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    The Portable Inflatable Bathtub
    Bath   /   Comments
    This is the $200 InTime Inflatable Bathtub. It's a portable blow-up bathtub complete with electric...
    The Spiky shower curtain will kick you out of the shower after 4
    Bath   /   Comments
    British designer Elisabeth Buecher created Spiky, a shower curtain will kick you out of the shower...
    Paper Towel Holder with Integrated Timer
    Bath   /   Comments
    €39.95 (paper towels not included). Good idea.
    YodaInspired Bath Towel
    Bath   /   Comments
    This is an  awesome bath towel with Yoda ears. It’s made by Etsy seller...
    100 Dollar Bill Toilet Roll
    Bath   /   Comments
    Now you can with this authentic looking 100 bill toilet paper.[ Amazon ]
    Sanrio To Release A Hello Kitty Toilet Seat
    Bath   /   Comments
    Sanrio has a Hello Kitty toilet seat. Sanrio, the company that owns the Hello Kitty brand,...
    Bath Air Pillow Smartphone Holder
    Bath   /   Comments
    From the website:"Take your phone or other mobile device into the bath without having to hold...
    Shower Curtain With Pockets
    Bath   /   Comments
    This functional and fun shower curtain is made of clear vinyl. It has pockets to  hold kids...
    3D Printed TRex Shower Head
    Bath   /   Comments
    This is the 3-D printable t-rex skull shower head design created by MakerBot Thingiverse user...
    Space Invaders Toilet Paper Holder
    Bath   /   Comments
    This is a 3D printed toilet paper holder by etsy seller TheTajMahalo. It’s shaped like a...
    Water Draining Soap Holder
    Bath   /   Comments
    The Water Draining Soap Holder basically drains excess water away from your soap and into your...
    Kohler s Touchless Toilet
    Bath   /   Comments
    Kohler has created a solution with its new electromagnetically-activated touchless toilet. It...
    Toilet Paper Embossed With 24 Carat Gold
    Bath   /   Comments
    This is the $250/roll gold foil embossed toilet paper produced by German manufacturer Tissue...
    Sarlacc Toilet Declas
    Bath   /   Comments
    The Sarlacc Toilet Declas, Cool!How to Install Your Very Own Toilet Sarlacc...8. For best results...
    Overflow Bathtubs by Kasch
    Bath   /   Comments
    These whirlpool overflow bathtubs by German manufacturer Käsch. They are set level on the...
    Reykjavik Towel with Integrated Scrub Glove
    Bath   /   Comments
    The uniquely shaped Reykjavik Towel is made for wrapping it around you in swimming pools or at...
    Tape Measure Toilet Paper
    Bath   /   Comments
    You’ve all wanted to measure the size of your member, but the idea always comes to you while...
    BackofHand Soap Dispenser
    Bath   /   Comments
    After handling raw meat and poultry, jalapeños, dirt, things and areas in the bathroom,...
    Musical Shower Curtain
    Bath   /   Comments
    Want to listen to your music or podcasts or just keep playing your game while in the shower? The...
    Bathroom Bubble
    Bath   /   Comments
    Bathroom Bubble is an isolated bubble within a permeable living cocoon. The bathroom trend for...
    Dyson Airblade Hand Dryer
    Bath   /   Comments
    Dyson has unveiled a all-in-one hand-drying water faucet, its Airblade Tap. It combines hand...
    Oktopus A Tentacle Toilet Plunger
    Bath   /   Comments
    The “Oktopus” toilet plunger is a concept designed by Art. Lebedev...
    Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker Tentacle
    Bath   /   Comments
    The Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker Tentacle($43) from amazon. It looks cool for your tub.
    Unicorn Hooded Towel
    Bath   /   Comments
    The Unicorn Hooded Towel from Etsy Holiday Shop."How can you start your day with a bad...
    Kohler s Moxie shower head can sing to you
    Bath   /   Comments
    A shower head can sing to you while you take a shower? Sounds unbelievable, but Kohler has made it...
    Game of Thrones Wall Decal
    Bath   /   Comments
    Make your toilet look like the iron throne with this easy-to-apply vinyl wall decal, thank to the...
    Natures Platform Guaranteed to support a 300pound man or
    Bath   /   Comments
    Res ipsa loquitur.Bonus: "Can be set up or removed in three seconds, so no one is...
    Horizontal Shower
    Bath   /   Comments
    How about taking your shower while lying down horizontally? Horizontal Shower combines six water...
    Bubbles Soapdish
    Bath   /   Comments
    Finally, bubbles that don't burst.15.7 x 12 x 2.3 cm.$13.50.
    Bath   /   Comments
    Star Wars Mosaic
    LimitedEdition Hammock Bathtub
    Bath   /   Comments
    "The goal was to create a new bathing paradigm. Literally elevating the experience off the...
    Social Shower Curtain
    Bath   /   Comments
    The Social Shower Curtain($15; coming soon) from spinninghat, featuring a transparent section so...
    GlowintheDark Toilet Paper
    Bath   /   Comments
    Always popular around this time of year.$8.95.
    LimitedEdition Carbon Fiber Bathtub
    Bath   /   Comments
    Handmade in Salzburg, Austria.Edition of 51. Watch the movie, here. Apply to: office@corcel.eu...
    Belle Air Bathtub Hardware
    Bath   /   Comments
    Designed by Christo Lefroy Brooks. Apply within.
    LimitedEdition BathBoat
    Bath   /   Comments
    A 2005 design by Wieki Somers. 77" L x 33" W top/39" W bottom x 24" H....
    5Minute Shower
    Bath   /   Comments
    "Save water, save money. Using this device, the average household could save over $100 a...
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