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    Gear  |  AD  
    "Space Babies” is the name of the 2013 Super Bowl commercial for Kia.
    When it comes to our kids, there's an age-old question that has perplexed parents for generations. "Where do babies come from?" Now, for the first time ever, we'll reveal this untold story through an epic journey, nine months in the making.
    Mortal Kombat mouse pad
    Gear  |  Gadget  
    This is the Kitana from Mortal Kombat in mousepad form with simulated boobs. "Granted it's not the first time we've seen busty mouse pads, it's just the first time the characters aren't anime ones, making it harder to laugh this off as just a Japanese thing". She is Chung Lee?
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    The World  s Largest Outdoor LED TV The C SEED
    Gear  |  Gadget  

    The C SEED 201 is the world’s largest outdoor LED TV, provided by a 201-inch (5.11m) 16:9 LED screen. Designed by famous Porsche Design Studio. Seven LED panels unfold in 25 seconds to create a seamless display.
    "Together with Porsche Design Studio the 201 inch screen with its unique kinematic technology was developed. Rotatable through 270 degrees, height adjustable up to 4.6 meters (15 ft.), High Fidelity 3-way outdoor audio system including 15 speakers and underground storage, it is the first of its kind."
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    Gear  |  Video  
    "COWARD" is a 28 minute film set during World War 1 that brings to light some of the brutal treatment soldiers received for suffering what would now be known as shell-shock. It follows two cousins, Andrew and James, from their home in Northern Ireland who join the British Army to fight for their Country and make their families proud. Through their eyes we see the reality of life on the front lines.
    BlackBerry Q10
    Gear  |  Cellphone  

    BlackBerry (formerly RIM) has just unveiled the BlackBerry Q10 device. The Q10 is everything you love about the classic BlackBerry form factor, running the new BlackBerry 10 operating system. The phone has a 3.1-inch 720x720 AMOLED touchscreen, a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 2GB of RAM and and 4G LTE connectivity. Although it was announced alongside the flagship, fully touchscreen BlackBerry Z10 the Q10 won't go on sale at the same time. The Q10 to reach the US sometime in April.
    The BlackBerry Z10
    Gear  |  Cellphone  

    The BlackBerry's new flagship smartphone. The BlackBerry Z10($200) uses the BlackBerry 10 operating system. The new OS has no navigation buttons, you'll operate the Z10 through gestures. The phone stands 5.1 inches tall, 2.6 inches wide, and 0.35 inch thick, only slightly deeper than the iPhone5. It features 2-megapixel front and 8-megapixel rear cameras, dual-core 1.5 GHz processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, a microSD slot and a 1,280 x 768, 4.2-inch LCD display. In between the BlackBerry Z10's volume buttons is the voice control key, you can also use to pause music.
    The BlackBerry Z10 goes on sale January 31 in the U.K., February 5 in Canada ($149.99 on contract), and February 10 in the UAE. Expect U.S. carriers to sell the smartphone for about $199 on contract (about $599 unlocked) in March. Verizon was the first to officially announce that it will carry the white and black versions of the Z10 for $199 on contract. Verizon has the exclusive lock on the white version.
    Gif cartoon
    Gear  |  Pic  
    Gear  |  Military  
    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), an agency that researches and develops cutting edge technologies for the United States Department of Defense, has released information about a new 1.8 gigapixel camera that can recognize 6-inch targets from up to 20,000 feet in the air. The ARGUS-IS cameras can be attached to unmanned drones and transfer over 600 gigabytes of data per second. [ Youtube ]
    Banana Art
    Gear  |  Pic  
    Banana art by Jun Gil Park.
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    Gear  |  Video  
    We all need a little encouragement every now and then. Kid President has put together a video you can play each morning as you wake up or to share with your friend who needs a kick in the right direction. Take a moment and spread some encouragement. "It's everybody's duty to give the world a reason to dance!"
    Bird on a bottle bottle clip
    Gear  |  Design  
    Designed as a bird silhouette by Israeli Peleg Design, the bottle clip helps users to re-use empty bottles for a greener way of life - allowing to multi-task. You can hang it on your bag or carry it around by the handle.
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    Gear  |  Video  
    Jedi Kitten with the Force
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    Breathtaking rainbows over Victoria Falls the world s largest

    Breathtaking rainbows over Victoria Falls the world s largest
    Gear  |  Pic  
    The group of photos will take you to experience the breathtaking views and rainbows over the Victoria Falls (aka. the Greatest Falling Curtain of Water on the Planet), which is located on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe in Africa.
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    Gear  |  News  
    A stretch of Australia's Sunshine Coast has been blanketed in sea foam, swept ashore by the remnants of a tropical cyclone that struck Australia last week. (Jan. 28)
    2in1 Cigar Holder and Flask
    Gear  |  Men  
    This Cigar Flask comes with a cigar storage compartment, Cool. The flask features a compartment sized .75″ by 1.5″, and fits 2 46-ring cigars. On the other side, you’ll fit 4 oz. of liquor.
    Gear  |  Video  
    This is an animated short film about a peddler arriving to town offering an amazing product: to make people's dreams come true...
    The Man Ring
    Gear  |  Gadget  
    This Man Ring made of aircraft grade titanium, and contains 5 tools:
    "It has a working bottle opener, a straight blade perfect for cutting packing tape or fishing line, a serrated blade for tougher things like nylon strapping or those tough to open electronics heat sealed packages, a saw for cutting plastic and wood, and it has a comb!"
    Gear  |  Video  
    This is Lance Armstrong’s Oprah interview cut to Radiohead’s “Creep.”
    Street art Guitar
    Gear  |  Pic  
    Guitar on street.
    Apple 128GB iPad
    Gear  |  Apple  
    Apple today announced a 128GB version of the fourth generation iPad with Retina display. It provides twice the storage capacity of the 64GB models to hold photos, documents, audio tracks and apps. The new 128GB model will be available starting Tuesday, February 5, in black or white, for price of $799 (US) for the iPad with Wi-Fi model and $929 (US) for the iPad with Wi-Fi + Cellular model.
    The Zaugg Pipe Monster
    Gear  |  Sport  

    The Swiss company created the Pipe Monster specifically for building super pipes. It has a a 22 foot arm that carves half pipes, like the one currently at the 2013 Winter X Games. Here's raw footage of the Zaugg 22' Pipe Monster at work.
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    Zombie Teddy Bears
    Gear  |  Other  
    UndeadTeds are regular teddy bears that have been torn apart and zombified by artist Phillip Blackman. He writes:
    "UndeadTeds are repurposed soft toys transformed into fluffy, bloody horrors to keep you awake at night." Awesome!
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    Love is love
    Gear  |  Pic  
    Love is love.
    Bike with sprung steel wheels
    Gear  |  Bike  
    The bike with sprung steel wheels is designed by Ron Arad. Arad's design 'two nuns' involves sprung steel arranged in tesselated forms for its wheels and is fully functional.
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    Icons that fuck up your day
    Gear  |  Pic  
    Icons that fuck up your day.
    Gear  |  Video  
    I saw this news from TV, impressive!
    "Dolphin entangled with fishing line rescued by divers in Kona Hawaii
    Update: I learned that the hook and all line were removed after I spoke with the diver. I would prefer to correct the video caption, but you tube does not have the option to reload without loosing all your beautiful comments and thought. Blessings to all I can inspire. Martina (Camera Woman
    Gif Street
    Gear  |  Pic  
    Animated Street.
    Gear  |  AD  
    "A Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Square". On a cold winter's day, they placed a red button somewhere in a Dutch shopping street.
    Pentax Evangelion Q10 Limited Editions
    Gear  |  Camera  
    Pentax has announced a range of limited edition Pentax Evangelion Q10 cameras(JPY 59,800 about $650). The camera will equip with a 12.4-megapixel CMOS sensor, and features included Removal DRII image sensor cleaning function using ultrasonic vibrations, ISO 100 to 6400 (1/3 EV steps), up to ISO1600 and and 3 inch LCD display. Only 1,500 units will be made. They look pretty.
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    Gear  |  Video  
    "my brave team and I trekked to the world-famous Eureka Dunes in Death Valley National Park to search for some of the darkest skies on Earth. Despite temps below freezing, we went on December 13th, 2012 – the night of the Geminid Meteor Shower Peak, and a time of great planetary alignment. Armed only with boxed wine, firewood, and our DSLRs, we had to conquer epic climbs, sand roads with the 4x4 Jeep, and the occasional UFO!"
    Shot and Edited by: Gavin Heffernan twitter.com/GavinHeffernan
    Music: "Stay Down (Ambient)" by MOBY
    [ vimeo ]
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