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    Peeandgo Golden Urinal
    Bath   /   Comments
    Desgner Chen & Karlsson designed Peeandgo, it is a golden urinal for women(only for woman? I want...
    Kohler Fountainhead VibrAcoustic Bathtub
    Bath   /   Comments
    The new experience for your bathtub. Kohler's new Fountainhead VibrAcoustic Bathtub($TBD) adds...
    White Bath Room
    Bath   /   Comments
    I love these beautiful bath room photos by the Dutch photographer Rene Mesman. Give you some idea...
    The Wet Light Bathtub
    Bath   /   Comments
    The Wet's Light Bathtub($TBD) is pretty and romantic! It features ncluded the halogene light system...
    Victory Spa Eris Bathtub
    Bath   /   Comments
    A petty bathtub, the Eris Bathtub. It has a transparent window in side of the bathtub, I like this...
    Elemental Spa SANGHA Shower
    Bath   /   Comments
    The SANGHA shower with wall fixing is the Dornbracht's new Elemental Spa collection. Designed by...
    Silver TAG shower
    Bath   /   Comments
    The computer control Silver TAG shower($100,000) for the rich guy. It has 18 showerheads for...
    Teuco Seaside Bathtub
    Bath   /   Comments
    The Teuco Seaside Bathtub is beautiful on the floor. Designed by Italian spa designer Teuco. It has...
    The Air Poo
    Bath   /   Comments
    Are you the Apple fans? The Air Poo($TBD; Summer 2008) can let you enjoy the Apple products when...
    Shower Breasts Dispenser
    Bath   /   Comments
    When you I see it, I stared to laugh. The Shower Breasts(GBP 15; about $30) are a fun and saucy...
    Walk-In Shower
    Bath   /   Comments
    A Italy company Cesana created this simple and pretty Shower, designer Piet Billekens designed this...
    Artweger Twinline Tube Shower
    Bath   /   Comments
    The Artweger Twinline. It is a shower unit and also a bath tub. The space-saving design of the tub...
    Pond Wars Ducks
    Bath   /   Comments
    Here's add some fun element for your bath times. Now the time for the Star Wars fans. The Pond Wars...
    Bath   /   Comments
    The Pluviae is simple and modern. "The shower head at the end of the shower curtain rail: simple...
    Ebb bathroom
    Bath   /   Comments
    These ultra modern bathroom concept, Ebb bathroom designed by UsTogether. They made of LG HI-MACS,...
    Sudoku Toilet Roll
    Bath   /   Comments
    Do you feel boring in the toilet? Sudoku Toilet Roll(GBP 3.5; about $7) is fun for you, in fact you...
    Designer Ducks
    Bath   /   Comments
    Do you have a bath duck? Maybe today you will check out one. They so cute. Each duck has different...
    Tape Measure Toilet Roll
    Bath   /   Comments
    Now you'll really be able to see how much you get through.. The Tape Measure Toilet Roll(GBP 3)...
    Santa Commode Set
    Bath   /   Comments
    Holiday is coming..This Santa Commode Set($17) features toilet seat and tank covers plus a colorful...
    The iSave Faucet
    Bath   /   Comments
    The iSave concept design by Reamon Yu, The idea is to make water consumption visible to encourage...
    Baignoire BALEINA
    Bath   /   Comments
    This Baignoire BALEINA is a beautiful bathtub comes from France . Measuring is 150cmx 150cm. This...
    Ladybird Bath
    Bath   /   Comments
    Designed by the Coco Reynolds. The Ladybird Bath is a concept product for free-standing Vanity and...
    One Man Hang
    Bath   /   Comments
    size does matter! naughty mr.p once again proves that his hook is strong enough to withstand...
    Glass Bathtub
    Bath   /   Comments
    I like this sexy and transparent bath tub. It let you like a fish in the transparent tank. The...
    Help! Drain Stopper
    Bath   /   Comments
    A rubbery hand extends up from the plug mimicking a reach for help out of the watery depths. The...
    Supratherm Glass Radiator
    Bath   /   Comments
    This modern Supratherm Glass Radiator can be with your favorite print. It is a ultra-thin safe...
    Richard the Lionhearted Throne Seat
    Bath   /   Comments
    If you want to make your toliet seat like a king seat? The timeless symbol of brave Richard the...
    Monogrammed Toilet Paper
    Bath   /   Comments
    We have reported the color toilet paper. Now we have the Monogrammed Toilet Paper($18 2 rolls). If...
    TV Spa
    Bath   /   Comments
    The large TV Spa with 42" Plasma TV give you outdoor spa a luxury feel. You can sit down and relax...
    Frog Pod
    Bath   /   Comments
    It is adorable, a frog attched the bathtub wall, and can storage and hanging the bath toys...
    Art De Toilette Scales
    Bath   /   Comments
    You will not boring, when you weight yourself and see  these scales. They...
    Color Grid Totes
    Bath   /   Comments
    The Color Grid Totes is simple design to organize your bath. I like it's simple and cute color. It...
    Renova Cololr Toilet Paper
    Bath   /   Comments
    Change boring white toilet paper, treat your ass with color toilet paper, orange, red, greeen....
    Yellow Submarine Bath Radio
    Bath   /   Comments
    Yellow Submarine Bath Radio($30); We want to live in a yellow submarine... It sports a floating,...
    Kohler DTV II Custom Showering
    Bath   /   Comments
    When designing the bathroom of your dreams you want the flexibility to blend luxurious features and...
    Mad Mother Psychoshower Curtain
    Bath   /   Comments
    The world's most famous movie scene can be reenacted in your bathroom.. The Mad Mother...
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