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The Lobed Comb Jelly

Gear  |  Video
These beautiful, oval-shaped animals have eight rows of tiny comblike plates that they beat to move themselves through the water. As they swim, the comb rows diffract light to produce a shimmering, rainbow effect.

Around The World

Gear  |  Video
Remi Gaillard did some traveling and asked people he met in various locations to dance wearing one of his shirts and edited them all together with a soundtrack of Daft Punk’s “Around The World.”

Acoustic Levitation Through Vocal Discharge

Gear  |  Video
By Ksana Institute.

Time-lapse video of Burning Man 2012

Gear  |  Video
"A Miniature Journey to the Black Rock Desert, Home to Burning Man. A whimsical time-lapse film about the Art, People, Mutant Vehicles and Playa that makes Burning Man such a unique place on this tiny planet in our tiny solar system in our tiny galaxy in our tiny universe. "

Shortest Film

Gear  |  Video
3 complete strangers... lost in translation.
written and directed by John Elerick

Path of Beauty

Gear  |  Video
A women walks in the Musée du Louvre, alone.
The museum is completely empty.
We follow this young woman in her dreamlike journey through the different rooms of the museum, between amazement and beauty, art and poetry.
The woman : Eve Claudel
Director : Florent Igla


Gear  |  Video
This is a Sci-Fi short movie directed and animated by a 22-year old student Kaleb Lechowski.
"This was a solo project. All computer animation and design was created by Kaleb Lechowski during the first year of his studies.
Thanks to Dave Masterson for voice acting and Hartmut Zeller for sound and music."

Super Jeep Wrangler

Gear  |  Video
Foreign diplomat living in rabat, morocco, took a super Jeep merges two jeeps in one...

Vertical Skydiving World Record 2012

Gear  |  Video
Watch 138 people shatter the Vertical Skydiving World Record as they form a snowflake formation at speeds up to 220 mph!

Revealing The Truth

Gear  |  Video
TadaoCern, says: Some time ago a stranger asked me to make his portrait, so I did. I sent him the image and I never heard back from him again since that moment. Not long ago I saw a painting and I felt that it was very familiar to me. And then I got it - it was a copy of my photo!

White House rejects 'Death Star' petition

Gear  |  Video
The Obama administration will not be building a Death Star. That’s the message from the White House in an official response to a petition urging President Barack Obama to build the moon-sized planet-killing space station from Star Wars. “This Isn’t the Petition Response You’re Looking For.
The response from the White House, read it after the more:
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Gear  |  Video
The ultimate full moon shot. Dean Potter walks a highline at Cathedral Peak as the sun sets and the moon rises.

The ABC of Architects

Gear  |  Video
This work is an alphabetical list of the most important architects with their best known building.

Dean Potter walks a highline in front of a full moon

Gear  |  Video
The short clip shows how rock climber Dean Potter walks a highline in front of a giant full moon at Cathedral Peak in Yosemite National Park. It was shot by Mikey Schaefer of Reel Water Productions for "The Man Who Can Fly," a National Geographic special on Dean Potter.

Giant Robot Spider at CES 2013

Gear  |  Video
Veronica Belmont Rides this solar powered giant robot spider at CES 2013. “It’s like driving a tank.”
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