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Free Falling Flower: Amazing record 88-way female formation skydiving

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The 88 member 'Pearls of Russia' women's skydiving team has just successfully pulled off a white, blue and red flower formation jump in the skies over Kolomna near Moscow, setting a world record for women's parachuting. The previous world record was set by a German female team, which consisted of 84 members.

Breaking Bad Montage

Gear  |  Video
This is a montage of quotes and shots of “Breaking Bad” set to Mogwai’s "Take Me Somewhere Nice"

Collin Mochire's Favourite Scenes From Star Wars

Gear  |  Video
Collin Mochire acts out his favourite scenes from the Star Wars films using action figures.

Funny Short: Wildebeest

Gear  |  Video
Is that river safe to cross… or not?
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View from the ISS at Night

Gear  |  Video
Every frame in this video is a photograph taken from the International Space Station.
Music by John Murphy - Sunshine (Adagio In D Minor)

Watermelon explosion using rubber bands in slow motion

Gear  |  Video
Witness the awesome power of a fully armed and operational package of rubber bands. This video shows exactly what it looks like when a watermelon detonates under the force of hundreds of rubber bands, in awesome HD.
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Scary Smash - A Short Film Written by a Boy

Gear  |  Video
Brett, a 4-year-old boy, has a bright future in filmmaking. His movie Scary Smash is a gripping tale of a milkman (Dave Foley), a super soldier (Joss Whedon) and a terrible monster that threatens to destroy their city.
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What Makes You Beautiful (5 Piano Guys, 1 piano)

Gear  |  Video
Five guys play one piano and perform a cover of One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful.”
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Dinner - Bird Box Studios

Gear  |  Video
It's dinner time for this little dog.

New York Park

Gear  |  Video
Imagining hidden amusement park rides in New York City, the little video to promote Luna Park.

Welcome to the Anthropocene

Gear  |  Video
Welcome to the Anthropocene is a short film about the state of the planet. It's a 3-minute journey through the last 250 years of our history. The film charts the growth of humanity into a global force on an equivalent scale to major geological processes.

The Epic & The Beasts - Skating in Slow-Motion

Gear  |  Video
Filmed in germany´s most beautiful city: Dresden
Directed & Edited by Sebastian Linda

EuroLapse - Beautiful Time-Lapse Video Shot Throughout Europe

Gear  |  Video
The images used in this time lapse were taken by  David Kosmos Smith  in 2011 over the course of three summer months in Europe. Cities visited:
Heraklion (Crete)
Fira (Santorini)
Cinque Terre

17-20-23: A Lip-Sync Six Years in the Making

Gear  |  Video
Alex Dainis of Boston lip-syncing 'Aaron's Party (Come Get It)' by Aaron Carter when she was 17, 20 and 23.

Piranha Scissors

Gear  |  Video
Don`t have scissors? Just take a Piranha. Bite-Test at Cuyabeno Rainforest, Ecuador.