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    Handcuffs Ring
    By Natalie Hirsh.
    Skeleton Hand Bracelet
    By Delfina Delettrez.
    Choose a location and turn it into a pendant
    "This site lets you get the topography of a customer-defined region on a necklace" Wrote...
    Rock Candy Necklace
    Sweets for the sweet; sterling silver chain. "Treat yourself to a little something sweet with...
    Steve Buscemi Dress
    Steve Buscemi DressOn sale at blackmilk for $100.
    Cloud earring
    Cloud earring
    Round Question mark Sterling Ring
    Round Question mark Sterling Ring from etsy user SmilingSilverSmith."Is she a...
    love ring
    Love Ring by Natalia Gomensoro on sale here.
    Til Death Do Us Part Ring
    Til Death Do Us Part Ring” by Kate Bauman. On sale here. “Why have one engagement ring...
    Skull Ring
    I love this skull ring from Holloow jewelry(Japan).
    Diamond Necklace
    Diamond Necklace from jujulee's Etsy shop.Mini diamond pendant made out of Shard acrylic glass.
    Claw Silver Cuff Bracelet
    Claw cuff sterling silver bracelet. 100% sterling silver.$250
    Imme van der Haak
    Jewellery design by Imme van der Haak, Cool?
    Cube Bracelet
    This Cube Bracelet is a piece of cool jewelry from 80spurple. A perfect gift for...
    3D Printed Skull Ring
    This 3 printed skull ring is made from bronze-infused stainless steel, from etsy seller Bits to...
    There is no word, $32.
    Kiss Me Crystal Ring
    Kiss Me Ring($44) features adorable iridescent crystal studded ruby red lips. Cool, I love it!
    Molecule Structure Necklace
    Molecule Structure Necklaces combine science and art! Above is serotonin(left) and...
    Human Tooth Ring
    The Human Tooth Ring by Australian silversmith Polly van der Glas, awesome!"All works are...
    Dream House Rings
    The 'Dream House' Rings are miniatures rings of actual buildings rendered in 18-karat gold and...
    Moustache Necklace
    If you have the moustache? No? The Moustache Necklace($40) by Melanie Favreau is adorable. The...
    Memoring($TBA) designed by Superdesign. Write your notes at your ring!
    Love Ring
    I love this 3D effect Love Ring($74), by Chutapat Wittaya of studio pilantha. Available in high...
    Dresser Johnson Arrow Ring
    The Dresser Johnson Arrow Ring($20) for the gadget fans' girlfriend, Cool? Made of white acrylic...
    Metsa Three Finger Wooden Rings
    If your three finger wear a wooden ring, Cool? The Three Finger Wooden Rings($80-90) by Metsa...
    Lego Jewelry By JacQueline Sanchez
    We have seen the amazing Lego Silver Rings. Today you will see these jewelries by JacQueline...
    Remember Rings
    For you, if you alway forget the big day - anniversary or her birthday. The Remember Rings($760) is...
    Periodic Rings
    The Periodic Rings available in silver($205), gold($2,200), and platinum($6,500) versions. Simple...
    Diamond Inside
    The Diamond Inside ring for the those who don't want to show off the "blood diamond" , but still...
    Darkcloud Silver Music
    These Dark Cloud Silver Music collection($300-$350) by Sydney based artist Nathan Thomas. Great...
    Skull Crossbone Ring
    This big Skull & Crossbone Ring($75), I like it. It is handmade by the glass. Yes, glass! By the...
    City Farm Rings by Soop
    These cute City Farm Rings($12/each) designed by the Soop Group. We find out their Etsy shop is...
    Lego Necklace
    We just had a Lego bank, another Lego brick sharp products, Lego Necklace($60). Immortalize your...
    Diamond Soccer Ball
    If you are a soccer fan and you are a diamond fan, you will love thisDiamond Soccer Ball($3,685)....
    Pac-Man Ring
    These cute rings let us think of the PAC-Man game we love in the childhood. The Ms. Pac Man and...
    Han Cholo Ring
    These Han Cholo Rings($50-$200) are cool and have unique sharps. The unique cool ring style for...
    Dulien Collection Skull Locket Necklace
    Skull Locket Necklace($938) Do you like a gold skull necklace on your neck. It one's a locket! And...
    18k Yellow Gold 5mm Comfort Fit Plain Band
    If you want to buy a Wedding Bands for yours, I think 18k Yellow Gold 5mm Comfort Fit Plain...
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