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    Pizza Chopper
    Taste of Italy, Pizza Chopper($18) 14-inch large, stainless steel. Beautiful!
    Magnetic Stickers
    "Stickers with built-in super-strong magnets to hold small metal items." Good idea.Set of...
    Bullet Bottle Opener
    "Short of opening a bottle with a demilitarized .50 caliber bullet casing…which is...
    Recipe Rock
    Reviewed in the March & April 2012 issue of Cook's Illustrated as follows:"Not all recipes...
    Urbano Trash Can
    This clever trash can allows you to store and reuse the plastic bags. From the website:...
    All InOne Breakfaststation
    - Toaster oven, griddle, coffee maker in one unit - 6-liter mini toaster oven - 4 cup coffee maker...
    Ice Scream Munch The Scream Ice Cubes
    "Put your anxiety on ice."$8.99.
    LEGO Cake
    Everything you need to know to make your very own — including a how-to video — is...
    Pancake Plates
    This plate($45/set of 2) designed by Jon Wye, is the perfect plate for pancakes: they have a slope...
    Fairy Dust Salt And Pepper Shakers
    Sprinkle a little magic on modern salads, etc., with these salt and pepper wands. Cool design.$12
    Shredder Guitar Cheese Grater
    Red or Black heavy metal (stainless steel).  $10. I like it.
    UFO Ice Cubes
    From thinkgeek: - Tray makes up to 11 cool sci-fi UFO and asteroid shapes at a time -...
    Rocking Kitchen Scale
    Designed by Hannes Mayer.Inspired by the classical balance. The desired weight is set by moving the...
    heatproof lab glass tea kettle
    Why boil water behind a metal barricade? heat-proof lab glass tea kettle from...
    Batman Ice Cube Tray
    Batman Ice Cube Tray from thinkgeek.
    Wooden Button Trivet
    If you like buttons you will probably want one of these...The wooden button trivet from...
    eat fit DumbBell Cutlery
    Introducing Dumb-Bell Cutlery, a must for people actively looking to lose weight but not prepared...
    Happy Chopper 747147236
    Who wouldn’t like to chop onions on a cutting board that is smiling at you? Cool
    Split Decision Pie Pan
    Make two sweet halves at once - think apple and blueberry -- to add variety to your dessert...
    LimitedEdition Demi Assiette Broken Plates
    Created by the artist Arman in 1990. "Manufactured in Limoges by Bernardaud, each buffet plate...
    Roll of Placemat and Napkins
    They($28) are made from 100% cotton and come on rolls of 12. That's right, a roll! The...
    Kniggerich Cheat Sheet Placemat By Llot Llov
    Kniggerich Cheat Sheet Placemat By llot llov, photo from charles & marie
    Garlic Rocker
    "This elegant device makes cooking with fresh garlic an effortless and robust experience....
    The link Kitchen Tool
    It’s a moulded piece of soft silicone with a couple of X-shaped slots that let you insert any...
    Alessis Grooved Chopping Board
    This Chop designed by French designer Patrick, simply adds a concave groove around the rim that...
    cut it sharp
    Chopping board CUT IT SHARP - It's a chopping-board for sharp people.
    A Wonder Island
    This modern island would allow you to cook, eat, store appliances and even do the dishes, while...
    Train Breakfast Set
    This Train Breakfast Set looks adorable."Railroad plate is a funny way to combine eating and...
    Shark Bite Oven Mitt
    $18 adorable!
    Measuring Tape Toilet Paper
    "Set a goal and try to beat your personal best because your daily toilet antics just got...
    Pop Art Toaster 690339826
    Pop Art Toaster burns "Bite Me" or "Ugh..." with a frownie on your toast, from...
    Zip Dry Apron
    The Zip & Dry Apron has a quick zip removable, machine washable towel which ensures...
    Angry Birds Bento Box
    This Angry birds bento is very cute. It was made by the guys at mymealbox.The red bird was...
    Hang Around Toss Around by kibisi
    'Hang Around + Toss Around' designed by kibisi for muuto. 'hang around' clings to the...
    Happy Chopper
    I love this Happy Chopper from British design brand All Lovely Stuff. Cute!
    Cursor Magnets
    Cool Hand Cursor Magnets for your refrigerator. $15
    Cut Paste
    Cut & Paste cutting board by Klaus Häckl.
    flower egg
    flower shaped omelette, cool. 
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