge the power pack's 10 amp-hour battery. It included two 120-volt AC outlets(Cool!), one 12-volt DC socket and one USB port. You can use it charge 13-inch color TV, laptop, iPod and cellphone... It is portable, weight nearly 18 pounds. It features you can take more than 45 hours to fully charge via its 5w solar panel. With a full charge, 5w Cordless telephone can run at 13 hours, 25w Laptop for 3 hours, 45w 13" TV for 1.3hours. More info download its manual. You also can check out it from the Amazon for $142 price tag. Perfect for outdoor using.
    Home  |  Outdoor  
    The LapDome($80) let you see the screen under the strong sun rays. This laptop computer CARRY CASE transforms into a sheltered, darkened work environment. It offers privacy, security, and protection from the elements, but most of all, computer screen visibility outdoors in the daytime. It features carry your laptop and backpack fastened together to count as ONE BAG while traveling and fit the most 17-inch laptops. The cool geek, you can use in the summer!
    Longitude 131
    Home  |  Building  
    "Luxurious, eco-sensitive and romantic, Longitude 131(AUD 3,204; about $3,400/2night Sole Use) offers immersion in the World Heritage listed wilderness of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, complete with 5-star plus luxury and private views of the sun rising and setting over Uluru (Ayers Rock)."
    Repabad New Ovalis Bathtub
    Home  |  Bath  
    I love this Repabad's Ovalis bath($TBD), pretty! The curious supporting brace creates the illusion that the bathtub is floating in mid-air!(Cool!) And the brace is available in glass or wood. The dimensions are 185 x 95 x 46cm, with a base length of 135cm.That means you can add up to 170 litres of water and totally immerse yourself. If you prefer, the Ovalis can come with an optional whirlpool facility. The taps are centrally located so as not to interfere with your relaxation.
    Tree Bed
    Home  |  Furniture  
    If you want to sleep in the four trees? The Tree Bed($15,000) designed by Shawn Lovell and constructed from heavy metal. When you wake up in the morning, you will see a bird nest.
    Home  |  Building  
    The Lilypad is a project for the Climate Refugees - A Floating Ecopolis For Climate Refugees. It is a solution for the water rising, each floating cities designed to hold around 50,000 people. Lilypad travels on the water line of the oceans, from the equator to the poles following the marine streams warm ascending of the Gulf Stream or cold descending of the Labrador. And it is a a prototype of auto-sufficient amphibious city. It enables to live in the heart of the subaquatic depths. It also feature with green technologies(solar, wind, tidal, biomass), the double skin is made of polyester fibres covered by a layer of titanium dioxide (TiO2) like an anatase which by reacting to the ultraviolet rays enable to absorb the atmospheric pollution by photocatalytic effect...
    Droog Salad Sunrise Oil and Vinegar Bottle
    Home  |  Accessories  
    I love it, pretty and cool! The Droog's Salad Sunrise Oil and Vinegar Bottle($42) utilizes the properties of oil and vinegar. The oil will naturally float on top of the vinegar, so there is no need for two separate containers. The result is a single vessel with two tubes. As you pour the vinegar and the oil on your salad, you can observe them parting. A clever design. Designed by Arnout Visser.
    Tre Table Multi Function Table
    Home  |  Furniture  
    The Tre Table Multi Function Table($100) is Multifunctional design, can be used as a coffee table, end table, computer desk, or a dinner tray / laptop stand. Available in natural walnut veneer, black or white. when it used as a mini desk for the laptop, I doubt where I can place my mouse, but still cool.
    Lacquer Docking Station
    Home  |  Store  
    I love this Lacquer Docking Station($50), simple and elegant. Wood construction with a glossy lacquered finish. A space-saving way station for cell phones, digital cameras, blackberrys, mp3 players and their charging kits. Hinged back holds a surge protector, cords and plugs; rear cutout feeds cords to an outlet. It also has a large drawer stores notes, pens and more.
    Home  |  Furniture  
    The LapDawg($130), you can use it as a Lap Desk, Bed Desk, Bed Tray, Laptop Stand, TV Tray, Strength Showcase, Writing Desk, Bed Tray.. You can use it in the sofa and bed, I like this.
    Home  |  Furniture  
    I love this simple Bureau(EUR 1,095-1,465). By designer marina bautier. Made from soild wood, this desk offers an effective workspace in the domestic evironment. A metal plate when folded down conceals personal items such as a laptop, and when lifted, its magnetic surface allows posting memorantdums or personal documents, On the left, a drawer organises work material. Clever construction allows for geometric simpliclity without interruption.
    Air-Conditioned Bed
    Home  |  Accessories  
    A fun idea, not the concept, it is a product from Japan. The Air-Conditioned Bed($400) from Kuchofuku. Using extremely quiet dual-fans at the foot of the bed, cool air is pulled in from behind your head and circulated through the soft membrane which also acts as an air-cushion to support you. An old news, but really cool!
    Super Mario Bros Wall Decals
    Home  |  Accessories  
    I loved these Super Mario Bros Wall Decals($TBD), by Blik company. They included three games series wall decals: Super Mario Bros, Donkey kong and New Super Mario Bros series. For the Super Mario fans. They look aswsome and cool! They also provide the upload the photo function so you can add your photos to the wall decals.
    Otto-Bench Concept
    Home  |  Design  
    Fitness equipment is not designed for urban spaces. By Gabriel Prero. The Otto-Bench combines a multi-adjustable bench, Olympic bench press, and free weights into a sleek, stylish and perhaps most importantly, inconspicuous long ottoman.
    West Elm Branch Shelf
    Home  |  Store  
    We just reported a branch shelf work. Another Branch Shelf($100), you can check out. I love it, pretty! Made of solid wood. Available in white, chocolate and gray color.
    Roller Clock
    Home  |  Clock  
    A very fun clock, like a toy! This Roller Clock($40) uses chrome ball bearings to tell time. A central spindle counts the seconds and orders the balls to be released at the appropriate time. The bottom row is for hours and the top two are for minutes. The Roller Clock uses four C batteries or a universal power cord. A clear acrylic lid is also included in case you wish to cover the clock.
    Chest Of Drawers
    Home  |  Furniture  
    The Chest Of Drawers($TBD) by wis design. Chest of drawers made out of discarded drawers, found and rescued from flea markets. A mix of different styles from earlier decades, with woods and knobs of various kinds, in a single piece of furniture. The old drawers are enhanced by the new frame in white lacquered MDF. Cool!
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    Alien Tables
    Home  |  Furniture  
    The Alien furnitures(GBP 150-2,250; about $300-4,450) are hand crafted from recycled used car and bike parts, tools and other recycled metal components making each individual piece subtly unique. A very cool Alien Table. For Sci-fi fans
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    Gun Mug
    Home  |  Accessories  
    A cool mug - Gun Mug($160) designed by chillichilly, hong kong-based design studio, go slow in life, kill time with a cup of coffee!
    Home  |  Seating  
    Magic Chairs by Puur design. Under One chair, there is three chairs.Perfect for a family with taste.
    Home  |  Accessories  
    A simple design. Under or on the desk, next to the computer, or behind the TV, loose tangled cables are always untidy dust traps. Simply place your power strips or surge protector inside CableBox($30). Then stow away the surplus cable lengths, close the lid and done. Designed with cable outlets either side of the box, CableBox will fit almost every size power strip with extra space for the cords, adapters, etc. [ Thanks, Bluelounge ]
    eNook Pro eNook
    Home  |  Furniture  
    Maybe you have seen eNook(Pic check out more). Today we recommend Anthro's new product - eNook Pro($TBD), which is the secure wall-mounted workspace. Unlike the eNook, it add a CPU Holder under the workstation, you can use it as a normal computer desk. Other eNook Pro features with the LCD monitor model, a monitor hangs on a VESA mount rail and can be tilted 15 degrees for easy viewing, integrated keyboard and mouse tray on the main shelf and programmable numeric combination lock. It comes in three different colors; walnut, cherry and maple.
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    2F Folding Chair
    Home  |  Seating  
    The 2F Folding Chair cuts from one piece birch veneer plywood and can be folded flat. By hannu kähonen.
    Home  |  Furniture  
    LunaBlocks - big Lego bricks designed and created by Thierry Nahon & Philippe Landecker. They come in multiple colors and materials that are easily stacked together. LunaBlocks come in a number of types: your basic LunaBlock; LunaGlass, which are opaque and transparent blocks; LunaSoft, blocks made of durable polypropylene meant for kids; LunaLight, pillow-like material that's used to create comfortable seating; and LunaMetal, blocks cast in steel. You can check out the bricks from Homology range from $20 to $55(per brick). If you like the lego bricks as your table?
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    Branch Bookshelf
    Home  |  Store  
    The Branch Bookshelf - lunuganga from wokmedia. The desinger wanted to take something of the feeling of the flooded environment home.
    Gevalia Auto-Stir Mug
    Home  |  Accessories  
    The Gevalia Auto-Stir Mug($19) features insulated stainless steel gently stirs your beverage at the push of a button. Keeps coffee hot for hours. With snap-on, see-through sipper lid. 12-oz. capacity. Uses 2 AAA batteries.
    TIX Led Clock
    Home  |  Clock  
    The TIX Led Clock($50) is really cool which features the four seperate fields act like the four digits of a digital clock. The value of each digit is simply the number of illuminated squares in each field. So any given time of the day may have thousands of different ways of displaying the time. The clocks in the image are displaying the time 12:34. It features 3 brightness settings, and 3 levels of update options (every second, 3 seconds and every minute) Available in silver or black color.
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