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    How Chaos Makes Your Fingerprints Unique
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    Because of the chaotic way fingerprints develop and the multiplying effect of compound probability,...
    An Honest Trailer for Halloween  2018
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    After sequels and reboots that range from “meh” to “please kill meh” only...
    The First Trailer for SpiderMan Far From Home
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    "Peter Parker returns in Spider-Man: Far From Home, the next chapter of the Spider-Man: Homecoming...
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    People Try to Guess the Religions of Strangers
    Video   /   Comments
    In this special Election Day edition of Cut's "Lineup" series, three people are challenged to try...
    A Stunning Timelapse of Earth  s Orbit Created Using 4K Footage Taken Aboard the International Space
    Video   /   Comments
    "I never thought that I’d be making another one of these, but with all of the new footage from...
    Thanos Disappears  The Simpsons  in a Couch
    Video   /   Comments
    "Thanos pays a visit to THE SIMPSONS."
    Nuggets 37662168622876918
    Video   /   Comments
    The bittersweet short animation “Nuggets” illustrates the sad descent into addiction...
    Aaron s Animals Office Cats
    Video   /   Comments
    "Just another Monday at work for Prince Michael."
    Video   /   Comments
    A migrant worker’s daily circus-like balancing act is a surreal reflection of China’s economy.
    Guitar Made From 1200 Colored Pencils
    Video   /   Comments
    "I build an electric guitar, Fender Stratocaster, out of 1200 colored pencils. "
    A Beautifully Restored Hupfeld PhonolisztViolina
    Video   /   Comments
    Fully restored Hupfeld Phonoliszt-Violina plays "Lotosblumen Walzer" by E. Ohlsen.Restoration done...
    Your Daily Dose of Internet 933477801451381070
    Video   /   Comments
    Your Daily Dose of Internet
    Mickey Mouse in Safari So Good
    Video   /   Comments
    Mickey and Minnie gleefully set out to cross Africa's Serengeti after missing the bus back to...
    Cortina Watch And Bell  Ross Debut The Br 0392 Diver Bronze
    Men   /   Comments
    To celebrate 15 years of collaboration with Cortina Watch, one of the leading retailers of luxury...
    How to Make a WhackAMole Game for Your Cat
    Video   /   Comments
    Materials you need: cardboard, 2-4mm metal wire, pcv pipe, some wood and black textile.
    The Best Fails of the Week 552062766140323532
    Video   /   Comments
    Fail Army presents a collection of the best and funniest fail videos that hit the Internet during...
    SuperCut of Every Time Someone Says Some Kind Of on STAR TREK
    Video   /   Comments
    A supercut of every utterance of the phrase "some kind" or "some sort" on the 1990s sci-fi drama,...
    Man Builds Mercedes GWagon Made out of ICE
    Video   /   Comments
    This is the Mercedes ICE G-Wagon, made by Garage 54 in Novosibirsk Russia. The Mercedes ICE G-Wagon...
    An Army Of Robotic Spiders On The March
    Video   /   Comments
    Recorded using a swarm of Robugtix T8X Spider Robots.
    Tennis Player s AroundTheBack Ninja Shot
    Video   /   Comments
    "Dan Evans Hits SHOT OF THE YEAR Around the Back Winner!"
    NewlyReleased Footage Shows Chinese Spacecraft Landing on Dark Side of the
    Video   /   Comments
    This is some footage just released by the China National Space Administration of its Chang'e...
    How to Fire a Rubber Band With Physics
    Video   /   Comments
    High-speed video reveals the complicated physics of rubber band potshots.
    Marvel  s The Punisher Season 2 Full Trailer
    Video   /   Comments
    Back on the job. Back in the fight. Season 2 of Marvel’s The Punisher debuts exclusively on...
    Colin Furze Invents The Catapult Toaster
    Video   /   Comments
    "How far does your Toaster chuck!!!"
    Can You Survive Nuclear Fallout
    Video   /   Comments
    Nuclear weapons are some of the most powerful tools of destruction on Earth, and the full scope of...
    Longines Master Collection 50 000 000Th
    Men   /   Comments
    Swiss watch brand Longines celebrates its 50,000,000th timepiece. The 50,000,000th Longines watch...
    Snail Laying Eggs
    Video   /   Comments
    It has its own conveyor belt.
    Danger Zone On FLOPPOTRON
    Video   /   Comments
    Danger Zone on FLOPPOTRON
    The Restoration Of Ave Maria
    Video   /   Comments
    Covered in years of grime and linseed oil with extensive losses and instability this icon was at...
    Mekki Leeper StandUp on The Late Late Show
    Video   /   Comments
    James welcomes stand-up comedian Mekki Leeper to Stage 56 where he performs jokes about his...
    Bryce Dallas Howard Answers the Web s Most Searched
    Video   /   Comments
    "A Dog's Way Home" star Bryce Dallas Howard takes the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answers the...
    Ozzy Man s Commentary on Chameleons
    Video   /   Comments
    Perth, Australia-based comedian Ethan Marrell, aka "Ozzy Man Reviews," adds hilarious commentary to...
    Casually Explained Travel
    Video   /   Comments
    "Casually Explained," James takes a look at some of the dos and don'ts of traveling and living...
    How The Soviets One Upped The West The TU114
    Video   /   Comments
    The Tupolev Tu-114 Rossiya was a turboprop-powered long-range airliner designed by the Tupolev...
    Kentucky Choir Sings In The Hotel They Are Staying
    Video   /   Comments
    Every night of the All State Choir conference at about 11pm, everyone comes out to the balconies of...
    When VR Gets Too Real
    Video   /   Comments
    Drops a virtual grenade, creating a real panic run for her life.
    How to Make the Pizza Ball from The Eric Andre
    Video   /   Comments
    "The Eric Andre Show, our eponymous host's LSD-soaked nightmare talkshow, has created some of the...
    When The Landing Spot Is A Bit Off
    Video   /   Comments
    Video displays the terrifying events of Dec 31st, 2018.
    Rollable 4K OLED TV
    Video   /   Comments
    LG has produced a market-ready rollable OLED TV that you must see to believe.
    An Honest Trailer for M Night Shyamalan s
    Video   /   Comments
    An Honest Trailer for M Night Shyamalan's 'Unbreakable'
    Inside The Secret Communist Tunnels Of Vietnam
    Video   /   Comments
    The Cu Chi Tunnels are a 155-mile network of tunnels known for the role they played in the Vietnam...
    The Eight Spiders
    Video   /   Comments
    A video about spiders and how no one knows if someone once said we swallow them or not.
    Samsung s Space Monitor
    It’s called the Space Monitor, it clamps to your desk and sits straight up from the edge...
    Toto Africa Sweet Potato  Pumpkin Cover
    Video   /   Comments
    The irony of playing "Africa" with food is incredible.
    Similar To Fireworks But A Lot Cooler
    Intel's effort to break drone record. A spectacular light show featuring 1,500 drones.
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