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    Recycled Light Bulb Oil Lamp
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    These handcrafted oil lamps incorporate a classic incandescent light bulb in the design, and...
    Nixie Ramos
    Clock   /   Comments
    The Nixie Ramos features four glowing nixie tubes that display the time, which designed to get you...
    TopBrewer Coffee Faucet
    The TopBrewer is an automatic coffee making machine. It can be controlled with an...
    Working Nintendo NES controller coffee table
    It actually works. By Charles Lushear's etsy."Nintendo NES controller coffee table. Made...
    Pizza Chopper
    Taste of Italy, Pizza Chopper($18) 14-inch large, stainless steel. Beautiful!
    Sound Sofa
    The Sound Sofa looks like a regular sectional sofa, but it hides a built-in audio system with two...
    To Do
    Other   /   Comments
    To Do by Wendy MacNaughton.
    Hole in the Floor Bookcase
    Store   /   Comments
    A 2010 private commission by Raw Edges Design Studio.
    Pages chair by 6474
    Pages chair by 6474.
    Lid Sid
    Lifts your pot lids as needed and keeps then lifted.Each measures 2" x 1.8" x 1".Set...
    Snurk Bedding
    Snurk Bedding
    Clean Bottle
    Both the bottom and the top unscrew so you can thoroughly clean the inside, which can be a problem...
    Grand Trunk hammock compatible sleeping bag
    Grand Trunk's hammock compatible sleeping bag that allows you to sleep while hanging from the...
    Fully booked tent by Jack Maxwell
    Fully booked($785) tent by Jack Maxwell
    Bath   /   Comments
    Star Wars Mosaic
    SkyFrame Cornerless Windows
    Other   /   Comments
    Sky-Frame is an innovative system for large-surface sliding windows and doors with a frame...
    Planet Earth Sculptural Fire Pit
    Earth and all its glory reveal a fiery inner core through the continents of our planet. Created by...
    Whos There Chair Door Jamming Chair
    It's made from maple and stainless steel. By designer Daniel Ballou. He writes:"In the...
    Tecnolumen by Raum & Projekt. The lamp has an adjustable metal tube in black and nickel.
    Sitting Lamp
    Sitting Lamp by Graeme Bettles.
    Tentsile Hanging Tents
    Tentsile tents look cool! The tents look like tree houses. They hang in the air,...
    The BE Light
    The BE Light can be folded down flat to a minimum height of 1.8 cm! And it can be fully extended to...
    Beast Pillow
    Beast Pillow, beast no. 164 by etsy seller debivanzylCute!
    Birdsnest bed
    Birdsnest bed by O*GE. Cool idea.
    Airplane Doorstop
    This Airplane Doorstop made me smile...
    Pig Planter
    Hand made Ceramic pig planter from etsy seller fruitflypie, also comes in white and yellow.
    Magnetic Stickers
    "Stickers with built-in super-strong magnets to hold small metal items." Good idea.Set of...
    Porter Tray Table
    From the website: ............................ A side table that is perfect for small spaces, the...
    Protection Sock
    Created by the Swiss Barefoot Company, the Protection Sock is made with a patented knitted fabric...
    Magnetic Cloud Keyholder
    Magnetic Cloud Keyholder by Duncan Shotton."The wall mounted cloud is made from plastic and...
    Flying Carpet Rug
    Flying Carpet Rug by Ana Mir & Emili Padrós for Nani Marquina"Flying Carpet means...
    Bullet Bottle Opener
    "Short of opening a bottle with a demilitarized .50 caliber bullet casing…which is...
    Eclisse Table Lamp
    A 1967 design by Vico Magistretti. 12 cm Ø x 18 cm H. €106.64.
    Comic Shelf
    Store   /   Comments
    Comic Shelf designed by Oscar Nunez."Inspired by the comic text graphic, the drawings are...
    The Privacy Pop
    Room   /   Comments
    The Privacy Pop is a small tent specifically designed to fit over beds typically found in dorms and...
    Kai table
    Kai table by Naoki Hirakoso & Takamitsu Kitahara
    Recipe Rock
    Reviewed in the March & April 2012 issue of Cook's Illustrated as follows:"Not all recipes...
    Store   /   Comments
    "Street is a collection of stackable units for storage and display of magazines, books and...
    Jumbo Inflatable Floating Water Slide
    "This 16-foot-high water slide is used by resorts and summer camps to provide safe, reliable,...
    Camelbak All Clear bottle with UV rays
    The Camelbak All Clear bottle features a strong UV lamp right into its cap."Cleaning your...
    Rag chair by Tejo Remy
    Rag chair by Tejo Remy.
    Hans J Wegner
    "Hans J. Wegner designed this desk for Andreas Tuck in 1955. PP Møbler took over...
    Hole in the floor series
    Hole in the floor series by Raw Edges.
    TANTO A Place Where to Read and Write Fairy Tales
    TANTO is "more than a bean bag. It is so much more that it can be looked upon as a place...
    The BioLite Stove
    The BioLite Stove is designed to "make cooking on wood as clean, safe and easy as modern fuels...
    Umbra Sombrero Lemon Juicer
    Design: Mauricio Affonso Lemon or lime molded juicers for bottles.$5
    Help Bookmark
    These stainless steel paperclips are bookmarks that look like little people stuck between the pages...
    This Beardski from firebox looks cool, and makes me smile."Hit the piste like Grizzly...
    Plush Tetris pieces
    Plush Tetris pieces by Denn Rodriguez for the upcoming Super Button Mashers show at OhNo!Arcade...
    Urbano Trash Can
    This clever trash can allows you to store and reuse the plastic bags. From the website:...
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