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    picNYC TABLE
    picNYC TABLE by Haiko Cornelissen.
    Transformer chest has two chairs and a table
    Created by Uruguayan designer Claudio Sibille, the Ludovico chest is made from eucalyptus wood,...
    Njustudio Hockenheimer
    Chairs made of stacks of old magazines, called Njustudio Hockenheimer.
    550 Paracord Survival Belt
    "Designed to come apart in seconds... Wear it hiking, climbing, fishing etc (any time you'll...
    Plush mounted bear
    Grizzly Bear Butt by Anatomically Incorrect Creatures, which has plush creatures on sale at etsy.
    Happy Cloud Coasters
    These Cloud Coasters($30) are made to remind you of sunshine and happiness ... cute
    Syntax Referee Signals Poster
    Post   /   Comments
    "Do you long for a world where linguistics is a popular sport? Here is a chart of hand signals...
    Too beautiful to hide hot water bottle
    Made from ABS with flock outer lining, beautiful hot water bottle. Designed by Wendy Legro, on sale...
    Banana Flask
    Is that a banana in your pocket or...?Enameled metal with screw top; holds 4 oz.; 7" x 2"...
    LEGO Cake
    Everything you need to know to make your very own — including a how-to video — is...
    Puzzle Rug
    Other   /   Comments
    42" x 66".$195.
    Pancake Plates
    This plate($45/set of 2) designed by Jon Wye, is the perfect plate for pancakes: they have a slope...
    Ruby Slipper Click Your Heels Socks
    Other   /   Comments
    "Dorothy would be proud. These all-in-one slipper socks have nonskid soles so they can be worn...
    Taxidermy Deer LEGO Kit
    This palm size mounted deer head Lego kit on sale here. Cool?
    Kulma Corner Shelf
    Store   /   Comments
    Created by Helsinki-based Martina Carpelan who wrote, "Kulma, corner in Finnish, is a shelf to...
    Batman Onesie for Adults
    Other   /   Comments
    Batman Comfy Throw Blanket With Sleeves($28) look comfortable, and Cool!
    Fairy Dust Salt And Pepper Shakers
    Sprinkle a little magic on modern salads, etc., with these salt and pepper wands. Cool design.$12
    Andrew Berg lamp
    Hand carved and crafted from off cuts, this red walnut base lamp features a large Edison light...
    2012 Bubble Calendar
    This might be the only good part about returning from a vacation.... 48" high x 18" wide....
    Pizza Sleeping Bag
    Brookish7(etsy seller) made this thing for a thesis project and is currently selling the sleeping...
    Knit Bow HeadbandEar Warmer
    Acrylic/mohair/wool. Also Black or Grey. $20.
    DoubleWall Cold Cup
    "Acrylic walls and air barrier prevent condensation."Screw-on lid with straw. 9"H x...
    Umbrella Sword Cane
    This classic umbrella looks and works like a regular umbrella. But, this self-defense tool hides a...
    Log Pillow
    Lightweight; filled with polystyrene microbeads.15" long x 6.5" diameter.$20.
    Vapur Folding Water Bottle
    The Vapur .5L Anti-Bottle($10) stands when full and folds when empty - easily fitting into pockets,...
    Dustpan Brush Set
    This dustpan & brush set is beautiful.
    This Rocking Chair for Two
    The Sway chair is a double-wide rocking chair designed by Markus Krauss."Sway is a...
    Match Candleholders
    "We came up with the idea for the Match Candleholder when trying to light a tealight...
    Companion Rack by Gavin Coyle
    Companion Rack by Gavin Coyle
    Shredder Guitar Cheese Grater
    Red or Black heavy metal (stainless steel).  $10. I like it.
    SpaceSaving Furniture Matryoshkarim
    Space-Saving Furniture "Matryoshkarim" designed by New York designer Karim Rashid. Using...
    LED Light Slippers
    These LED slippers($40) allow you to easily move around dark areas without turning on any lights....
    Fake WindowBright Blind
    "While it's not being prescribed as a cure for seasonal affective disorder just yet, the...
    Bedside Gun Table Lamp
    "Designed by Philippe Starck provides direct reading and ambient lighting. The lamp body is...
    ixxi pixellated murals
    ixxi is a new Dutch design system that allows you to make your own wallpaper or room divider in any...
    Top of 100 toys
    'Top of 100 toys' from etsy seller UziPreservations. The lamp made from of vintage toys."Gold...
    Beautiful hanging chair
    I love this hanging Chair. Beautiful.
    UFO Ice Cubes
    From thinkgeek: - Tray makes up to 11 cool sci-fi UFO and asteroid shapes at a time -...
    First Class Sleeper
    For car, bus, train and plane. Inflates with 10-12 breaths. Fits inside its own carrying bag...
    Garden Rug by Pia Wustenberg
    Garden Rug by Pia Wustenberg.The carpet, made from a felt-like organic material, fosters the...
    Rocking Kitchen Scale
    Designed by Hannes Mayer.Inspired by the classical balance. The desired weight is set by moving the...
    heatproof lab glass tea kettle
    Why boil water behind a metal barricade? heat-proof lab glass tea kettle from...
    Batman Ice Cube Tray
    Batman Ice Cube Tray from thinkgeek.
    Space Invaders Couch
    This £5,500 Space Invaders Couch is a comfortable couch from firebox, by Russian...
    Wooden Button Trivet
    If you like buttons you will probably want one of these...The wooden button trivet from...
    Fire Kit looks like a Mini Campfire
    Fire Kit is a a lovely table lamp looks like a mini campfire, by 5.5 Designers, available at...
    Charles and Ray Eames Herman Miller DKW chair
    Charles and Ray Eames Herman Miller DKW chair, 1950s. "Black steel wire frame with leather...
    GlowintheDark Toilet Paper
    Bath   /   Comments
    Always popular around this time of year.$8.95.
    Sixties Lamp
    Sixties Lamp by Russia's Maxim Maximov. It is a functional plastic lamp that looks like a bendy...
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