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    Chicago Sportscaster Hilariously Rants About NBC Universal s Coverage of the 2016 Rio
    Video   /   Comments
    Pat Tomasulo's 'Olympics' report includes R Kelly lip sync, video of his HS wrestling career
    How Do Archers Resist Firing Arrows At Everyone
    Video   /   Comments
    Years of training allow Olympic archer Sarah Voegel to somehow resist shooting arrows at fans,...
    Seth Rogen Pranks Grocery Store Shoppers with Talking
    Video   /   Comments
    To promote his upcoming R-rated animated comedy film, Sausage Party, Seth Rogen pranked shoppers at...
    Rogue One A Star Wars Story Official Trailer
    Film   /   Comments
    Here's the first full-length trailer for the upcoming first Star Wars Anthology film, Rogue One: A...
    Inside the Floor Routine Once Thought Impossible
    Video   /   Comments
    Aly Raisman took Olympic gold in 2012 with a mind-boggling opening tumbling pass. The reigning...
    This Girl Has Crazy Talented Feet
    Video   /   Comments
    Li Wei Yang’s is incredibly talented and her feet can do some crazy things like spin a table,...
    Behold A 3D Printer That Prints Food
    Video   /   Comments
    As the Creative Machines Lab director, Professor Hod Lipson asks questions such as: Can robots...
    Horse Born With Shape Of Another Horse Running On Its
    Pic   /   Comments
    These are a couple shots and a video of Da Vinci, he has a white marking on his side that looks...
    Crazy British Inventor Builds Giant 360  Swing
    Video   /   Comments
    England-based inventor Colin Furze, shows off and demonstrates his latest project, a 31 foot (9.5...
    What Happens When You Try To Steal A RollsRoyce Hood
    Video   /   Comments
    Mark Powell, Sales Director for Rolls-Royce Tampa Bay demonstrates the latest anti-theft technology...
    Watch This Red Band Trailer for the Upcoming Thriller Don t
    Film   /   Comments
    A trio of reckless thieves breaks into the house of a wealthy blind man, thinking they’ll get...
    3D Printed Digital Sundial
    Video   /   Comments
    Tells time from 10am-4pm in 20 minute increments depending on the angle of the sun.
    Meet the Oregon Zoo s Adorable Baby Polar Bear
    Video   /   Comments
    "Nora, the young polar bear who has captivated much of the country since her birth at the...
    Golden Thrones The TARDIS Bathroom at The Way
    Video   /   Comments
    "In this episode, I visit The Way Station, a steampunk-themed bar in Brooklyn New York, where...
    If Men Had to Wear Women s Olympic Beach Volleyball
    Video   /   Comments
    The Kloons hilariously hit the beach play a game of volleyball while wearing official Olympic...
    Makeup Artist Hilariously Transforms Herself Into Buster Bluth from Arrested
    Video   /   Comments
    Austin, Texas-based makeup artist, Katelyn Galloway, transforms yourself into the lovably awkward...
    The Kingslayer A Tribute to Game of Thrones Jamie
    Video   /   Comments
    Atlanta, Georgia-based video editor David Garuchava of The Garo Studios tributes with this chilling...
    39 Fascinating Facts About the Olympics
    Video   /   Comments
    This week, John shares even more great facts about the Olympic Games!
    The Wishgranter  Animated Short Film
    Video   /   Comments
    In this amusing and touching computer-animated short film by filmmaking trio, Echo Wu, Kal...
    3D Printed Space Invaders Rings
    This cool Space Invaders-inspired ring from ZaniZ. They’re made from plastic or silver, and...
    Quick removal of wrongly parked car at airport
    Video   /   Comments
    Quick removal of wrongly parked car at airport
    Ozzy Man Reviews 2016 Rio Olympics Highlights
    Video   /   Comments
    Ozzy Man Reviews, takes a hilarious look at some of the highlights and lowlights of the first 5...
    Bad Santa 2 Official Red Band Teaser Trailer
    Film   /   Comments
    Here's the first uncensored look at Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa 2, the upcoming 2016 sequel to...
    The Cast of Rick and Morty Improvise a
    Video   /   Comments
    During a recent interview with New York Magazine, creators and cast of the popular Adult Swim adult...
    Cinderella Told Using Cute Emoji
    Video   /   Comments
    Disney recently recapped the story of Cinderella using cute emoji that feature the lovely...
    Alchema A Smartphone Enabled Machine That Simplifies the Process of Home Brewed Craft
    Alchema is a smart machine that simplifies the home cider brewing process through the use of a...
    How Construction Workers Pushed Their Bodies to Finish Building the Rio Olympics Stadiums On
    Video   /   Comments
    How Do Construction Workers Push Their Bodies To Finish Olympic Stadiums On Time?
    Cat Olympics 2016
    Video   /   Comments
    Every 4 years Cathletes from nations world wide compete in a test of strength and prowless in the...
    Dolphin Steals Woman s iPad at SeaWorld
    Video   /   Comments
    A playful dolphin at SeaWorld in Orlando grabbed a woman's iPad right out of her hands while she...
    Marvel s Luke Cage Official Trailer
    Film   /   Comments
    Here's the official trailer for Marvel's Luke Cake, an upcoming 2016 superhero Netflix series...
    100 Years of Beauty in 1 Minute Hawaii
    Video   /   Comments
    This episode features Hawaiian model Misty Ma’a getting her hair and makeup done to showcase...
    Hogwarts Express in Real Life
    Video   /   Comments
    In this unusual video from Russia, a group of people casually ride the subway with their calm pet...
    An Honest Trailer For 2016 s EmmyNominated TV
    Video   /   Comments
    "Honest Trailers" provides honest recaps for this year's Emmy-nominated shows, including...
    The Ultimate Olympic Sports Fails Compilation
    Video   /   Comments
    Fail Army presents this hilarious round up of oridinary people trying and failing at Olympic...
    A Musical Remix Tribute to Muhammad Ali
    Video   /   Comments
    Seattle, Washington-based musician and remix artist John D. Boswell, aka Melodysheep, pays tribute...
    Groom Surprises Bride With Epic Choreographed Dance
    Video   /   Comments
    Wedding photograher Miranda Marrs filmed this hilarious video of Hunter Heinrich and his six...
    The Best Olympics News Bloopers
    Video   /   Comments
    News Be Funny put together this amusing compilation of awkward and funny moments from live news...
    Guy Awkwardly Dances With Strangers All Around the
    Video   /   Comments
    ProjectOneLife filmed a third a final dance video that involved spending two months travelling all...
    John Oliver Olympics Opening Ceremony
    Video   /   Comments
    With the Olympic Games now underway, John Oliver recaps the opening ceremony.
    3D Optical Illusions
    Video   /   Comments
    Japanese professor makes amazing 3D optical illusions.
    Watch as Trunks Sword From Dragon Ball Z Is Forged and
    Video   /   Comments
    This week, the guys at Baltimore Knife and Sword take on the Dragon Ball Z Sword!
    Lucky Winner
    Video   /   Comments
    Monopoly Game Show
    Mary Carillo s Badminton Rant
    Video   /   Comments
    This was taken off the air from a badminton broadcast in the middle of the night, US time. What...
    NASA Rocket Test Filmed With New High Dynamic Range
    Video   /   Comments
    This is a video from NASA of an Orbital ATK QM-2 rocket engine filmed with a new High Dynamic Range...
    HP Powerup Backpack
    HP’s new Powreup Backpack has an internal battery that can fully recharge a standard laptop....
    Sony s portable laser projector  nbsp Sony MPCL1 Mobile
    Sony's portable laser projector, the Sony MP-CL1 Mobile Projector, which is now available to...
    Outside Awesome Van
    The Awesome Awe is a tricked out off-road beauty in a lineup of several customizable vans from...
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