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    Gear  |  Film  
    Disney has unveiled the first trailer 'The Finest Hours', a Coast Guard drama about the most daring rescue mission in U.S. Coast Guard history. Chris Pine stars, along with Ben Foster, Eric Bana, Holliday Grainger and Graham McTavish.
    Giant Rideable TRex Art Bike
    Gear  |  Bike  
    This is a  bike shaped like a skinless T. rex(Tyrannosaurus Rex). Created by a  engineer and bicycle fabricator in Portland, Oregon. It is 8.5-foot tall and 12-foot long, which is currently available to purchase from the creator’s listing on Portland’s Craiglist.
    -12ft long from head to tail, 5.5ft wide stance, 8.5ft tall (size of a 12 year old young-adult T-Rex)
    -90lb recumbent tricycle made from chromoly steel, foam, and textured paint (200lb rider weight limit)
    -9-speed wide-range drivetrain with a top speed of about 15mph (comfortable cruising speed of about 7mph)
    -Seat is ~5ft off the ground so use a step ladder, or if you have good balance, use foot and hand holds hidden along the left side of her body.
    -Head is a marionette that turns side to side and opens her jaw; controlled by wire from handlebars
    -Arms are attached to pedals and can be controlled in combination with head to create believable performances (Sue can answer questions, wave at audience, snap her jaws in excitement, disgust, hunger, etc.)
    -Disassembles using basic tools into multiple pieces to fit within a pick-up truck bed for easy(er) transport to events
    -Sue requires frequent touch-ups to her paint and foam. There are always bits of the sculpture rubbing against one another because she is a moving, kinetic, scultpure. I will include a bucket of textured paint with her.
    -Sue has handling quirks because of the geometry tricks and illusions I had to pull to make a vehicle that seemed to have the proportions of a real dinosaur. She is not a daily-driver dinosaur but is perfect for parades or the playa. She has good brakes and is stable enough if you know her limits. I'd be happy to offer dino riding lessons to prospective buyers. Please don't call just for joy-rides...
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    Gear  |  AD  
    Produced in glorious HD and super-slow motion, Procter & Gamble-owned babycare brand, Pampers’ new spot features the facial contortions of 10 babies during the build up to and delivery of a No. 2.
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    Gear  |  Video  
    A progression of Army uniforms from war to war.
    Paintings Of Guy Fieri as a Series of Creepy Renaissance
    Gear  |  Pic  
    BuzzFeed has posted 10 paintings celebrity chef Guy Fieri as a series of Renaissance babies.
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    Gear  |  Film  
    To celebrate the upcoming return of The X-Files with a limited event series, Fox is scheduled to air every episode of the show’s first nine seasons one per day in order for 201 Days of The X-Files beginning on July 7, 2015 with the show’s pilot episode, and ending on January 1, 2016 with the series finale.
    Gear  |  Video  
    If you ask Siri what 0 divided by 0 is on iOS 8, she replies with
     "Imagine that you have zero cookies and you split them evenly among zero friends. How many cookies does each person get? See? It doesn't make sense. And Cookie Monster is sad that there are no cookies, and you are sad that you have no friends."
    Gear  |  Video  
    "Just give up. You're an adult now."
    Russia s Official Campaign Guide to Selfie Safety
    Gear  |  Pic  
    Russian police have launched a campaign urging people to take safer selfies after accidents caused by high-risk poses have resulted in about 100 injuries and dozens of deaths this year. That warning comes after a string of recent selfie-related accidents. In May, a 21-year-old woman accidentally shot herself in the head in Moscow while taking a selfie holding a pistol. She suffered injuries but survived...
    “Before taking a selfie, everyone should think about the fact that racing after a high number of ’likes’ could lead someone on a journey to death and his last extreme photo could turn out to be posthumous,” said Yelena Alexeyeva, an aide to the interior minister. More images after more.
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    Gear  |  Video  
    How do pregnancy tests work?
    Gear  |  Video  
    Little Alexis Davidson, 11, decided to take matters into her own hands – tying her tooth to a sling bow and firing it out of her mouth. Slow motion footage, taken by her father Jason Mcdonald, shows Alexis nervously pulling the bow back and letting go as her tooth flies out of her mouth. Good idea!
    Gear  |  Sport  
    Wingsuit pilot Uli Emanuele successfully completed an insane wingsuit flight through a tiny two-meter wide opening between rock formations in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. Cool
    Blue Caves in Zakynthos island Ionian Greece
    Gear  |  Pic  
    Blue Caves in Zakynthos island Ionian Greece.
    Gear  |  Video  
    It’s taken nine years to get there, but on July 14, 2015 the New Horizons spacecraft will finally fly by its destination. Find out how the historic mission to Pluto happened from the people who helped launch it.
    Gear  |  Film  
    A complete summary of five seasons of power struggles between the competing families of Westeros.
    Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Torch Revealed
    Gear  |  Design  

    Designed by local agency Chelles & Hayashi. DesThe gold plate on top represents the country’s luminescence; a green layer pays tribute to Rio’s hills and valleys, while the final two colors – a light blue and a dark blue – depict the sea and Brazil’s famous Copacabana Promenade. The torch relay will begin in the Brazilian capital in May and will end at Rio’s Maracana stadium in August
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    Gear  |  Film  
    An interesting behind the scenes look at the best special effects from each season.
    The United M48 Tactical War Hammer
    Gear  |  Tools  
    Be prepared for the inevitable zombiepocalypse with this impressive tool. Cool!
    The M48 Tactical War Hammer from United Cutlery is the hammer/axe combination! The cast 2Cr13 stainless steel black oxide-coated head can pummel almost anything with ease. The handle features a defensive war hammerhead and a devestating piercing spike, which offers great applications as an effective breaching tool and defensive hammer. The 30% fiberglass handle is nearly indestructible, and the axe head is attached to it with metal bolts. Includes a TPR hammerhead cover and a nylon sheath with Velcro closure.
     – 7 3/4″ cast 2Cr13 stainless steel head
    – Powerful back spike
    – 30% fiberglass & reinforced nylon handle
    – Measures 15 1/2″ overall in length
    – Includes TPR head cover and a nylon sheath with a Velcro closure
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    Nightmare Before Christmas x Mario Bros Wedding
    Gear  |  Other  
    This is the mashup wedding cake made by the Little Cherry Cake Company near Manchester, England.   The cake features elements from both The Nightmare Before Christmas and Mario Bros games.Cool cake!
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    Gear  |  Film  
    Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf Trailer starring Casper Van Dien and Catherine Oxenberg. Directed by Kevin O'Neill, the film premieres on Sunday July 19th at 9 p.m. EST., only on Syfy.
    Gear  |  Video  
    "You think Batman punching someone behind him is ridiculous? You ain't seen nothin. "
    Gif Tennis game
    Gear  |  Pic  
    Tennis game, haha!
    Gear  |  Video  
    Bartkira is an animated parody mash-up of The Simpsons and Akira. Based on an idea by Ryan Humphrey articulated through comics, the concept was expanded with the Bartkira project, a comic collaboration of Simpsons fans, curated by James Harvey. In association with the comic, Moon Animate Make-Up producer Kaitlin Sullivan pitched the idea of an animated trailer to match and with the work of over fifty artists, produced the Bartkira animated trailer.
    Gear  |  Video  
    In a city with dispensaries as common as coffee shops, Denver is undoubtedly the epicenter of the legal marijuana movement. And if you’re in the business of bud, it’s a good place to be: Colorado accounted for a third of the country’s 2.7 billion dollar marijuana market last year.
    Gif iTyperwriter
    Gear  |  Pic  
    This is iTyperwriter.
    Gear  |  Video  
    10 Handy Life Hacks Using Clothes Hangers
    Roy Harpaz TOC Standing Record Player
    Gear  |  Projects  
    Industrial designer Roy Harpaz has created a vertical, egg-shaped record player called TOC. It works with a linear tracking system to capture the good old analog sound and of course allows for easy operation via remote control – but also via LED touch buttons on the front panel. Users can easily skip between tracks, thanks to a sensor that scans the tracks on each vinyl inserted.  Built with special spherical bearings, even warped records can now be played without any problem. 'TOC' is also comes with a built-in carbon fibers brush that captures dust thus stylus stays clean. It looks cool and sleek.
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    Gear  |  Video  
    A brief history lesson on what makes America great: beer.
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