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    Gear  |  Video  
    Gaya Bommer’s doll-like dance performance at YAGP 2011 in Paris. Gaya Bommer, age 12.
    BMW i Pedelec
    Gear  |  Bike  
    The BMW i Pedelec Concept is a compact bicycle designed to fit with an electric motor. Plus, their batteries can be recharged while they’re in there. It is equipped with disc brakes, an aluminum/carbon body and an expensive li-ion battery which is capable of assisting the rider for a distance of 25km to 40km. the i Pedelec can also be folded “effortlessly” says BMW, the weight is superior to 20kg (44lbs), so it’s not “light” for a bicycle.
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    Gear  |  Projects  
    Andrew Hales decided to walk down a busy hallway and attempt to hold people’s hands.
    Gear  |  Projects  
    By Jason Craft. I wanted one! Using 3D tracking, seamless camera cuts and 3D camera projection...
    "I tried to match the game as close as possible. This was the most challenging project I have ever undertaken, consisting of 3D tracking, seamless camera cuts and 3D camera projection."
    Steampunk Xbox 360 controller
    Gear  |  Pic  
    This steampunk Xbox 360 controller really works!
    Gear  |  Video  
    Conan brings the magic of the blues to Chicago's youngest, and most adorable generation.
    Gear  |  Video  

    Skateboards in India.

    This Electric Skates Weird Looking
    Gear  |  Sport  
    These are the motorized electric roller skates($700) strap right on to your shoes and allow you to coast along effortlessly at a speed of up to 8 mph, for up to 5 or 6 miles. Each skate packs an 80-watt motor that’s housed in a fiber-reinforced nylon frame, making them tough and durable. The tires are 6″ in diameter, and a hand-held wireless remote the throttle both skates simultaneously up to 8 mph. To stop, all you do is let go of the throttle or simply lean back on the heel stopper like you would a normal pair of skates. Each skate has a removable lithium-ion battery that provides up to 40 minutes of continuous power (5-6 mile range).
    Gear  |  Video  
    Wonderfully mesmerizing stop motion video by Steven Briand.
    Gif Circle
    Gear  |  Pic  
    Gif in the breeze
    Gear  |  Pic  
    in the breeze
    Gear  |  Video  
    Green, yellow, black. They are the blood in the veins of Bangalore: the 450.000 rickshaws and their drivers. Knocked together from bits and pieces, decorated, ready for the junk heap or carefully maintained like antique cars, the vehicles are as charismatic as their owners, who brave the monstrous traffic of this metropolis daringly, sleepy, chattering or stoic, making sure the passanger's trip from A to B will be full of memorable experiences.
    Based on days of riding around in rickshaws and drawings made locally, this animation captures the tough workaday life of a rickshaw driver, seen through the eyes of a European visitor.
    Result of a one month trip to Bangalore, India as part of the project "The Law of the Market" at the University of Arts Berlin Weißensee, 2011
    Gear  |  Military  
    Utah State University "Ascending Aggies" team recently won first prize out of 33 teams in the Air Force's contest to get four soldiers over a very tall wall. They developed what they call a PVAC, or Personal Vacuum Assisted Climber and it works just as you’d imagine: a loud-as-hell vacuum strapped to your back connects to two suction cups and lets you climb pretty much anything, even if the surface wouldn’t have been so good for regular suctions cups
    Apple MacBook Pro With Retina Display
    Gear  |  Apple  
    Apple announced the new MacBook Pro($2,199+). It packs a Retina display with a 2880 x 1800 resolution (or 220ppi), and a casing that measures just 0.71-inch thin and weighs 4.46 pounds. That's just .03-inches thicker than the 13-inch MacBook Air. Other features include 16GB of RAM, NVIDIA Kepler GT 650M graphics, up to a quad-core 2.7GHz Core i7 processor, a maximum 768GB of SSD storage, 7-hour battery with 30 days standby, FaceTime HD camera, HDMI and USB 3.
    Gif Smooth
    Gear  |  Pic  
    Gear  |  Video  
    10 Bets You Will Never Lose...
    Digital Paintings
    Gear  |  Pic  
    Digital Paintings by German artist Dorothee Golz..
    Gear  |  Video  

    Subway Dance Party

    Gear  |  Gaming  
    Watch the video of  Super Modern Mario Bros! It’s not a real trailer. This is a 3-D animation called Super Modern Mario Bros. Cool
    Gear  |  Video  
    "A parody of the Nightmare Before Christmas song "Whats this?" (Originally by Danny Elfman). A young adult discovers world of drinking on his 21st birthday."
    Solar Floating Resor by Michele Puzzolante
    Gear  |  Concept  

    Solar Floating Resor designed by Michele Puzzolante. Covered completely in a thin-film solar skin, it sleeps six and sports an underwater observation room. The round shape of the vessel provides constant exposure to the sun, feeding batteries during daylight hours.
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    Street art lighting
    Gear  |  Pic  
    light me up
    Gear  |  Projects  
    Big Wooden Ball Project by Mike Leuis.
    Gear  |  Tech  
    World's first dynamic deformable tactile surface capable of creating dynamic physical buttons that users can actually see and feel in advance of entering data into the device.
    The Solar Powered Cap
    Gear  |  Gadget  
    This Japan's cap(about $16) with a little solar panel on top of it, and panel provides power for that strategically placed fan. You just wear a hat, it will blow a breeze on your face.
    Mosquito Nail Paintings

    Mosquito Nail Paintings
    Gear  |  Projects  
    Mosquito Nail Paintings by Chen Chun-Hao. "mosquito nails" - small headless pins about a third the size of a toothpick. Using a nail gun, Chen nails these small pins into canvas-covered wood, creating reproductions of traditional Chinese ink landscape paintings.
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    its Batman
    Gear  |  Pic  
    "if you turn the new Twitter logo upside-down, it’s Batman"
    Gear  |  Projects  

    Mars One plans to establish a human settlement on Mars in 2023. The first crew of four astronauts emigrate to their new planet from Earth, a journey that takes seven months. A new team will join the settlement every two years. By 2033 there will be over twenty people living, working and flourishing on Mars, their new home.

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