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    Bookworm chair
    Bookworm bookcase & chair by Atelier 010.
    Egg Thief
    Other   /   Comments
    Thief egg cozy(€8) design by donkey creative lab.
    Fighting Man Frying Pan
    Combat Kitchenware by James Brown. It is a pan has a badass sword hilt, cool design.
    VINO2GO Wine Sippy Cup
    The VINO2GO Wine Sippy Cup has a familiar wine glass shape in a spill proof double wall tumbler, so...
    Cheesus Christ Cheese Grater
    "Cheesus Christ" Cheese Grater.
    Vinderpants Wine Underpants
    Other   /   Comments
    From the website:............................95% cotton/5% spandex underpants for...
    Safari hooks
    In powder-coated aluminum, the sculptural Safari Hooks let you hang jackets, scarves or jewelry...
    Ice Cream Door Stop
    Other   /   Comments
    A door stopper($14) that looks like a dropped ice cream cone.
    Sensorial Stimuli cutlery
    This series of "Sensorial Stimuli" cutlery are designed by Jinhyun Jeon, a graduate from...
    Steve Maobs  Unused Fortune Magazine Cover
    "Steve Maobs" is an unused Fortune Magazine cover by Alex Varanese.
    Kohler s Moxie shower head can sing to you
    Bath   /   Comments
    A shower head can sing to you while you take a shower? Sounds unbelievable, but Kohler has made it...
    Domo Toaster
    This toaster not only looks like Domo, but also makes Domo-imprinted toast! Cool! It only costs...
    Urban Shelf
    Made of sturdy epoxy-coated steel, the wall-mounted shelf is designed to look like three levels of...
    Drink beverages with Das Horn
    Sick of the common beverage glasses? Try this Das Horn for drinking. Hang it around your neck for a...
    Banana Bowl
    Other   /   Comments
    Cast from a ripe bunch of bananas.Resin and marble.13" x 10" x 6".$140.
    Count Ketchup spread head
    The Count Ketchup looks a bit horrifying! But it's easy to use. Users simply squeeze the bottle and...
    3in1 banana split tool
    This wonderful kitchen gadget can peel, split and cut bananas. All in one tool! With a serrated...
    Robot Tea Infuser
     This Robot Tea Infuser above, looks cool!"The robot shaped stainless steel tea infuser...
    iPhone Cake Pan
    Make an iPhone-shaped cake! For Apple fans.It’s about $15 (€12).
    this is so perfect
    Store   /   Comments
    "this is so perfect"
    Horrible Holiday Hooligans
    These 'horrible holiday hooligans' by Sebastian Reymers Design are a set of creative christmas...
    Mesin chopping board by Studio Soup
    Mesin by Italian Soup Studio is a chopping board that allowes users to carry food and...
    Sizzling Bacon Tea Towel
    This seemingly tasty Sizzling Bacon Tea Towel is actually a a non-greasy 100% polyester tea towel....
    Anteater Bug Vacuum
    Other   /   Comments
    This baby anteater has an appetite for collecting all kinds of insects and bugs! With the touch of...
    Flatmate is a super space-saving home office desk. It was awarded Best of Best/Interior Innovation...
    Cocoon 1 your personal place of retreat
    Cocoon 1 is a very special place of retreat. The innovative product magically connects aesthetics...
    Balloon Lamp 622944542
    The Balloon Lamp designed by Kouichi Okamoto, "the balloon lamp uses a high-intensity LED...
    Solar Birdhouse
    Other   /   Comments
    .............................Why would only humans make use of eco-friendly technology?We designed...
    Fireflies in My Room
    Fireflies are one of the most amazing bugs in the bug kingdom. The pity is that we can only see...
    Tesla Inspired Bladeless Ceiling Fan
    This futuristic-looking bladeless laminar vortex cyclonic homogenizing ceiling fan is looking for...
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