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    The Ultimate Drunk Fails Compilation
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    Fail Army presents a collection of the Internet's best and funniest booze-related fail videos.
    Casually Explained Flirting
    Video   /   Comments
    "Casually Explained," James offers some tips on how to step up your flirting game.
    An Animated Logan Trailer Parody
    Film   /   Comments
    "An animated parody of the Logan trailer! Hit the road with Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine...
    Ed Sheeran s Shape of You Sung by Celebrity
    Video   /   Comments
    Voice actor Scheiffer Bates humorously sings Ed Sheeran's latest single, "Shape of You,"...
    The Disaster That Changed Engineering The Hyatt Regency
    Video   /   Comments
    The Hyatt Regency Hotel collapse was a disaster that changed engineering: it's taught in colleges...
    Incredible Moments When Dad Saves the Day
    Video   /   Comments
    These incredible moments when "dad reflex" saves the day proves that dads are...
    Unexpected Finish Of A Rally
    Video   /   Comments
    FIA World Rally Championship - Rally Guanajuato México 2017
    Art Bag
    Art Bag is a cool art bag. It can be used as a portfolio, a perfect way to show off mood boards...
    Computer Cooking
    Video   /   Comments
    Xiao Ye turns her PC into an impromptu Chinese pancake griddle.
    A Walking Tree at Llano Earth Art Festival
    Video   /   Comments
    A Giant Walking, Talking Tree Walks Surprises a Musician at a Texas Fair
    Watch Sean Spicer Get Ambushed At An Apple Store
    Video   /   Comments
    Sean Spicer ambushed while shopping at the Apple Store
    Michael Bolton Reacts to Songs That Mention His
    Video   /   Comments
    Tyler, the Creator, Mac Miller, the Lonely Island, and more have all name dropped Michael Bolton in...
    The Trailer for Action Movie Atomic Blonde Starring Charlize
    Film   /   Comments
    Focus Features has debuted an ass-kicking red band trailer for David Leitch's Atomic Blonde, which...
    Veep Season 6 Official Trailer
    Video   /   Comments
    Here's the first look at the upcoming sixth season of HBO's political satire comedy series, Veep....
    Ryan Gosling Impersonators Have Been Fooling Conan For
    Video   /   Comments
    A Ryan Gosling impersonator recently duped a German award show and it has Conan wondering….
    Luke Bryan ft Jimmy Fallon  I Don t Know How to Pronounce
    Video   /   Comments
    In this clip from Monday night's episode of The Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon and country singer...
    Watch Meet Walter Video Introducing New Alien Covenant
    Film   /   Comments
    20th Century Fox has revealed a brand new promo video for Alien: Covenant, introducing the newest...
    John Oliver on the American Health Care Act
    Video   /   Comments
    The Republican health care bill could leave many Americans without affordable coverage. Last Week...
    This Video is not in Reverse
    Video   /   Comments
    A Reverse Video that is not in Reverse.
    The Evolution of 2D Animation From 1833 to 2017
    Video   /   Comments
    The evolution of 2D animation from 1833 to 1990 and 1991 to 2017.
    Ten Meter Tower Would you jump
    Video   /   Comments
    Ten Meter Tower is a social experiment which found people that had never jumped off a 10 meter...
    What s The Most Difficult Place To Get To In the
    Video   /   Comments
    "These are some of the most difficult places to get to in the world. If you think I missed any...
    5 Simple Life Hacks By MrGear
    Video   /   Comments
    5 Simple Life Hacks
    Why Did T Rex Have Such Tiny Arms
    Video   /   Comments
    It's easy to assume that every trait - including stubby arms on a terrifying predator - must be...
    The Donald Trump Song By East India Comedy
    Video   /   Comments
    "It's been a month since Donald Trump has been in power and we are pretty sure he secretly...
    Stability Instability And Train Wheels
    Video   /   Comments
    Tadashi Tokieda is back. This time talking about stability, instability and train wheels.
    Calorie Detective The Real Math Behind Food
    Video   /   Comments
    With the help of a science lab, the filmmaker Casey Neistat finds that calorie listings on food...
    80 Vs 0 Colored Pencils
    Video   /   Comments
    $80 Vs. $0 Colored Pencils - EXPENSIVE Vs. CHEAP Comparison!
    Baby Driver Official Trailer
    Film   /   Comments
    This is the official trailer for Edgar Wright's Baby Driver, an upcoming 2017 action crime film...
    Saturday Night Live Pet Translator
    Video   /   Comments
    Three scientists (Scarlett Johansson, Kyle Mooney, Mikey Day) receive a shock when they debut their...
    Saturday Night Live Shud the Mermaid
    Video   /   Comments
    A marooned pilot (Mikey Day) is forced to marry one of three mermaids: Oceana (Cecily Strong),...
    Saturday Night Live Alien Invasion
    Video   /   Comments
    President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) addresses members of the military (Kenan Thompson, Kyle...
    If Star Wars Took Place Today
    Video   /   Comments
    Star War's is supposed to take place LONG AGO in a galaxy far, far away... but what would it look...
    Rhino Requests Belly Rubs From Filmmaker
    Video   /   Comments
    "If a rhino walks straight up to you while you're filming and wants some rubs... you better...
    LiveAction The Little Mermaid Trailer
    Film   /   Comments
    Here's the first look at The Little Mermaid, an upcoming 2017 (non-Disney) live-action film version...
    Wonder Woman Official Origin Trailer
    Film   /   Comments
    This is the official extended trailer for Wonder Woman, an upcoming 2017 DC Comics superhero film...
    Hanging With the SpiderMan of the Science
    Video   /   Comments
    Like most superheroes, Moises Vazquez prefers to keep his identity hidden—however, unlike...
    What It s Like to Stay at a Japanese Capsule
    Video   /   Comments
    "Capsule hotels are dream come true for budget travellers."
    Game of Thrones Season 7 Teaser Explained
    Video   /   Comments
    What does the new Game of Thrones Season 7 “Sigils” teaser tell us about the future and...
    Gif Calm
    Pic   /   Comments
    Guzzle Buddy
    The Guzzle Buddy, a handy device that transforms an entire bottle of wine into a personal drinking...
    Atlanta News Anchors Slip An Impressive Number Of Biggie Lyrics Into A
    Video   /   Comments
    Atlanta news team drops slick tribute to The Notorious B.I.G.
    Kids Hilariously Crash Their Dad s BBC News
    Video   /   Comments
    Professor Robert Kelly got a surprise visit from his cute kids while a discussion about impeachment...
    The Best Fails of the Week 200207179755376064
    Video   /   Comments
    Fail Army presents a roundup of the funniest fail videos that hit the Internet during the second...
    Wilderness Expert Coyote Peterson Picks Up a Giant Black
    Video   /   Comments
    On this episode of Beyond the Tide, Coyote sets off on an another aquatic adventure with Tide Pool...
    Wearable Sled Legs
    These Wearable Sled Legs look like a ton of fun, turning your shins and knees into a sliding...
    Behind the Magic Creating the Mirror Dimension in Doctor
    Film   /   Comments
    A taste of the Oscar Nominated Visual Effects behind the mind-bending world of the Mirror Dimension...
    Actor Haruo Nakajima Talks About His Career Playing the Iconic Movie Monster
    Video   /   Comments
    Haruo Nakajima is perhaps Japan’s most famous actor, but you wouldn’t necessarily...
    How to Make an Origami Master Yoda
    Video   /   Comments
    Learn how to make an origami Yoda from Star Wars with this easy step-by-step instructions.
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