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    Handblown Glass Fish Straws
    Made from hand blown borosilicate glass, the straws are safe to use with both hot and cold...
    Thing Wine Rack
    The stackable, modular wine rack by Thing. I like it.
    Modern Welsh Love Spoons
    Love spoons originated in Wales as far back as the 16th century. They were given as tokens to show...
    Guitar Skillet
    This guitar-shaped cast-iron skillet is designed by Lodge.
    Clumsy Cook Turkey Mask
    The Clumsy Cook Turkey Mask from Archie McPhee is a fun latex mask that looks like a raw turkey got...
    The Ferris Wheel Spice Rack
    The Ferris Deluxe Spice Rack holds 15 different spices in a convenient Rolodex-like spinning wheel....
    CtrlAltDelete Cup Set
    Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cup Set.
    Drop Fruit Bowl
    A fantastic fruit bowl is created by designer Niels Römer exclusively for Menu.
    Camera Lens Mug
    Camera Lens Mug. About $15
    Guitarshaped wooden spoons
    The Rockin spoons, which are designed by Kikkerland, are guitar-shaped wooden spoons.
    Mr Penguin Espresso Cup Set
    Each "Mr Penguin" cup set includes 4 stackable espresso cups.
    Abbesses Ceramic Set
    "Classically shaped and made of polished white ceramic rimmed in red, every piece in this...
    Eat Me Cookie Stamp
    "Yes, be so confident in how delicious your cookies taste, they can be content to just read...
    Superhero Aprons
    Superhero aprons
    Citrus Spray by L ku
    'Citrus Spray', designed by Belgian company Lékué, is an attachment which twists oranges, lemons...
    Someecards Pint Glass
    "The someecards Pint Glasses are the newest addition to our kitchen, so we can feel snarky...
    Red Cup Wine Glass Set
    Red cup wine glasses. Have a try!
    Nunchops Nunchuck Shaped Chopsticks
    Nunchops is a pair of nunchuck-shaped chopsticks.
    Peacock Measuring Spoons
    Peacock Measuring Spoons. Great design!Spoon sizes: One tablespoon, half a tablespoon, one...
    Crane Chopsticks and Chopstick Holders
    A set of crane-shaped chopsticks and chopstick holder.
    Rowboat Salad Bowl
    This aluminum bowl looks like a rowboat, complete with "wooden" oars cast along its hull.
    Spiral Vegetable Slicer Endless Julienne
    $29.95 (vegetables not included).
    Kitchoo Compact Kitchens the Miniature Kitchen
    These Compact Kitchens from French company Kitchoo, these wooden mini-kitchens look like a...
    Stretchy bowl
    This stretchy bowl is composed of a white metal base and a matching metal hoop. It is always the...
    Black Ant Salt Pepper Shakers
    Hand painted ceramic. Four inches long. $10.98.
    Twisted Tongs
    "Cool-lift tongs are designed for maximum versatility, comfort, and safety! They're perfect...
    FOLD Cutting Board
    Design by Brussels-based Charlotte Lancelot."Fold is a cutting board in polyethylene. Its...
    Fireplace Art
    For $110, Etsy seller JamesBit will custom-paint these awesome Zelda fire to size for...
    Taco Plates
    Set of four: $10.95 (tacos not included). Good idea.
    TopBrewer Coffee Faucet
    The TopBrewer is an automatic coffee making machine. It can be controlled with an...
    Pizza Chopper
    Taste of Italy, Pizza Chopper($18) 14-inch large, stainless steel. Beautiful!
    Magnetic Stickers
    "Stickers with built-in super-strong magnets to hold small metal items." Good idea.Set of...
    Bullet Bottle Opener
    "Short of opening a bottle with a demilitarized .50 caliber bullet casing…which is...
    Recipe Rock
    Reviewed in the March & April 2012 issue of Cook's Illustrated as follows:"Not all recipes...
    Urbano Trash Can
    This clever trash can allows you to store and reuse the plastic bags. From the website:...
    All InOne Breakfaststation
    - Toaster oven, griddle, coffee maker in one unit - 6-liter mini toaster oven - 4 cup coffee maker...
    Ice Scream Munch The Scream Ice Cubes
    "Put your anxiety on ice."$8.99.
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