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    Star Ring
    I love this Star Ring, simple!
    Arrow Ear Ring
    Jewellery that looks like tempting desserts
    Inspired by the treats in restaurants and bakeries, Kelsey Comfort, 21, has created a range of...
    The series of exaggerated eyelash jewlery features natural ringneck pheasant feathers and beaded...
    Trapeze necklace
    This special silver necklace by Tatty Devine captures that very special moment when hands of two...
    Unicorn Eyelash Jewelry
    The whimsical eyelash jewelry has blingy metallic unicorns and tiny ice cream cones. Eyelash...
    Nyan Cat Necklace
    Nyan Cat Necklace from etsy seller OlechkaDesign. Haha!"This necklace is hand-made of polymer...
    Cool ear rings
    Cool ear rings.
    Nut Dice Ring
    Nut Dice Ring from Individual Icons." It really does help with decisions (odds I stay home,...
    Sterling Silver Engagement Ring
    This custom Starfleet insignia ring comes from Etsy artist Valerie of VaLa Jewellery. It’s...
    Gabriela Artigas 14k GF nbsphexagon ring
    Gabriela Artigas' 14k rose/gold hexagon ring looks cool! Available in Yellow and Rose.
    The Ring Is Carved Straight Out Of A Diamond
    Geneva-based Swiss jeweler, Shawish unveiled its $70 million ‘dream’ diamond ring at...
    LimitedEdition Killer Ring
    A 2004 design by (the late) Tobias Wong and Philipp Mohr. These rings looks cool.Tiffany-style...
    Elephant Ring
    Elephant ring
    Human shaped ring
    Human shaped earring
    Inner Message Ring
    Designed by Jungyun Yoon."A few years ago a Korean singer wrote a song about the sunburn mark...
    Liz Openheim
    I love this design of ring! Designed by Liz Openheim.
    Les Ouvrieres
    Rings by “Les Ouvrières”, made from a single small sheet of plywood.
    Measuring jewelry
    Measuring collection of jewelry by Aquvii
    Hello Kitty Brass Knuckles Ring
    "Hello Kitty" and "brass knuckles" don't find themselves in the same phrase...
    Ribbon Ring
    I love this Ribbon Ring, designed by Carmen Zambrano.
    Apple Earbuds Bracelet
    Apple Earbuds Bracelet($88) by Monserat De Lucca."From knobby ends to sleek plug, this golden...
    Handcuffs Ring
    By Natalie Hirsh.
    Skeleton Hand Bracelet
    By Delfina Delettrez.
    Choose a location and turn it into a pendant
    "This site lets you get the topography of a customer-defined region on a necklace" Wrote...
    Rock Candy Necklace
    Sweets for the sweet; sterling silver chain. "Treat yourself to a little something sweet with...
    Steve Buscemi Dress
    Steve Buscemi DressOn sale at blackmilk for $100.
    Cloud earring
    Cloud earring
    Round Question mark Sterling Ring
    Round Question mark Sterling Ring from etsy user SmilingSilverSmith."Is she a...
    love ring
    Love Ring by Natalia Gomensoro on sale here.
    Til Death Do Us Part Ring
    Til Death Do Us Part Ring” by Kate Bauman. On sale here. “Why have one engagement ring...
    Skull Ring
    I love this skull ring from Holloow jewelry(Japan).
    Diamond Necklace
    Diamond Necklace from jujulee's Etsy shop.Mini diamond pendant made out of Shard acrylic glass.
    Claw Silver Cuff Bracelet
    Claw cuff sterling silver bracelet. 100% sterling silver.$250
    Imme van der Haak
    Jewellery design by Imme van der Haak, Cool?
    Cube Bracelet
    This Cube Bracelet is a piece of cool jewelry from 80spurple. A perfect gift for...
    3D Printed Skull Ring
    This 3 printed skull ring is made from bronze-infused stainless steel, from etsy seller Bits to...
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