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    Camera from Athens
    Gear  |  Camera  
    "Disposable camera contains 27 undeveloped souvenir shots of Athens, Greece, photographed by up-and-coming artists."
    $45 CAD (Personal Accessories 2).
    The White Tiger by Craig Tracy

    The White Tiger by Craig Tracy
    Gear  |  Pic  
    The White Tiger(body painting) by Craig Tracy.
    Lucky Ruler
    Gear  |  Tools  
    $10 CAD (Desk and Stationary 5).
    Gear  |  Video  
    This is the music made by tapping.... a Game Boy.
    Gear  |  Pic  
    Super Mario Brothers
    Gear  |  Pic  
    Ever wondered what really happened when you fell into the Super Mario Brothers pit? Artist Ryan Coleman has the answer and prints for sale at Etsy! [image via here]
    Gear  |  Video  
    Noblt shot a photo roughly every two miles between take-off in San Francisco and landing in Paris CDG to make this airplane time lapse. Cool
    Gear  |  Video  
    Jacob Sharpe's first foray into the world of ball juggling videos. Shot and edited by Nate Sharpe.
    Gear  |  Video  
    "This is an awesomely awesome video in which i play a tetris based game that i created with rubiks cubes like a crazy person and then proceed to announce the biggest project i have ever worked on. " By Youtube user BananaNeil.
    Harry Potter Illustration by Russell Walks
    Gear  |  Pic  
    Harry Potter meets Ziggy Stardust by Russell Walks - - it's part of a planned series of iconic album covers mashed with iconic pop-culture characters that he's considering turning into calendars or prints
    Playmobil Apple Store Play Set

    Playmobil Apple Store Play Set
    Gear  |  Toy  
    Playmobil Apple Store Play Set from ThinkGeek.
    Gear  |  Projects  
    The people pose, get scanned, and end up with their own mini me made of plastic.
    "This proposal aims to connect street users, arts and science, linking them to under-laying spaces and their own realities. The installation was enjoyed during two weekends in January 2011 by the tourists, neighbours of La Rambla and citizens of Barcelona, a city that faces a trade-off between identity and gentrification, economic sustainability and economic growth."
    Gear  |  Video  
    This is the official Music Video for "Candid", by New And For Sale.
    Created by ANDREY & HENNEKE
    10.766 Pictures, 96 Scenes, 60 Paper Figures.
    Shot with Sony A200
    The Creators: "Thanks to Eliott Deshusses & Joshua Beyer"
    Gear  |  Video  
    This is a very cool Time-lapse video for Paris, by Luke Shepard, a student at The American University of Paris, composed completely of photographs! 
    Location: Paris, France
    Camera: Nikon D90
    Music: 'Intro' by The XX (thexx.info)
    giant Hot Wheels track on bridge
    Gear  |  AD  
    "I think we can all agree on one thing: Hot Weels are awesome!" This huge loop track pops up in Bogotá, Colombia.
    Gear  |  Tech  
    "The Blit terminal (circa 1982) was an early (possibly the first) remote windowing system by which multiple UNIX processes could operate on the same screen. Originating from Bell Labs, it's considered a major influence on MIT's X Window System which still in use on many systems today. "
    Gear  |  Video  
    Shot with Canon EOS 7d
    Canon lenses
    18-55mm f3.5-5.6 USM
    28-135 f3.5-5.6
    50mm f1.4 USM
    75-300mm f4-5.6 III USM
    Pro Optic 8mm f3.5
    Virgin Oceanic

    Virgin Oceanic
    Gear  |  Projects  

    Sir Richard Branson, American sailor, pilot and explorer Chris Welsh, and submarine designer Graham Hawkes launched Virgin Oceanic, a project to explore "the last frontiers of our own Blue Planet: the very bottom of our seas." .
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    Gear  |  AD  
    Giant Rube Goldberg Marimba Plays Bach...
    Murder Weapon
    Gear  |  Pic  
    Murder Weapon from glennz.
    More Ballpoint Pen Drawings by Juan Francisco

    More Ballpoint Pen Drawings by Juan Francisco
    Gear  |  Pic  
    More realistic ballpoint pen drawings by Juan Francisco Casas, he began the drawings in 2005 based on photographs of nights out with his friends.
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    Gear  |  Video  
    Tempest Freerunning Academy is California's first indoor training facility solely dedicated to the growth and spread of freerunning and parkour. This is a promo video for it. It has a special Super Mario Bros area, cool. 
    Burg Eltz
    Gear  |  Pic  

    Burg Eltz is a medieval castle nestled in the hills above the Moselle River between Koblenz and Trier, Germany. [ Images]
    "It is still owned by a branch of the same family that lived there in the 12th century, 33 generations ago. The Rübenach and Rodendorf families' homes in the castle are open to the public, while the Kempenich branch of the family uses the other third of the castle.
    The castle is surrounded on three sides by the Elzbach River, a tributary on the north side of the Moselle. It is situated on a 70m rock spur, on an important Roman trade route between the rich farm lands and their markets. "

    Space is fucked
    Gear  |  Pic  
    Space is fucked by Sebastian Lindén.
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    The Typescreen
    Gear  |  Apple  
    The Typescreen is an April Fool’s, which turns your iPad into a typewriter (cool idea!).
    "As an officially licensed Apple product, the Limited Edition Typescreen™ offers all the style and quality that you’d expect from Apple with the playful design and innovation expected from Spinning Hat. Compatible with both the iPad and iPad 2, the Typescreen™ will help add a “touch” of class and sophistication to any living room."
    Gear  |  Video  
    Machine Civilization, Robotic Dancing by World Order .
    Music by Genki Sudo /Takashi Watanabe, Words by Genki Sudo.
    Gear  |  Video  
    James Bernal writes:
    "I've been living in New York for almost three months. Since I spend much of my time riding the subway or in the backseat of cabs, I try to practice my visual literacy whenever I can. This video is the result of having plenty of random clips, but not enough. Maybe I'll remix this a bit or use some of the clips I really like towards something more comprehensive - for now, I'll enjoy the reminder of my first three months in a new city. "
    Cara Mug
    Gear  |  Office  

    The mug made out of wood. Cool!
    "Designer : Rina Ono
    Artisan : Hidetoshi Takahashi
    Made in : Japon
    Matériaux : Tilleul japonais
    Finition : Résine synthétique (pour vaisselle)
    Dimensions : 8 x 7cm "

    Gear  |  Video  
    "This video illustrates the absurdness of the "unboxing" video trend and provides some basic review tips. "
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