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Dial-up sound 700% slower (Creepy)

Gear  |  Video
If you Remember the old dial-up internet connections? This is the Dial-up sound slowed down 700%, the most horrible sound in the world .

Splitscreen: A Love Story

Gear  |  Video
Shot entirely on the Nokia N8 phone.(Winner of Nokia Shorts competition 2011)

Mellow Brick Road (Wizard Of Oz Remix)

Gear  |  Video
Pogo do a mix from audio from “Wizard of Oz”, the video by Reed Gauthier.

8 bit Invader

Gear  |  Video
Darkfejzr made this video as a tribute to the awesome old game. Cool!

The First World Problems Rap

Gear  |  Video

YouTube’r funnyz's rap about first world problems.

Coffee: The Greatest Addiction Ever

Gear  |  Video
This is a video about coffee.


Gear  |  Video
Watch things vibrating at 1,000 frames per second.

Bloom (Disney Remix)

Gear  |  Video
This is the video for Pogo‘s audio visual remixes - 'Bloom', a patchwork of vocals and musical chords from various Disney films.

Terminator 2 Stop Motion

Gear  |  Video
This is a stop motion tribute to :Terminator 2,” which turns 20 this year. Cool!

Star Wars Theme - Live Performance 2011

Gear  |  Video
Star Wars Theme. Performed by the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra.

PacMan Run

Gear  |  Video
Real Life Pacman run.

Unleash Your Fingers

Gear  |  Video
A new kind of dance performed by JayFunk, from LA. Commercial video for Samsung Galaxy SII phone

Unicycle video from Tanzania

Gear  |  Video
thejoltjoker brought a unicycle to Tanzania, and let them play around with the unicycles. 

Steel Life

Gear  |  Video
This is a stop-motion video by Mateusz Zdziebko & Patryk Kizny.
Calm, cold, solid, rigid and unchanged.
Fast, emotional, harmful and responsive.
Have you ever wondered what would the world look like if all objects around got alive? Discover the world of steel and hardware, driven by music and inspired by humanity.

mission icefly

Gear  |  Video
Thousands of tiny LED lights were released over the Bonaroo festival...