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    Thirst Aid reusable hydration pack
    Tools   /   Comments
    Thirst Aid is a reusable hydration pack that looks like a saline drip pouch, but you can fill it...
    iPhone 5 bottle opener case
    Tools   /   Comments
    The Opena for iPhone 5 is lighter and thinner than the original Opena but still just as awesome....
    Cool your beer to the last sip with Chillsner
    Tools   /   Comments
    The Chillsner is a slim, aluminum device which can keep your beer cold from the first sip to...
    Lumigrids LED bike projector
    Tools   /   Comments
    Lumigrids is an LED projector for bicycles, which aims to improve safety during night riding. It...
    Ruler gun
    Tools   /   Comments
    The hard wood ruler by Atypyk takes the shape of a gun! Carrying the "gun" is not only...
    Experts Expert Gardening Knife
    Tools   /   Comments
    Anne Marie Chaker's May 15 "Just One Thing" Wall Street Journal feature focused on...
    Notebook with a hidden pencil
    Tools   /   Comments
    The clever notebooks have a real pencil nestled conveniently in its trompe l'oeil designed cover....
    Pen Zen Bamboo Desk Organizer
    Tools   /   Comments
    The Pen Zen Bamboo Desk Organizer can be used either vertically or horizontally. It's tiny rubber...
    Rite in the Rain notebook
    Tools   /   Comments
    Rite in the Rain kit includes all-weather writing paper and pen. "Outdoor writing products for...
    Beverage stakes
    Tools   /   Comments
    Enjoy cool beverage at the beach with the beverage stakes. Powder-coated metal stakes hold...
    Keyprop a key sized smartphone stand
    Tools   /   Comments
    Keyprop is a tripod + stand that fits on your keychain. It fits iPhone4/4S/5 and all other...
    Kids Rule wooden growth chart
    Tools   /   Comments
    The 'Kids Rule' wooden ruler height chart by Lovestruck Interiors is a handmade, customized wooden...
    Rubber Squeeze Flower Sprinkler
    Tools   /   Comments
    To fill, squeeze the rubber ball tight and hold the sprinkler head in water, then release pressure....
    Seethrough highlighter
    Tools   /   Comments
    The see-through highlighter from Japan Mitsubishi has a see-through tip so you can see what you're...
    OXO Mango Pitter
    Tools   /   Comments
    Remedy the single hurdle to enjoying one of the most delicious fruits: removing the mango's...
    Tools   /   Comments
    Invisiplug is the first power strip that blends in to the look of your hardwood flooring. The power...
    Calendar stamp
    Tools   /   Comments
    Mizushima Calendar Stamp is a customizable stamp that has a surface with calender symbols. Users...
    USB Utility Charge Tool
    Tools   /   Comments
    This little charger is equipped with a multi-use micro USB phone plug, mini USB plug, and iPhone...
    Whistle case
    Tools   /   Comments
    Whistle case is a product that whistle is rolled into an iPhone5 case for actual whistle use. The...
    Verico Penpal pencilsharpening drive
    Tools   /   Comments
    A'Design Award winner Verico Penpal is a 16GB flash drive that can also be used as a pencil...
    Haircut Eraser
    Tools   /   Comments
    Rubber Barber by Chen Lu Wei for Megawing is an amusing series of haircut erasers. It shaves a...
    Road Popper
    Tools   /   Comments
    The Road Popper is a bottle opener that is mounted underneath your bike seat. Although it is a...
    Grip Clip a pen hoder on glasses
    Tools   /   Comments
    A Grip Clip is a piece of soft plastic that can slide onto your glasses and hold a pencil, pen, or...
    Steel Soda Can Tab Beer Bottle Opener
    Tools   /   Comments
    This sturdy, lightweight and portable steel soda can tab beer bottle opener is new addition to...
    Ninja sword pen
    Tools   /   Comments
    The katana shaped KTD Ninja sword pen is a plastic ball pen that has a cool...
    Bill Gates Condom Challenge from Irina Blok
    Tools   /   Comments
    "Dear Bill Gates, I wanted to answer your challenge of reinventing condoms from graphic design...
    GDC Hook Knife
    Tools   /   Comments
    Gerber's GDC Hook Knife($11), a little two-inch device meant to be worn on a keychain, and the...
    Bottle Opener by Brendan Ravenhill
    Tools   /   Comments
    Bottle Opener by Brendan Ravenhill. Clever.
    SNE iPad stand
    Tools   /   Comments
    We have seen various creative iPad stand designs, the sne iPad stand design would be the most...
    Hoseless Evaporative Cooling Fan
    Tools   /   Comments
    Encountered in luxury resorts and outdoor cafes, the misting outdoor fan can reduce the air...
    Recyclable Ginkgo Umbrella
    Tools   /   Comments
    Ginkgo is a 100% recyclabl umbrella. Thanks to the fact that all the components are made by plastic...
    BB Billosaur piggy bank
    Tools   /   Comments
    We have seen piggy bank for coins, but this BB Billosaur designed for paper currency would...
    Cpump soap dispenser
    Tools   /   Comments
    Simply place the hand into the C-shaped opening and press down firmly to dispense soap onto the...
    EZ Sleep Travel Pillow
    Tools   /   Comments
    The EZ Sleep Travel Pillow is the most effective inflatable travel pillow ever invented. It...
    London Undercover Oak Umbrella Stand
    Tools   /   Comments
    The London Undercover Oak Umbrella Stand by Method Studio has a netty bottom that can hold several...
    Pearce Knives Made from spanners bolts drill bits and
    Tools   /   Comments
    These Pearce Knives made by Logan Pearce are hand-forged using an array of everyday...
    World s Smallest Automatic Umbrella
    Tools   /   Comments
    The world's smallest automatic umbrella even can be carried in a purse or pocket! The umbrella is...
    TRVR Gentleman s Apron
    Tools   /   Comments
    TRVR Gentleman's Apron from TRVR is an ideal companion for a gentleman hard at work in his garage...
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