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    Triolin A Triple Violin
    Gear  |  MusicKit  
    Artist Alex Sobolev built three violins and joined them together to create the “Triolin.”
    "Challenging the notion of the violin as a solo instrument, the Triolin encourages its players to move beyond visual and aural communication by creating a space that requires direct physical interaction."
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    Gear  |  Video  
    "Ludovic and I doing a wingsuit flight into Rio de Janeiro. We did not have permission to fly into the city, but to respect the commercial air traffic we did the jump 05:45 in the morning. The first flights arrive at 06:05"
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    EZ Sleep Travel Pillow
    Gear  |  Tools  
    The EZ Sleep Travel Pillow is the most effective inflatable travel pillow ever invented. It installs easily between two seats or against the fuselage, straps to an armrest, then stays in place for an entire flight. It adds privacy for you. The pillow also works great in a car, truck, train, bus, or even at the beach.
    Gear  |  Video  
    The strange kitten baas like a goat, instead of meowing as a cat.
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    Gear  |  Video  
    Slingshot master Joerg Sprave made a pump action gun that shoots Oreo cookies. The pump-action Oreo gun he's devices is a pretty basic design, launching the cookie discs with rubberbands and blasting them at cardboard boxes, walls, and ballistic gel. Watch the video!
    Horse Racing On Road
    Gear  |  Pic  
    horse racing on road
    Gear  |  Toy  
    Fully automated paper plane folding machine, even got its own compressor.
    The video speed is about three times faster the normal.
    Gear  |  Video  
    Is male pattern baldness really passed down from your mother's father? The Science of Hair Loss.
    IRIScan Mouse  Scanner
    Gear  |  Tech  

    Scanning has never been simpler… Click on the scan button, swipe in any direction on a document and watch texts and images appear instantaneously on your screen. The IRIScan mouse scanner then uploads your scans to Evernote®, Facebook, Twitter or Flickr in a single click.
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    Lowdi wireless speaker
    Gear  |  Gadget  
    The portable Lowdi wireless speaker can turn any phone or mobile device into a powerful sound system wherever you go. Good gadget for music fans.
    Pic Very Cool
    Gear  |  Pic  
    Very Cool
    Gear  |  Tech  
    Chris sez,
    "Chris Chappell and Easton LaChappelle have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of a 3D printed robotics hand. The hand is currently aimed at makers and researchers, but the eventual market will be for prosthetics. Chris and Easton are primarily focused on dropping the cost of the hand, since current research hands or prosthetic hands can cost £50,000+. The cost of the Kickstarter hand fully assembled is £300 with electronics. They also offer a control glove (based on a nintendo power glove) for an extra £200. Easton has also been developing a control method based on EEG measurements. Taking the design a step towards being a practical prosthesis. Easton just won the Da Vinci Award at the San Juan Basin Science Fair for his work."
    A great Kickstarter: to develop a humanoid robotic hand and arm that is of far lower cost than any other available.
    3D Printed Robotic Hand
    Spiderman beard
    Gear  |  Pic  
    Cool spider-man beard from beardnj.
    Gear  |  Video  
    Happy Pi Day (3.14) Domino Spiral.
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    Colorful Shit by Gabriel Morais  nbsp show how much the food we ingest affects our
    Gear  |  Projects  
    This project called Colorful Shit by Gabriel Morais. "To show how much the food we ingest affects our body, therefore the colour of each poop was not manipulated on photoshop. " Pictured (after more) is the result of an experiment which saw him eat 3.5kg of Froot Loops in 30 hours. He's also tried eating 4.5kg of beetroot in 36 hours and 4kg of sweet corn in 36 hours.(Pictures after more)
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    Gear  |  Video  
    It's not easy being a penguin, as we soon learnt going through all the material shot for the BBC's Penguins - Spy in the Huddle, narrated by David Tennant.
    Gear  |  Sport  
    It pulled by a powerful machine and two heavy-duty cords, which is described as the ‘human slingshot.’
    Samsung Galaxy S4
    Gear  |  Phone  
    Samsung announced their newest flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S4. The new Galaxy 7.9mm Galaxy S 4 looks a lot like the Galaxy S 3, which has a full HD resolution, 5' 'inch(1,920 x 1,080) Super AMOLED 441 ppi screen. It feautures a 13 Megapixel camera and a front facing 2 megapixel camera , eight Core 1.6GHz Processor, 2GBs of RAM 16/32/64GBs of storage, and 4G LTE connectivity. It has built-in temperature and humidity sensors, and a removable battery. The Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available with a choice of 16GB, 32GB or 64GB of built in storage, plus a microSD card slot that can take up to 65GB cards. The Samsung Galaxy S4 will launch worldwide at the end of April.
    Pencil Earbuds
    Gear  |  Headphone  
    This hilarious pencil-shaped earbuds make me think that my head is stabbed by a pencil. They fit easily in your ear and in your pocket for commuting, travel, and quick errands.
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    Crime Scene Coffin
    Gear  |  Design  
    The Crime Scene Coffin is designed by Seattle-based designer Faustine Gau in the shape of a corpose outline.
    London Undercover Oak Umbrella Stand
    Gear  |  Tools  
    The London Undercover Oak Umbrella Stand by Method Studio has a netty bottom that can hold several umbrellas.
    Gear  |  Video  
    The time-lapse sequences you see here were made (mostly) from hundreds of thousands of still images by youtube user motionkicker.
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    Pet Sweep AnimalPowered Debris Removal System

    Pet Sweep AnimalPowered Debris Removal System
    Gear  |  Pet  
    The Pet Sweep, the animal-powered debris removal system designed by Todd Lawson. Haha, cool idea.
    "the Pet Sweep, which will your pets cleaning the house independently.  Lawson's animal-powered debris removal system will keep your home tidy & your pets busy.  "
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    PocketSize WindUp Paper Shredder
    Gear  |  Office  
    "Incriminating evidence will become a thing of the past once you begin carrying around this wind-up paper shredder. With a few quick turns of the trusty knob, this handy pocket-sized device permanently erases all traces of any paper document."
    Size : W 7.2 x L 2.0 x H 1.2
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    Gear  |  Gaming  
    A supercool dad hacks Donkey Kong so that his three year old daughter can play as Pauline and rescue Mario.
    Gif No name
    Gear  |  Pic  
    Luck one.
    Gear  |  Video  
    Bus driver Alexei Volkov. aka "The Punisher," is famous in Russia for exacting revenge on the rude drivers in the city of Zelenograd by simply not slowing down when they cut him off. Volkov claims to have been involved in more than 100 accidents in his career and the clips from his dashcam.
    Connor wood bikes
    Gear  |  Bike  
    The Connor wood bikes elegantly form and function into a rideable work of art. The design embodies simple, pure fun in the most unique way possible on two wheels. Enjoy the unbelievably smooth ride and the distinct look that only an individually crafted, hand sculpted wood bicycle provides.
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    Creative food artwork
    Gear  |  Projects  
    A group of creative food artwork by Hong Yi, an artist from Malaysian state Sabah.
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