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    Ora ilLegale Clock
    Home  |  Clock  
    I love this clock design, not only its unique shape that it stands as a table clock, you may mind it, it has a very cool function: if you tilt its base to set, it will forward or back one hour! You can reset the time one hour earlier or later as you needed. Designed by famous watch and clock designer Denis Guidone. The Denis Guidone's Ora-ilLegale Clock made of wood, available in white and black, and it will be manufactured by NAVA. Jump more see his other watch designs.
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    Pixel Sleeping Eye Mask
    Home  |  Room  
    The Pixel Sleeping Eye Mask($10) by studiobo.
    "What better way to transition from computer to bed than with a pixelated eye mask? "
    Home  |  Store  
    Bookshelf-annotation by Lau Design.
    Titan Blast Inflatable Rocket
    Home  |  Outdoor  
    The wheather comes warm. You can bring the Titan Blast's Water-pressure powered rockets($50) to the outdoor. This gigantic 7-foot inflatable rocket soars over 100 feet in the air.
    "Just add water to the launching station, use the simple pump mechanism to pressurize the rocket, and watch the rocket take off into the sky. When this Titan Blast Rocket launches, watch out for the huge water vapor, which simulates a real rocket take off."
    Abilene Rocking Chair
    Home  |  Seating  
    I love this sleek rocking chair design! The Abilene Rocking Chair(£109,250; €119,900; $161,700) by Wendell Castle. Made of Stainless steel.
    The Simpsons Stamps
    Home  |  Other  
    The United States Postal Service(USPS) is pre-order the Simpsons stamps now. Cool, but I don't use the stamps now. This Simpsons stamps set include five Simpsons family: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. For the Simpsons fans! The 44-cent standard Mail stamps will be realeased on May 7, 2009.
    Ctrl Alt Del Pillows
    Home  |  Accessories  
    Reboot your livingroom with this three pillow set, Ctrl - Alt - Del Pillows($TBA).
    Mixelated Pillows
    Home  |  Accessories  
    I love these Pixel like Pillows, called Mixelated, including Mixelated Blue(EUR 39) and Mixelated Plum(EUR 39).
    Brand: Alice & Sens
    Material: Silk and linen
    Dimensions: 50 x 50 cm
    Shelves For Life

    Shelves For Life
    Home  |  Design  
    Wow, see the shelves, COol! You'll certainly use it(just the joke). Shelves For Life by William Warren. A solid, plywood set of floor-standing shelves are designed to last you a ligetime. Then, when your time arrives, the shelves can be taken apart and reassembled as a coffin.
    "Shelves For Life is a self-initiated project to further explore ideas of built-in sentimentality within our possessions. The aim is to make stronger emotional relationships with our belongings and encourage life-long use. The shelves are CNC cut in oak veneered plywood to the customers measurements. They are intended to be used throughout life as storage for personal belongings. On death, the shelves are dismantled and rebuilt as a coffin. "
    The Sealpelt
    Home  |  Accessories  
    The Sealpelt($400) by V¨ªk Prj¨®nsd¨®ttir. Adorable sleeping bag! Made of 100% Icelandic wool, nine color combination.
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    Industrial Fragility
    Home  |  Design  
    Tommaso has created a project call Industrial Fragility. I love this coffee mug, it will make you nervous. "A coffee mug on the verge of collapse."
    Vanity Cabinet
    Home  |  Other  
    Do you know a vintage suitcase can be a wall cabinet, the Etsy seller VanityCase is selling a Vanity Ccabinet($300) with pull switch lights and mini drawers.
    "This meticulously handcrafted cabinet is made from a vintage leather suitcase scavenged in the underbelly of Astoria . It was specially custom made for my Friend Marion, a world traveler.
    This one can't be yours, sorry, but you can get your very own custom designed.
    This knick-knack stuffer comes loaded with amazing cabinet-like features such as shelves and drawers, plus extra cool stuff like pull switch lights, a magnifying accordion mirror that and all kinds of straps. It will hold your toiletries, apothecary supplies and dearest secrets."
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    United States BookShelf
    Home  |  Store  
    This United States Shape like bookshelf called ¡®Oh, the farmer and the cowman should be friends¡¯, by Ron Arad. According to this design, you can do a Europe or China bookshelf.
    "'Oh, the farmer and the cowman should be friends', Ron Arad 2009
    Corten and mirror-polished stainless steel
    5.5m wide, 3.5 m high, 40cm deep
    Courtesy Ron Arad Associates and Timothy Taylor Gallery, London
    © Ron Arad, 2009"
    Redundant Clock by Ji Lee
    Home  |  Clock  
    Redundant Clock by Ji Lee. This is a redundant clock with redundant description. I love this design!
    Humble Telescope
    Home  |  Building  
    Humble Telescope is a universe telescope that exists a 3D simulation of our entire known universe. The Humble Telescope is designed as an interactive civic sculpture that brings the wonders of space down to earth and into our cities, to encourage us learn more about the universe and perhaps appreciate our own world a little more.
    "Inside the telescope exists a 3D simulation of our entire known universe. Pointing the telescope in any direction immediately shows us what exists in that area of space, so now we can get a greater understanding of where the planets are and where we live in the Milky Way. The Humble Telescope serves as an on-going reminder of how truly amazing our universe is, and how truly small." Designed by designers ENESS.
    The Hypochondriac
    Home  |  Design  
    See this quilt cover, Cool! Called the Hypochondriac, by Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs.
    Ping-Pong Dining Table

    Ping-Pong Dining Table
    Home  |  Design  
    It is an official-sized Ping-Pong table and also a classic dinner table. PING-PONG Dining table harks back to the origins of table-tennis with its duality of both being a table fit for dining and playing on. "This is an official-sized game table with a DuPont Corian surface CNC machine-routed with french rococo patterns interjected ping-pong iconography filled with gold lacquer, supported by stately hand-lathed timber legs. in the middle, a long rectangular vase filled with dainty blossoms does double-duty as a game-net and a table floral arrangement."
    Designed by Hunn Wai for mein gallery shanghai.
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    PIRIT Utility Line Heated Hose
    Home  |  Appliance  
    The PIRIT Heated Hose($189) connects to your water line like any other garden hose; however it also has an electrical plug that can be connected to any outdoor rated GFCI outlet. Once plugged-in, aa built-in thermostat is set to activate the heating element (copper wire) inside the hose line when the ambient temperature outside the hose is below 95¡ã F, and automatically shuts it off when the temperature rises above 105¡ã F. Utility Line was specifically engineered to withstand the cold and even if hose is left to freeze with water inside. Additionally, the Heated Hose Utility Line can be used without water to simply radiate heat, helping to prevent frost damage to plants, or melt surrounding snow.
    Daniel Loves Objects

    Daniel Loves Objects
    Home  |  Design  
    These brilliant designs by Singapore based Daniel Loves Objects! We love Daniel Loves Objects!!
    The lamp called the "AT YOUR COMMAND". A golden human shape lamp, I love this lamp, Coool!
    "*Electrical wires removed for visualization sake* Imagine the classical movable mannequin takes on a whole new form and style."
    "OF WARS & WITS & POWER" bookself implies North Korea's army?
    "Driven by the recent crisis of certain countries who got very uptight over issues of being asked to disarm their missile test launched, their alarming action to remain hostile and persistent in their belief had stirred me to create this part of a furniture combination to depict their behavioral trait, a bookshelf with their golden army, strategically placed underneath, to uphold and to protect their ultimate plans,frozen in time for all to see."
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    2D to 3D Coat Tree
    Home  |  Accessories  
    The 2D to 3D Coat Tree($109) perfect for the small space. I like this design! "Self-adhesive removable sticker with camouflaged hardware that allows you to hang jackets, coats, etc. "
    Amphibious Lounger

    Amphibious Lounger
    Home  |  Seating  
    The Slack's Amphibious Lounger($TBA) is a floating beanbag chair, and you can use it on the desk and in the pool. This waterproof chair features special porous fabric that allows water to enter and bond with the beans filling to enable stability as it floats. Cool! A mulit - fun Lounger!
    "Growing up in Australia and living in Hong Kong I've always been close to water and beach cultures. On one weekend boating trip it occurred to me that the only thing missing from the beautiful scenery and friendly atmosphere was... comfortable seating. After ten months of sketches, numerous prototypes and endless water tests, the world's first shapeable, floating Amphibious Lounger was born." The designer say.
    Alpina Outdoor Kitchen Cheope
    Home  |  Kitchen  
    Alpina is known for its mobile outdoor cooking designs. The Alpina's new Cheope Outdoor Kitchen($TBA) looks nice and compact. But today its product link seems to remove from their website... (because it is just a concept or an indoor kitchen?) Anyway, I love this Kitchen unit! This all-in-one unit feautures include two gas burners, 2 tubular gasburners to reheat the lava rock grill with stainless steel grills, one tubular gas burner to reheat the ollare stone, interchangeable with cast iron plate, piezoelectric lighter with thermocouple safety device, stainless steel sink with stretchable tap, three stainless steel drawers mounted on automatic closing runners, a hinged stainless steel door to close the rubbish container and the gas cylinder container compartments, and water outlet.
    Cube Clock
    Home  |  Clock  
    The Cube Clock($18) by Constantin Boym. The Clock in the shape of a cube, Cool? Powered by AA battery.
    Hero 3 ICU iPod Jacket
    Home  |  Outdoor  
    The Hero 3 ICU iPod Jacket($200) is the Audio/Mp3/iPod Snowboard Jacket features a dedicated iPod pocket with Fibertronic's connected-wear controls integrated into the sleeve for use of the iPod without the need to expose it to the elements. Fibretronic's IP30 iPod module which is compatible with the full range of music and phone modules for audio and mobile phone controls, and an integrated RECCO Avalanche Rescue System. The Hero 3 ICU Speaker jacket also comes with an amplifier and 2x 2.5W speaker modules that can be attached onto the hood Via a 3.5mm line-in connector any MP3 player or audio player can connect to the Hero speaker jacket. Other features include a double-hood system with built-in reflective goggles, and Azaleum Outdoor Protect two layer fabric designed for 10,000mm waterproof and breathability.
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    KOZO Lamps
    Home  |  Lighting  
    The KOZO Lamps($169-229) are handmade by Design2009 studio. The KOZO series lighting made of galvanized iron parts, Cool Tap light switch(developed by Design2009), and house a light bulb or a halogen light bulb!
    "The unique functional lights designed for a wide range of indoor life scenes and atmosphere. The KOZO parts come from around the world and each bares the trademarks of its origin country. The materials are left raw and alive, with little authentic rust at the joints and the marks from hand tools that were used in the assembly process. KOZO is handmade and assembled by us at the studio."
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    Fruit Powered Clock
    Home  |  Clock  
    The Fruit Powered Clock($18) powered by fruit! Well, this clock will bring back fond fruity memories of No. 2 pencils, slamming lockers and whoever your 7th grade lab partner might have been. "The fruit is not included." I found a new way using fruits that I don't want to eat!
    Slip No More
    Home  |  Bath  
    I love the bananas, and also love this design, Cool! The Slip No More designed by Ivan Duval and Jean-Sebastien Ides of Atypyk Paris.
    "The bathroom is no place for slapstick slip-and-fall routines. To ensure a sure-footed shower, peel these bananas and apply them to the floor of your bathtub or shower stall."
    Home  |  Design  
    Playhouse II by artist Dietrich Wegner. This Playhouse looks like a tree house, but shape like a mushroom cloud.
    Tank Chair
    Home  |  Seating  
    The Tank Chair by j-michael(deviantArt user).
    "I built this chair last semester. Inspired by working at an equipment rental store. It is what I feel to be the strongest (design wise) piece I have made."
    Carbon fiber PFD Spyder Table

    Carbon fiber PFD Spyder Table
    Home  |  Furniture  
    The carbon fiber PFD Spyder by Phil Frank Design. Its foot looks like a spider? This limited edition carbon fiber PFD Spyder has lauched at last year. It only made 100 units, and each personally inspected, serialized and signed by Phil Frank. The two carbon fiber table variants available internationally are the 2323 Spyder, a 20-inch tall end table and the 2553 Spyder, a 16-inch tall coffee table, priced between $7,500 and $10,000.
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