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    Crumpler Vis Vis Clear Rolling Suitcase
    Bag   /   Comments
    Australian luggage company Crumpler has introduced the Vis-à-Vis clear rolling suitcase. The...
    Adidas Y3 Sport Backpack
    Bag   /   Comments
    Adidas’ Yohji Yamamoto-designed Y-3 Sport Backpack($410) wants to fix that by securely...
    Peak Design Everyday Messenger bag
    Bag   /   Comments
    Peak Design has now finished their latest Kickstarter campaign which was started to fund the new...
    Bioworld Big Boys Star Wars Storm Trooper
    Bag   /   Comments
    Bioworld Big Boys' Star Wars Storm Trooper Backpack($55) from Amazon, the backpack can accommodate...
    The Shark Purse
    Bag   /   Comments
    This Shark Purse by Etsy seller Iga Grygiel. At 28 inches long, it has plenty of room to swallow...
    Captain America Backpack Shield Is The Coolest
    Bag   /   Comments
    Every young person in school should have this badass Captain America shield backpack. It is from...
    The Tactical Diaper Bag
    Bag   /   Comments
    The Tactical Diaper Bag from thinkgeek is a military-inspired bag for lugging baby supplies while...
    Warrior Pack Outlaw Leather Purse
    Bag   /   Comments
    The Warrior Pack by Warrior Creek is a brown leather purse that you can wear eight different ways....
    Cartoon Bags by Jump From Paper
    Bag   /   Comments
    These bright, simple, colour blocked bags by Jump From Paper are designed to look like cartoon...
    Paris Chic Boob Bags
    Bag   /   Comments
    Paris Fashion Week 2015 recently introduced a well-built accessory to the world: the breast...
    MacBook EDC Kit
    Bag   /   Comments
    The MacBook EDC Kit design for organizing everyday carry while protecting your...
    AMPL Smartbag
    Bag   /   Comments
    The AMPL Smartba  has an 8.5Wh battery and USB charging ports in each pocket. And it included...
    Geeky gamepixel handbag
    Bag   /   Comments
    Thinkgeek's $50 Pixelle Sprite Bag is a purse decorated with awesome, repeating 8-bit game-sprites.
    Furry Cat Clutch Bag
    Bag   /   Comments
    It’s designed by New Look and sold over at Asos for $38.
    Pebble Folding Bag
    Bag   /   Comments
    A nice looking roller bag and  made from rugged, water-resistant Cordur. Ultraolive's Pebble...
    Darth Vader Rolling Luggage
    Bag   /   Comments
    Features and Details: • 3D molded foam Darth Vader Mask front • Black patent leather side...
    Bag   /   Comments
    The Sole Bag is upstanding vertical, which has a built-in sole. From Japan.
    Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack
    Bag   /   Comments
    This Case Logic's backpack($67) is a security friendly laptop for traveler. Good idea!-...
    Python Slimpack Camera bag
    Bag   /   Comments
    Python slimpack($145) is "a compact backpack designed for 1-2 DSLRs, up to 4 mid-size lenses,...
    Hooded Backpack
    Bag   /   Comments
    This Korean canvas and leather backpack comes with a detachable hood to keep you doubly warm all...
    Octopus Backpack
    Bag   /   Comments
    Made by hand by llustrator and designer Jennifer Mones, her etsy($40)."It comes in various...
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Shell Backpacks
    Bag   /   Comments
    This is the officially licensed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shell backpack available for $55...
    Seil Bag for cyclists signals traffic signs through LED
    Bag   /   Comments
    The 'Seil Bag' by Korean Leemyungsu is a backpack for bicycle riders with a clever safety feature...
    AntiTheft Backpack
    Bag   /   Comments
    The Defender is anti-theft backpack has a Zip Pouch located on the shoulder strap for quick...
    Bag   /   Comments
    This henbag is such an eggsellent conversation starter that you'll have to be careful people don't...
    Handbags made of LEGO bricks
    Bag   /   Comments
    Colorful handbags made of LEGO bricks by Agnieszka Biernacka. These clutches have been made by...
    Bike Seat Barrel Bag
    Bag   /   Comments
    This is a stylish handmade leather seat bag for your bike, designed with classy antique steamer...
    Hardshell Backpack
    Bag   /   Comments
    "Lined with durable EPDM foam and features straps for your laptop/tablet to protect your...
    Clip bag
    Bag   /   Comments
    The Clip Bag by Peter Bristol borrows its form from a common binder clip. The binder icon functions...
    A Leather Batman Backpack
    Bag   /   Comments
    The backpack was made by UD Replicas, which is known for creating bike leathers that are based from...
    Chocolate Candy Bar Style Scented Coin Purse
    Bag   /   Comments
    The purse not only looks like chocolate candy bar, but also smells like a chocolate candy bar. Cool...
    Lego Block Bag
    Bag   /   Comments
    The Lego Block Bag is a scale replica made from yellow 100% cotton denim which has an unbleached...
    LEGO Herm s bag
    Bag   /   Comments
    Hermés - Birkin 25cm bag made with LEGO bricks from etsy seller agabag."The bag is...
    Steinway and Sons Piano Bag
    Bag   /   Comments
    This eye-catching and highly-detailed bag is made in a shape of a Steinway and Sons piano. The bag...
    Sexy shoulder bag
    Bag   /   Comments
    The sexy shoulder bag.
    Torch Flux Backpack
    Bag   /   Comments
    Torch Flux Backpack is not just another fancy backpack but also it can be the reason of your...
    Louis Vuitton Small Leather Goods by Billie
    Bag   /   Comments
    These lovable Small Leather Goods are designed by British artist Billie Achilleos for Louis...
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