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    Terrarium Floor Lamp
    Terrarium Floor Lamp by autumn workshop."The terrarium floor lamp emerged from experimentation...
    Pooping Dog Lamps by Whatshisname
    Pooping Dog Lamps by Uk artist Whatshisname. Cool
    The Drawlamp
    "The Drawlamp is a ceramic lamp where you can write or draw, and erase as many times as you...
    Tecnolumen by Raum & Projekt. The lamp has an adjustable metal tube in black and nickel.
    Sitting Lamp
    Sitting Lamp by Graeme Bettles.
    The BE Light
    The BE Light can be folded down flat to a minimum height of 1.8 cm! And it can be fully extended to...
    Eclisse Table Lamp
    A 1967 design by Vico Magistretti. 12 cm Ø x 18 cm H. €106.64.
    Cuboluce Lamp
    From the website:..........................A 1972 design by Franco Bettonica and Mario Melocchi for...
    Skirting Board Sunset
    Skirting Board Sunset by Helmut Smits. Cool Sunset lighting.
    Balloon Lamp
    Balloon Lamp from estiluz.
    Andrew Berg lamp
    Hand carved and crafted from off cuts, this red walnut base lamp features a large Edison light...
    Fake WindowBright Blind
    "While it's not being prescribed as a cure for seasonal affective disorder just yet, the...
    Bedside Gun Table Lamp
    "Designed by Philippe Starck provides direct reading and ambient lighting. The lamp body is...
    Top of 100 toys
    'Top of 100 toys' from etsy seller UziPreservations. The lamp made from of vintage toys."Gold...
    Fire Kit looks like a Mini Campfire
    Fire Kit is a a lovely table lamp looks like a mini campfire, by 5.5 Designers, available at...
    Sixties Lamp
    Sixties Lamp by Russia's Maxim Maximov. It is a functional plastic lamp that looks like a bendy...
    hardback book lamp
    Hardback book lamps by Philip Hansen(etsy seller).
    Giraffe Lamp
    Coil Lamp
    Craighton Berman’s DIY Coil lamp kit is a light kit includes the laser-cut acrylic frames,...
    Cloud Lamp
    Inspired by the poem of Xu Zhimo. Designed by Zhao Liping. I love this lamp!
    Peg uses a simple clamp mechanism found in a clothespin rather than the traditional twist socket...
    HOLON Lamp by acme design
    HOLON lamp generate flashes of inspirationsm, using only an ordinary 15 Watt light bulb with...
    Moon lamps by inesartdesign
    Moon lamps is a "moon-like" lamp by in-es.artdesign. Happy Chinese Mid-autumn Day!
    Diamond Lights
    Diamond Lights by Eric Therner, a new light bulb in the shape of a diamond, cool, on sale here.
    Toy Lamp by Ryan McElhinney
    Toy Lamp made of recycled Toys by Ryan McElhinney. Made of recycled Toys which are bonded...
    The Drum Light
    Sound Activated Drum Light designed by design studio 326. To turn it on and off, all you have to do...
    Flat Light Poster
    Flat Light Poster($195) designed by Finn Magee for moss. An image of a task lamp on a printed...
    Miconos Table Lamp
    The Miconos Table Lamp designed by Ernesto Gismondi, features a transparent hand-blown glass orb...
    Gummi Bears Chandelier
    This sweet chandelier is made of approximately 5,000 hand-strung acrylic gummi bears. By Kevin...
    Find a Light Glow in the Dark WallPlate Insert
    The Find a Light Glow in the Dark Wall-Plate Insert($5/3 Pack) is a good idea.Wall-plate insert...
    Impossible Lamp
    Impossible Lamp by Jeeves Basu. Switch on a lamp made of wax and it should melt and disintegrate in...
    Skull Light
    22cm H x 15cm D x 11.5cm W.  £50.
    Yantouch Jellyfish LED RGB Lamp
    Japan's Yantouch Jellyfish LED RGB Lamp(JPY 14,800 about $160) shaped like a like UFO, which has a...
    Robolamps by Robert Matysiak
    These cool Robot lamps are made from a range of plumbing supplies and light bulbs, by Robert...
    Pocket Light by Harc Lee
    Pocket Light by Harc Lee.Sharing the blissful moments with your beloved. In unexpected situations...
    Street Light Floor Lamp
    Use a re-appropriated street light to as your interior lamp, obviously looks amazing and Cool. This...
    Stand 14 Lights
    The Stand 1/4 lights by Korean designer Ji Young Shon. I love this design! It is only 1/4 size the...
    Document Light
    Document Light by Gaby Crohn. It is a table lamp without a lampshade, including two concentric...
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