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    The GoBoat
    Designed by serial entrepreneur Dave Yonce, the GoBoat is a personal recreational boat that...
    The Zerobody Bed
    The result of a collaboration between the spa company Starpool, a brain research group Neocogita,...
    Star Wars The Force Awakens Almost Had This Hilariously Weird
    Video   /   Comments
    "On Star Wars Day, during an interview with The Sun, Mark Hamill confirmed how The Force...
    Mark Thompson Reveals the Dangers of Observing the
    Video   /   Comments
    TV astronomer and author Mark Thompson shows why it is very VERY dangerous to look at the Sun...
    Cocktail Chemistry How To Make The Smoke Bomb
    Video   /   Comments
    One of the coolest tricks I know is this "smoke bomb". Fill an ice ball with smoke, only...
    The Gramovox Vertical Turntable Review
    Video   /   Comments
    The Floating Record Vertical Turntable was a successful Kickstarter campaign.The idea was to make a...
    Jimmy Kimmel Asks People to Reveal to Their Moms the Biggest Lie They ve Ever Told
    Video   /   Comments
    On Mother’s Day, we tell our Moms how much we love them but there are some things we...
    Keith Urban and Jimmy Fallon Sing Real F My Life
    Video   /   Comments
    Jimmy and Keith Urban sing real entries from the site FMyLife.com as country songs.
    Iron Man s Movie Kill Count
    Video   /   Comments
    It covers all his direct and indirect murders from Iron Man, Iron Man 2, The Avengers, Iron Man 3...
    Feeding A Farting Wombat
    Video   /   Comments
    A hairy nosed wombat called Pete has his favourite snack, sweetcorn.
    A Blind Man and an Armless Man Have Helped Each Other Plant a Forest of 10 000
    Video   /   Comments
    In the village of Yeli, China, two men have formed an unlikely team to improve their community....
    Built A NearPerfect Batmobile
    Video   /   Comments
    It's been over 12 solid months in the making and I'm so excited to share this with you! Introducing...
    Captain America Civil War Budget Trailer
    Video   /   Comments
    London-based filmmaker Matthew Potter and his friends spent as little money as possible on this...
    Ken M The World s Greatest Internet Troll
    Video   /   Comments
    Ken M. is probably the world's greatest internet troll. Is it trolling to pick the world's greatest...
    Captain Europe Captain America Parody
    Video   /   Comments
    We all know about Captain America, but what about other countries? Here are some of the captains in...
    FormBox A Desktop Vacuum Former
    Other   /   Comments
    The FormBox has built-in heating elements so you won’t need an oven, just a vacuum cleaner...
    Gummy Bears vs Hydraulic Press
    Video   /   Comments
    In the latest episode of his oddly entertaining video series, Finnish machine shop owner, Lauri...
    If Adult Cereals Had Mascots
    Video   /   Comments
    Silly breakfast mascot, everyone knows oatmeal is for sad adults!
    Robert Downey Jr Discusses the Amazing Effects Used in Captain America Civil
    Video   /   Comments
    Robert Downey Jr. freaked out when he saw the amazing affects used to bring his younger self to...
    The Pharaoh s Serpent Is The Most Terrifying
    Video   /   Comments
    Pharaoh's Serpent Demonstration
    U14 Soccer Player Scores A Sick Scorpion Kick
    Video   /   Comments
    By a teen on Brazilian club Grêmio's U14 youth team.
    Hellish Footage From The Massive Wildfires In Fort McMurray
    Video   /   Comments
    Fire 'rains' down in Fort McMurray neighbourhood during escape
    How To Make Kimchi In Two Hours Flat
    Video   /   Comments
    A quick way to make kimchi? We got that. Use this simple recipe to get fizzy Korean cabbage salad...
    Girl Invents Hair Washing Robot
    Video   /   Comments
    Swedish inventor and electronics enthusiast, Simone Giertz built a hair washing robot."I made...
    The Onion Reviews Captain America Civil War
    Film   /   Comments
    The Onion's movie critic Peter K. Rosenthal reviews 'Captain America: Civil War' in this week's...
    The Food Surgeon Dissecting a Bell Pepper
    Video   /   Comments
    Dissecting a Bell Pepper
    The Nice Guys Official Final Trailer
    Film   /   Comments
    "The Nice Guys" takes place in 1970s Los Angeles, when down-on-his-luck private eye...
    Kimmel Staffers Read Texts From Their Moms
    Video   /   Comments
    In honor of Mother's Day, Jimmy Kimmel asked Jimmy Kimmel Live staff members to read some of the...
    Deadpool Official BluRay Trailer
    Video   /   Comments
    In this funny promo for the May 10th release of Deadpool on Blu-ray, Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) lists...
    Extreme Jobs High Voltage Power Line Inspection
    Video   /   Comments
    In electrical engineering, live-line working is the maintenance of electrical equipment, often...
    The Jungle Book Music Performed At Mayan Temple
    Video   /   Comments
    The Jungle Book Music Performed At Mayan Temple
    The Big Fat Fatty is a Ten Pound  50 Sandwich That Will Destroy
    Video   /   Comments
    "Fat Sal's Deli in Los Angeles is known for their epic sandwiches. Today, we're taking look at...
    The Risky Business Dance Scene With Realistic Audio Is
    Video   /   Comments
    Tom Cruise is doing what every teen does when their parents leave them home alone. Treat the house...
    Here s Your First Look at the New Power Rangers Movie
    Film   /   Comments
    Revealed by Entertainment Weekly this morning, the suits try to keep some of the traditional...
    Build Working Versions of Iron Man s Gauntlet and Captain America s
    Video   /   Comments
    Mouser and in Partnership with Marvel Captain America: Civil War present the making of real life...
    Koka s Beat Machine
    Video   /   Comments
    Koka's beat machines are electromechanical musical instruments, which are programmable and produce...
    Man Goes The Distance For Tiny Hummingbird His Dog Helped
    Video   /   Comments
    A man in Whittier has gone the distance for a tiny hummingbird his once-feral dog helped rescue.
    Puma BeatBot Robotic Pacer Provides Automated Motivation For
    Sport   /   Comments
    Introducing The PUMA BeatBot - a programmable, self-driving, line-following robot that inspires...
    The Hungry For Power Games Ted Cruz and John
    Video   /   Comments
    Two more Republican tributes have finally fallen, leaving Trump the GOP victor.
    The Rogue One A Star Wars Story Teaser Trailer in
    Video   /   Comments
    The talented team from Brotherhood Workshop created this awesome shot-for-shot remake of the...
    The Salsa Spectrum by You Suck at Cooking
    Video   /   Comments
    "The light spectrum is pretty cool, but ultimately it's a bit slow. "
    Car washer who has a 61 step wash package This is his standard wash and wax with 6 000
    Video   /   Comments
    "Paul Dalton is the master when it comes to cleaning cars, and not just any cars. His clients...
    A Fascinating Experiment That Shows the Silent Grace of a Barn Owl in
    Video   /   Comments
    Using sensitive sound equipment the team try to find out how an owl can fly so silently compared to...
    How To Make Teddy Bear Toast
    Video   /   Comments
    Feed your snack-time warriors a fun and healthy snack by turning their toast, into Teddy Bears
    How to Use Makeup to Transform Your Face Into a Pixelated Minecraft
    Video   /   Comments
    "Steve had given me idea to do a Pixel Minecraft Inspired makeup a while back and now I've...
    How to Light a Match with a Rubber
    Video   /   Comments
    Hi, there, my dear friends, in this video I will show you an amazing trick with the help of which...
    How to Open a Can without Can Opener 607135539132841004
    Video   /   Comments
    Don't have any tools to open a can no problem just use concrete
    Classic Video Games Recreated Using Paper Cutouts and Stop Motion
    Video   /   Comments
    This video is made ENTIRELY with printed or projected stock images and videos!
    32 Facts about New York City
    Video   /   Comments
    This week, Mike shares some little known facts about New York City!
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