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    Do-Frame Adhesive Tape
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    The Do-Frame Adhesive Tape($15) designed by Marti Guixe. Do Frame Tape as a humorous and easy means...
    Brain Hanging Decoration
    Other   /   Comments
    An awesome hanging needlefelted brain. Etsy wrote,"Reserved for SardineandAnchovy (Sarah)...do not...
    Gloomy Bear Arm Pillows
    Other   /   Comments
    The funny Gloomy Bear "arm pillows" from Korea, cute and fun!
    Old Soap New Bottles
    Other   /   Comments
    New Bottles, Old Soap, a good and green idea! A New Soap company sells the new liquid soap which...
    The Simpsons Stamps
    Other   /   Comments
    The United States Postal Service(USPS) is pre-order the Simpsons stamps now. Cool, but I don't use...
    Vanity Cabinet
    Other   /   Comments
    Do you know a vintage suitcase can be a wall cabinet, the Etsy seller VanityCase is selling a...
    Jumbo Jet Hostel
    Other   /   Comments
    Jumbo Jet Hostel is a first hostel inside a real jumbo jet parked at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport in...
    Make Heart-shaped Paper Clip
    Other   /   Comments
    How to make head-shaped paper clip? You just bend regular paper clips into little heart shapes(see...
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