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  • Andy Murray Tennis Street Magic

    Gear  |  Sport
    Andy Murray brings his tennis magic to the streets of London in preparation for the 2010 Wimbledon tournament.
    Amazing and Cool!

    22 Person Nike Foosball Table


    Gear  |  Sport
    Nike’s 22 person foosball table(11 vs 11), located at their Nike Stadium Milan store in Italy.
    "We love playing foosball here in Italy. We usually play it 2 vs. 2. Well, at Nike Stadium Milan we play it 11 vs. 11. Our doors opened with an outstanding foosball table, so we can play the game with all our favourite National Teams."
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    Man Jumps off Eiffel Tower for New World Record

    Gear  |  Sport
    Extreme inline skater Taig Khris jumped off the Eiffel Tower in Paris for setting a new freefall record.
    Thousands of tourists and locals gathered at the French landmark over the weekend to witness the extreme rollerblader set the new world freefall record of 12.5 metres (41 feet).
    The Frenchman threw himself from the bottom section of the tower dropping 10m before landing on a 30m-high ramp.
    “I’ve never had such a strong adrenaline rush,” he told news agency AFP after the jump, in which he beat the 8.53-metre record set by American Danny Way.

    Walk on water (Liquid Mountaineering)

    Gear  |  Sport
    Liquid Mountaineering is a new sport which is attempting to achieve what man has tried to do for centuries: walk on water. "Or to be more precise: running on water. We are developing the sport from scratch. By accident we found out that with the right water repellent equipment you can run across bodies of water, just like a stone skimming the surface."

    Next-gen space suit revealed for Red Bull Stratos mission

    Gear  |  Sport
    "The Red Bull Stratos science team has unveiled the first space suit ever to be produced by David Clark Company for a non-governmental space program. The team has also revealed the pressure helmet, which with the suit will serve as Felix Baumgartners sole life-support system when he steps off his capsule at 120,000 feet to attempt a record-breaking freefall from the edge of space.

    This next-generation gear was manufactured by Massachusetts-based David Clark Company Incorporated, which has pioneered air and space crew protective equipment since 1941, including launch entry suits for Space Shuttle astronauts and the iconic suit that United States Air Force Colonel (Ret.) Joe Kittinger wore on his historic Excelsior III jump in 1960."

    Motorized Golf Cart Scooter

    Gear  |  Sport

    Called Mantys. It is an electric four-wheeled vehicle that combines an electric golf cart, Segway, and a scooter. Powered by two 24 volt batteries, Mantys comes with a top speed of 12.5 mph and will last up to 36 holes on a single charge.

    Guys fill their jeans with helium

    Gear  |  Sport
    Guy floats away with Helium Jeans...

    Circle Board In Paris

    Gear  |  Sport
    Mark Gonzales circle board in Paris

    Skateboarding 1975-77

    Gear  |  Sport
    Skateboarding 1975-77, Coool! [ Youtube link ]

    The Map-Equipped Treadmill

    Gear  |  Sport
    Want to run up Mt. Kilimanjaro? Do it today. The NordicTrack x7i Interactive Incline Trainer($2,000) is a map-equipped treadmill with a seven-inch touch screen, the treadmill raises and lowers itself to mimic the actual topography of the terrain you set as your own custom hiking route.
    The x7i download maps over over Wi-Fi from a Web site called iFit. You can download the popular routes from iFit, as well as you can also design your computer across any territory covered by Google Maps. While you running, the srceen will show the map and snapshots of passing landmarks, it looks Cool!
    Price: $2,000   |   BUY

    X-Plore.XGX GPS Gloves

    Gear  |  Sport
    First the X-Plore.XGX GPS Ski Gloves will keep your hand warm, and they will also provide you with all sorts of data as to where you are on the slopes, how far you've skied and how fast you've gone. The display is on the thumb – thus, data can be read during a slow downhill, and the controls on the upper hand are simple to use. There's no price info now. It will be released later this year.
    "We leave traces. Not only in fresh powder snow. In the World Wide Web as well: while skiing, altitude, speed, distance, duration and other route data can be displayed. The GPS navigates you securely even in the most adverse weather conditions through a planned route, downhill or back to your parked car. Your outdoor experiences can be documented via the supplied software and the route displayed in the web."

    World's Largest Dodgeball Game

    Gear  |  Sport
    1,200 students, staff and faculty at the University of Alberta unofficially smash the Guinness World Record for most players in a single dodgeball game at the Universiade Pavilion better known as "The Butterdome" in Edmonton, Alta. on February 5, 2010. The former record was 450.

    BBC Sport - Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games Animation

    Gear  |  Sport
    40 second trailer for the BBC's coverage of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.

    Home Bouldering

    Gear  |  Sport

    That's COol!

    Ultimate Treadmill

    Gear  |  Sport

    This is a awesome treadmill on wheels is designed by Alex Astilean.