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Epic Chicken Fight

Gear  |  Video
FAMILY GUY - Epic Chicken Fight  "That was... EPIC!!!!!"

Rivers And Homes

Gear  |  Video
Rivers And Homes is a music video using 2,000 Images, 300 Fans directed by Eran Amir.

The Oberfranken Steakknife Massacre

Gear  |  Video
A kind of homemade "chain saw". The weapon consists of eight razor sharp, serrated steak knifes that rotate at fast speed. A battery drill is the power source, using a transmission with a rubber band as a belt.

60,000-piece domino wall destruction

Gear  |  Video
It took YouTube user Flippycat 65 hours to build sixty 990-piece domino walls. Watch them collapse in this time-lapse video and then check out some of her failed attempts in the next video.
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Slinky on a treadmill

Gear  |  Video
The Youtube caption: "I was too sick to go diving last weekend. So when I saw this video I thought to myself, heck I bet I could beat 22 seconds if I tried. So I set up my own treadmill and gave it a shot."

Origami Rhino Unfolding

Gear  |  Video

Origami design and folding: Sipho Mabona 
Animation: Stoptrick Hamburg

Yum Yum London

Gear  |  Video
Something to enjoy in your lunch break :) Cool!

iPad Beer at Hofbraeuhaus

Gear  |  Video
Magician artist Simon Pierro shows the iPad magic at the world famous German "Hofbraeuhaus" in Munich, Germany.

Norman Rides a Bike

Gear  |  Video
Norman the Scooter Dog rides a bicycle.

Just War

Gear  |  Video
Here is a Soviet anti-war stop motion animation from 1983, called Conflict.
Edited, timed & remixed to Just War - feat Gruff Rhys by Torrey Meeks.

Chalk Warfare

Gear  |  Video
Drawing weapons with chalk? Chalk Warfare?!

Opening Beer with Chainsaw

Gear  |  Video
Open a beer with a chainsaw, Check out the video!

Mario and Fafa Play Classic NES Games

Gear  |  Video
Mario and Fafa decided to tackle some super old NES games on their Wii and discover just how far gaming has come.  Haha.

Canon 7D - Hardcore Durability Test

Gear  |  Video
Canon EOS 7D (with serial number 580516676) is by: Hitting it with a car; Dropping it down some steps on a wheelchair; Freezing it, soaking it, and setting fire to it.

Breaking Bad POV

Gear  |  Video
This is a supercut of shots from POV objects seen in “Breaking Bad.
Music: "Move" by Jonathan Elias