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    Russian Water Park
    Video   /   Comments
    A group of guys uses an excavator as water park ride. Russia style!
    Bulletproof Couch Gun Safe Combo
    Other   /   Comments
    A couch that can store up to 30 rifles and with cushions that can stop a .44 Magnum bullet at point...
    Aaron Gwin Blazes a Downhill MTB Trail
    Bike   /   Comments
    Mountain bike athlete Aaron Gwin, put him on a Specialized Demo 8 Carbon and film him on an amazing...
    Pic   /   Comments
    Transport Your Child Like He  s A Piece Of Carry On
    Baby   /   Comments
    The BRICA Roll ‘n Go Car Seat($63) Transporter is a contraption that lets you take your...
    Door Frame Swing
    Toy   /   Comments
    Don’t have a playground nearby? No backyard? Not even a tree that you can attach a tire and...
    How Much Does It Really Cost to Be Batman
    Pic   /   Comments
    Check out this fun financial rundown of the costs of being The Legendary Dark Knight! The final...
    Foodskin Flexible Lunchbox
    From Norway-based Unikia, which keeps on coming out with wonderful stuff. The Compleat FoodSkin has...
    60 Seconds Timelapse of the Perseid Meteor Shower in Joshua Tree
    Video   /   Comments
    Footage from a time-lapse workshop during the Perseid Meteor Shower. Shot on Friday, Saturday and...
    Nihilist Toothpaste No Flavor No Color Nothing  Just
    Other   /   Comments
    Toothpaste is available in all sorts of flavors, colors, and varieties these days. Heck,...
    Video   /   Comments
    "Runaway" is a charming story about a misunderstanding between a man named Stanley and...
    Broken Screen
    Pic   /   Comments
    Broken screen
    Drugs in the Movies
    Film   /   Comments
    Supercut of drugs scenes in movies.
    Gif Little Transformer
    Pic   /   Comments
    Little Transformer
    Alphabetical 26Genre Song
    Video   /   Comments
    Andrew Huang and David Brown of Boy in a Band have teamed up to create “A to Z,” a song...
    Pic Scientists Catch A Shark Within A Shark
    Pic   /   Comments
    This is a shot of the 3-foot spiny dogfish shark that scientists were in the process of reeling in...
    Monkey Face Back Of The Head Tattoo
    Pic   /   Comments
    An anonymous Internet fellow had the back of his scalp tattooed with a rather fetching angry...
    Shittens($10) is disposable mittens protect your hands from poop. They are now available...
    Rechargeable AA Battery USB Drive
    The Rechargeable AA Battery USB Drive designed by Wonchul Hwang. It’s essentially a flash...
    Man On An Edge What It s Like to Be A Window Washer In New York
    Video   /   Comments
    Brent Weingard, of Expert Window Cleaners, has battled dirt and grime high above New York City for...
    Grand Theft Auto IV Piano Car A Thousand Miles
    Video   /   Comments
    Grand Theft Auto IV Piano Car - A Thousand Miles "i watched, and listened, i began to...
    New World Record Blob Jump Video
    Sport   /   Comments
    I-Go Big stuntmen broke the world record for the highest blob launch at Twin Falls, Idaho. Two guys...
    Skull Bowl
    Other   /   Comments
    mastermind JAPAN x HIDE-CHAN MASTERMIND RAMEN Hong Kong"Only the first 100 patrons each day...
    The Special Effects of Game of Thrones Are Still
    Video   /   Comments
    This video from SpinVFX shows some of the special effects used in Game of Thrones Season 3. cool
    Men Pin Ups
    Pic   /   Comments
    Photographer Rion Sabean spoofed the absurd poses of pin up calendar by substituting men as the...
    Welcome to The Magic A Disneyland Timelapse
    Video   /   Comments
    A Disneyland Timelapse by Matt Givot and Dan Douglas Over 20,000 images to show the one and only...
    Pic Osprey aircraft deployed for first time in support of Marine
    Pic   /   Comments
    Marine Corps MV-22 Ospreys, aircraft that take off vertically, provided a dramatic new look for...
    Climbing Comp
    Sport   /   Comments
    Last weekend in Park City, Utah...  The Psicobloc Masters Series was the first major...
    Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom
    Phone   /   Comments
    Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is half camera and half mobile. Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom is an...
    Microscopic Life In Single Drop Of Pond Water
    Video   /   Comments
    These slimy creatures may look like aliens from another planet but they are actually the life...
    The Secret Story of TOYS
    Video   /   Comments
    The Secret Story of TOYS.
    Speedrun The Big Lebowski in 60 seconds
    Video   /   Comments
    Speedrun: The Big Lebowski in 60 seconds
    Ultra Fast Formula One Pit Stop in Slow Motion
    Video   /   Comments
    A 2.05-second pit stop by a Formula One team is shown in slow motion.
    Algae suit generates food to feed you
    Other   /   Comments
    The algaculture symbiosis suit designed by Michael Burton and Michiko Nitta. The symbiosis suit is...
    Sony s rumored QX10 and QX100 lens cameras pair with your
    These images are the rumored DSC-QX10 and DSC-QX100 from Sony. Actually these are not...
    12 Foot Tall Slip N  Slide With a Massive Loop
    Video   /   Comments
    To promote their KickStarter project, Clint Walker and Clive Dixon created a huge 12 foot tall slip...
    Breaking Bad Theme played with meth lab
    Video   /   Comments
    The breaking bad theme played on meth lab equipment.
    How the Internet Ecosystem Works
    Pic   /   Comments
    It's a beautiful, natural cycle: ideas move from the offline world, then to the online world, then...
    Water Bomber at Trans Labrador Highway Accident
    Video   /   Comments
    Trans-Labrador (Canada) Highway Accident between a Grader & Transport Truck. A fire started and...
    iDoorCam shows you who s at your door
    This is a new device called iDoorCam. claims to be able to notify you via iPhone or iPad whenever...
    Man and His Chihuahua Doing Yoga
    Video   /   Comments
    An Italian man does yoga with his cute little Chihuahua dog perfectly mimic his every move....
    Star Wars Medley Lindsey Stirling  Peter
    Video   /   Comments
    Americans Peter Hollens (singer-songwriter) and Lindsey Stirling (violinist, dancer, performance...
    Paper Dish
    Paper Dish designed by Yu Kyung Ha, Won Min Jung & Kwon Young Hee. Good idea.
    Pic What is this
    Pic   /   Comments
    What is this?
    Skateboarding Dog
    Video   /   Comments
    Skateboarding dog does kickflips.
    Giant Playing Cards
    Toy   /   Comments
    At approximately 10 times the size of standard playing cards, King Size Cards feature the same...
    LG G2 Smartphone
    Phone   /   Comments
    LG today announced its latest flagship smartphone LG G2. It has a 5.2-inch Full HD display and a 13...
    Big Wheels For Adults
    Bike   /   Comments
    This is the High Roller, a $600 Big Wheels trike made for adults. They’re made by High Roller...
    China s Replica of Paris Is Now an Eerily Depressing Ghost
    Video   /   Comments
    The Paris clone captured by Vimeo user Caspar Stracke, Tianducheng. China began developing this...
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