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    The Jaktogo Wearable Luggage
    "The Jaktogo" invented by Irish engineer John Power, a poncho-coat that can easily...
    Heart Bookmark
    The Heart Bookmark "allows you to bookmark any page in your book easily by opening the bottom...
    Red Cup Wine Glass Set
    Red cup wine glasses. Have a try!
    Brass middle finger keys
    Other   /   Comments
    Best Wishes Key from Goodworth & Co. Brass middle finger key. Cool design.
    Scopophilia a chair covered in hundreds of
    'Scopophilia' is a chair that is embedded with hundreds of realistic plastic eyeballs....
    Nunchops Nunchuck Shaped Chopsticks
    Nunchops is a pair of nunchuck-shaped chopsticks.
    Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser
    Other   /   Comments
    This Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser from thinkgeek, looks Cool!
    Egg Bulb
    This egg bulb is designed by Kevin Van Aelst, who was inspired by cracked eggshell.
    Cherry Blossom Memo Pads
    Post   /   Comments
    The cherry blossom memo pads by korean designer sangwoo nam of appree are the latest version of the...
    The Muppet hats
    Sesame Street and The Muppets hats from JustZipity Etsy store.
    Grill tools by Pascal Charmolu
    Grill Tools designed by Pascal Charmolu."This set of three stainless steel BBQ implements...
    Beer Can Track Lighting by ZAL Creations
    This cool beer can track lighting is created by ZAL Creations.
    Miniature Lightbulb Trio
    This Untitled series of miniature lightbulb trio are created by Brooklyn-based sculptor Stephen...
    The Plush Halfling Slippers
    The Plush Halfling Slippers from thinkgeek. Plush slippers turn your feet into halfling feet, look...
    The Paq Chair Bed
    The Paq Chair($160-187) designed by Géza Csire. You can easily turn...
    Tambour Table
     Tambour Table by Michael Bambino."The tabletop can be gently pushed away to reveal...
    Peel Wall Lamp by YOY
    Peel Wall Lamp by YOY. The light looks as if the wall paper was peeling off and light was...
    Servus clothing rack by Florian Saul
    Servus clothing rack by Florian Saul.
    Octopussy floor lamp
    "Octopussy" is a floor lamp designed by Moscow Vladimir Tomilov. The lamp support is...
    Optical Tree by Lisa Pettibone
    The Optical Tree is designed by UK designer Lisa Pettibone, who employs the playful optical effects...
    Mason Jar Drinking Glass
    Other   /   Comments
    "Genuine 32-oz. Ball Mason jar fitted with a dunce-proof screw-on lid and full-length...
    Legend of Zelda Heart Container Soap
    Other   /   Comments
    Legend of Zelda Heart Container soap, made with glycerin, natural oils and lots of love and...
    Egg Chairs
    "Egg Chairs"?
    Curt deck chair
    At the first sight, most of us may doubt the safety of the chair. Well, the Curt deck chair, which...
    Sharkshaped Laundry Basket
    This shark-shaped laundry basket, entitled "Shark", is designed by Polish designer...
    Glass Tank
    Other   /   Comments
    Glass Tank by Kouichi Okamoto."The device consists of a bulb shaped container with the glass...
    Sunflower Chair by nbsp He Mu  Zhang Qian
    Sunflower Chair designed by He Mu and Zhang Qian from Shanghai University of Engineering...
    Peacock Measuring Spoons
    Peacock Measuring Spoons. Great design!Spoon sizes: One tablespoon, half a tablespoon, one...
    Octopus Hook
    - 8.75"H x 8"W x 1.5" projection.- Aluminium$48
    95  Chair
    9.5° Chair by B. Fex."The chair is tilted at 9,5 degrees. By tilting the chair and then...
    Crane Chopsticks and Chopstick Holders
    A set of crane-shaped chopsticks and chopstick holder.
    Rowboat Salad Bowl
    This aluminum bowl looks like a rowboat, complete with "wooden" oars cast along its hull.
    Heavy Rabbit
    Heavy Rabbit by Polish designer Magdalena Chojnacka, made from 31 steel elements.
    Anatomically Correct Chairs
    These chairs combine Victorian furniture design with human skeletons, designed by Sam Edkins,...
    Rem(means brake in dutch) by designer Christian Vivanco, it uses a bike brake as a switch.
    Bye Bye Wind Table
    Bye Bye Wind Table designed by Marco and Paola Oliva Marotto. Perfect for oudoor dining, with...
    2013 Carpe Diem Calendar
    This Octolabra is a cool candelabra shaped like an octopus. It has eight fabulous tentacles,...
    HamburgerShaped Chair
    Looks delicious? Wait, but this is a chair that just looks like a hamburger.
    Spiral Vegetable Slicer Endless Julienne
    $29.95 (vegetables not included).
    Kitchoo Compact Kitchens the Miniature Kitchen
    These Compact Kitchens from French company Kitchoo, these wooden mini-kitchens look like a...
    Chumbuddy Sleeping Bag
    Other   /   Comments
    The Chumbuddy Sleeping bag from thinkgeek looks like a giant shark is eating you!"The...
    Talk to the hand Bookends
    Store   /   Comments
    "These sturdy stainless steel bookends are good to use together (on a desk, for example) or...
    Bivanorak  Minimalist Shelter
    Wear your tent.From the website:"Originally developed as a survival tool for Swedish air force...
    Foldable BenchTable
    This foldable bench-table called Up Up Up, cool. Perfect for outdoor space.
    Liquid Light by Tanya Clarke
    Unique and creative lamps designed by Californian artist Tanya Clarke. Hand sculpted "water...
    Elephant Nightlight
    Little kids and elephant lovers alike are sure to love this cool new Elephant Lamp Nightlight...
    Fitz Roy Climbing Wall
    Other   /   Comments
    Fitz Roy Climbing Wall, a climbing wall with a hole pattern that replicates Patagonia's famous...
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