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One-handed push ups while solving a Rubik's Cube in 25sec

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That70sShowDude can.
"This is one of my first times trying one armed push ups so forgive me if the form is off. I haven't done a standard push up in as long as I can remember. I just lift weights. My quad actually isn't touching the ground, it might look that way b/c of the loose shorts. Also, sorry for the little pause between push ups 3 and 4, I messed up a part of the solve."

Sea Star Time-lapse: Eating Mussel

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Even though mussels can close-up tightly, sea stars successfully prey on them.


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TRUE SKIN about the Cyborgs and Augmented Reality

Time-Lapse Tilt-Shift Film of San Francisco

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Beautiful, by Jeremy Williams.
"I captured 30,000 photos over ten months of everything I love about San Francisco. The end result required 750 hours of rendering to generate 62 tilt shift timelapse sequences."

Man Builds Giant Hamster Wheel To Walk Across The Irish Sea

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A man is attempting to walk across the Irish Sea - in a human HAMSTER WHEEL. Chris Todd, 35, from Bromham, Wiltshire, will zig-zag 66 miles across open water for two days non-stop. He will power his metal wheel - which he calls a Tredalo - by walking on wire mesh, with two floats either side to act as stabilisers

Bottles beware!

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This guy hates the plastic bottles!

TRUE SKIN about the Cyborgs and Augmented Reality

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Written & Directed by: Stephan Zlotescu
Director of Photography: H1
Original Music: J-Punch
Producer: Christopher Sewall
Manager: Scott Glassgold / IAM Entertainment
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Time-shift video of SUMMER BARCELONA

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A day in the life of Barcelona, in miniature. Filmed during 2012 summer.
Directed by Pau García Laita.


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Story: A solitary, one winged creature called Wing is harassed by a group of oppressive crows due to being weak and different from them. He decides that he wants to overcome his disability and escape from the forest. He builds a catapult and a mechanical wing to accomplish this. When he launches himself away from the forest, the wing malfunctions, and he crashes into the territory of the crows. The crows are about to harm him, but are then lured away by a two-winged humanoid, who the crows attack instead. Wing finds the creature, and discovers it is a female of his own kind, and that the crows have torn one of her wings off. As the crows come towards them, Wing gets the idea that he and the female can fly in tandem by flapping each of their single wings while holding onto each other, and they manage to escape from the forest.

Steam Trains

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These steam trains from China, they look scary!

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World vs. Dubstep

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Here is the videoof Scott Pilgrim vs The World with some dubstep.

The Fall of the Dinosaurs

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Watch the demise of the "domino-saurs" , it took 38.5 hours of setup time, over about 2 weeks. By FlippyCat.
Kevin Macleod - Prelude and Action (main sequence), and Future Gladiator (extras)

What if money was no object?

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"Ask yourself. What would you do with your life if money was no object?" An amazing lecture from the late Alan Watts.

55 Years of Space Exploration, 1957 - 2012

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On October 4, 1957, the Soviet Union launched the first satellite, Sputnik-1, into orbit. A lot of history has happened since then! This video is a celebration of 55 years of successful missions.
[ Youtube ]

Damn Nature, U Scary of the Day

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"OH SH*T!!!"