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    Last weeek, LG announced the New Chocolate BL40, featuring a 4.0-inch wide screen(800x345, and scratch-proof glass). "The wide screen breaks away from conventional screen designs with a 21:9 aspect ratio for a panoramic, cinema-like quality and optimal mobile computing experience." Other features include Flash-based 3D UI, multitouch, AGPS, WiFi and 7.2Mbps HSDPA. The next-gen Chocolate Phone!

    It looks like the old Gorillapod Go-Go, the new Gorillapod Gorillamobile Tripod($30) is for holding aiPhone. The site shows the iPhone in all kinds of non-photographic situations: hugging the bars of a stepper at the gym, for example, or clamped around the handlebar of a pram. "The ¡°new¡± tripod fixes to devices in one of three ways. Including a universal camera adapter, suction cup for a temporary hold will even stick to rubberized surfaces and finally you can permanently attach removable high-bond adhesive clips for a more permanent hold. All three then slide into the head of the ¡®pod. "
    The Samsung S9110 watchphone is the world's thinnest (11.98mm) touchscreen cellphone fashioned into an tempting stainless steel body wristwatch. Featuring a 1.76-inch glass, scratch-proof touchscreen(176 x 220; , 262k color TFT TSP display), MP3 player, 40MB of internal memory, speakerphone, Bluetooth 2.1, voice recognition and 630mAh battery. It will go on sale this month in France for €450(about $640).
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    The Urban McHugly($TBA) is an iPhone crony to house your iphone, as soon as your iPhone rings, his LED Swarovski crystal eyes shine.
    Like a real friend the Urban McHugly always gives you a hand in holding your iPhone, cleaning the display and being prepared for any call.
    Weird facial expression not included.
    Today AT&T* and Nokia today announced the Nokia Surge. It is a Symbian S60 base smartphone with a full slide-out QWERTY keyboard. It features include a 2.0 megapixel camera, AT&T Navigator, AT&T Mobile Music and AT&T Video Share and JuiceCaster. Available online and in AT&T stores on July 19 for $79.99 with a two-year service agreement after rebate.
    "In addition to an impressive suite of messaging capabilities, the Nokia Surge offers a powerful browsing experience, including Flash support to view most sites in full HTML or watch YouTube videos. Nokia Surge allows users to post messages, images, videos, and comments to web sites like Facebook on-the-go with the pre-installed JuiceCaster application."
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    Today the Nokia's rugged phone is official, the Nokia 3720 classic. It is an IP-54 certified mobile phone designed to resist water, dust and shock.
    The Nokia 3720 classic features a sealed, leak-proof design and durable materials in a range of colours. The battery cover, which protects both the battery and the internal circuitry of the device, is locked with a screw, making for worry-free usage in wet, dusty or muddy environments.
    Featuring a 2.2 inch TFT display(240 x 320), 2 megapixel camera, an LED flashlight, it is a Tri-band GSM phone with Bluetooth 2.1 A2DP and a built in FM radio with RDS. And it will be available in this summer and priced at EUR 125(about $175).
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    HTC Ozone comes to Verizon from June 29th for $50. It is a QWERTY keyboard and Window Mobile 6.1 phone. Featuring global roaming capabilities, Wi-Fi, VZ Navigator and visual voicemail support, and a beefy 1500 mAh battery. It will be just $49.99 with two-year contract after rebate, launches online on June 29 and in stores on July 13.
    Today HTC has announced a new Android smartphone, the HTC Hero. It is the first Android phone to embody HTC Sense - "an intuitive, seamless experience built upon three fundamental principles - make it mine, stay close, and discover the unexpected.".
    Specs :
    - 3.2 inch fingerprint-resistant touchscreen(320 x 480)
    - 5MP camera with autofocus
    - GSM and HSDPA connectivity, Wi-Fi, GPS
    - Qualcomm MSM7200A, 528 MHz; ROM: 512 MB; RAM: 288 MB
    - microSD slot
    The Samsung has just announced a Windows Mobile phone - Omnia II for Verizon Wireless. The Omnia II has a world¡¯s largest 3.7-inch AMOLED display with WVGA(480 x 800) resolution, Cool! And it also with a 5 megapixel camera and Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional(it will be upgradeable to Windows Mobile 6.5). Other features include HSUPA 5.76Mbps, HSDPA 7.2Mbps, TouchWiz 2.0 User Interface, 2GB to 16GB internal storage(with microSD expansion), Opera Web browser, AGPS and Wi-Fi. Multimedia features include DVD-like (480p) video recording/playback, internet browsing and interactive 3D games. Now Verizon Wireless has not a launch date and price for the Omnia II.
    Nokia E72 is officially announced. It was was unveiled at the Nokia Connection event in Singapore today. Compared to the E71, E72 is upgraded the camera to 5 megapixels, added a standard 3.5 mm audio jack, compass with integrated Maps and 10.2Mbps HSDPA. Specs at here.
    "Performance improvements are evident throughout the user experience including faster Internet up- and downlink speeds. Other notable features which should make the Nokia E72 as popular as recent Nokia Eseries introductions include A-GPS and compass with integrated Maps, including lifetime walk and 10 days of turn-by-turn navigation if activated within the first three months. Conversations are also clearer with active noise cancellation, and a torch can be activated with a single press of the spacebar key. The office capabilities have been updated with a new version of Quickoffice, which delivers Microsoft Office 2007 compatibility as well as free version upgrades when new features become available. "
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    Samsung has announced its first solar powered GSM mobile phone, the Crest E1107. Yes, it enables to charge by Sun, perfect for the outdoor use. It is designed to users to save money and energy consumption on traditional electrical charging. The phone has the capacity to provide around provide around 5~10 minutes of talk time with one hour of exposure to the sun. The Crest Solar has other features include a FM radio, a fake call feature(users can pretend they have an incoming call, wow...), MP3 ring tones and a powerful torch light. It alreaedy on sale in India for around $59. The Crest Solar will be available in numerous markets including India, Europe, Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia, and Latin America from June 2009.
    If you know the Palm Pre already sold out in many loactions during its debut weekend. And Rapid Repair team disassembled the Palm Pre a few hours after going on sale. It estimates to coast $170.02 in components. Click 2 enlarge!
    'It¡¯s a good design with components that, while not quite at the bleeding edge, are at the forefront of their competition,' says Aaron Vronko, CEO of Rapid Repair.

    "Vronko(CEO of Rapid Repair) and his team¡¯s repair toolkit for the Pre included a small Philips screwdriver, a flat head screwdriver, a razor blade, pliers and a solder iron. Removing the back panel was easy since, unlike the iPhone, the battery on the Pre can be replaced.
    ¡°We found the overall construction of the Pre to be typical of slider phones,¡± says Vronko who rates the difficulty of taking the device apart a seven out of ten and comparable to the iPhone.
    The Pre¡¯s system board has a Texas Instruments CPU (TWL5030B/ 94A20PW C), an Elpida memory chip and 8GB NAND memory chip from Samsung.
    ¡°The processor on the Pre is almost 50 percent faster than the iPhone,¡± says Vronko. ¡°One reason could be that Apple may have clocked down the speed on its iPhone processor to reduce power consumption and heat generation.¡±
    The Pre stumbles when it comes to its touchscreen says Vronko. In the Pre, the LCD and capacitive touchscreen are permanently glued together. It¡¯s similar to how the first generation iPhone was built. But the subsequent iPhone 3G has the two screens as separate modules. The advantage for users is that in case of a problem with the screen it is easier to repair if they are different modules, says Vronko.
    ¡°If the screen is damaged, it¡¯s almost twice as expensive to repair and replace it if they are glued than if the two are discrete components,¡± he says.
    Another likely trouble spot for the Pre is the slider mechanism that could wear out over time, warns Vronko. Still, he rates the Pre a ¡°solid build¡±. ¡°The phone is in pretty good shape,¡± he says. "

    Sony Ericsson's new 12 megapixel camera phone - Sony Ericsson Satio. Satio phone packed 12.1 megapixel camera features intuitive touch focus, Xenon flash and and face and smile detection. It has a crystal clear 16:9 3.5" widescreen(640 x 350), using Symbian operating system. The Satio features include TV out, WiFi, on-screen QWERTY keyboard, A-GPS dual-band HSPA and microSD expansion(yes, not Memory Stick Micro).

    The Orange Power Pump is a compact mobile phone charger for outdoor using. It's a basically compact generator that features a turbine driven by a standard air bed foot pump. The turbine can generate enough power to make 5 minutes of call time in the time it takes to inflate a pillow.
    "A compact camping accessory which fits all handsets, the Orange Power Pump measures 154mm by 129mm with a height of 47mm making it no bigger than a packet of Wet Wipes, is lightweight and easy to fit into your rucksack. Encased in sleek black housing, the turbine can generate enough energy to power 5 minutes of call time in the time it takes to inflate a pillow. "
    Today the Nokia E71x Available From AT&T, pricing at just $99 on 2 years contract after rebate. The phone has a 3.2 megapixels camera, full QWERTY, a 2.4 inches(240 x 320) Screen, HSDPA, aGPS, WiFi and S60 3.2 system.
    Today Samsung's first Android system Phone is official. The Samsung i7500 is the first Sumsung phone run on the Google phone platform, featuring a 3.2" AMOLED full touch screen, 7.2Mbps HSDPA, WiFi, 5 MP Camera(Auto Focus with LED flash), 1500mAh battery and with 8GB of internal memory. And it is slim and compact design, only 11.9 mm thick. The Samsung I7500 will be available in Europe from June, 2009. There is no price info.
    Android 1.5 (Cupcake)
    Quad band GSM/GPRS/EDGE connectivity
    Tri-band UMTS/HSPA connectivity (900 / 1700 / 2100 MHz) - this allows the handset to run on T-Mobile USA's network
    3.2 inch capacitive AMOLED display with HVGA (480 x 320) resolution
    5MP camera with LED flash
    3.5mm headset jack
    528 MHz Qualcomm MSM7200A CPU
    8GB of internal memory
    MicroSD card support
    LG has announced new phone, LG GC900(Viewty Smart), features an 8 megapixel sensor with sensitivity up to ISO 1600! It features a 3" WVGA touchscreen provides full 800 x 480 resolution, 7.2 Mbps HSDPA, WiFi, A-GPS, 1.5 GB of internal memory and with a MicroSD cards slot storing up to 32 GB and LG's easy-to-use S-Class User Interface. More? The Viewty Smart is just 12.4 mm deep, making it the slimmest 8 megapixel camera phone available. LG Viewty Smart will be available through operators in Europe starting this May and then launch in other markets around the world.
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    If you remembered WildCharge's wirelessly charge pad? Now the WildCharge company has revealed a Universal Adapter for Wire-Free WildCharge Charging. The small adapter is easy to use and extends the usability of the WildCharger Pad to include more cell phone models for simple compatibility. The adapter works by connecting mobile phones to the WildCharger Pad via a thin swing arm and removable tips, quickly transferring wire-free power from the charge pad to the device¡¯s battery. With the Universal Adapter, multiple cell phones can establish connectivity for convenient, seamless charging. The WildCharge Universal Adapter for Cell Phones is available for $39.99 and comes in three different bundles for Mini-USB, Nokia, and Sony Ericsson. And the WildCharger Pad is for $79.99.
    The Sony Ericsson's new Walkman music Phone, the Sony Ericsson W205 Walkman. The W205 makes the Walkman phone experience more accessible to consumers and is perfect for those who want all the classic Sony Ericsson mobile phone features while enjoying music on the go!
  • Enjoy your music with the Walkman experience

  • FM radio ¨C catch up with the latest news and views

  • TrackID - name that tune at a press of a button

  • 1.3 megapixel camera ¨C capture your favourite moments on film

  • Bluetooth - share your favourite songs, pictures and video clips, or connect to a wireless headset

  • Multiple phone books ¨C keep your contacts in order if someone needs to borrow your phone
    It will available in Q3 2009.
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    Today Samsung Impression is on sale at At&T for $200 with a 2 year contract. The Samsung Impression features include a 3.2-inch AMOLED Touchscreen(240 x 400), the sliding QWERTY keyboard, a 3 megapixel camera, GPS and navigation, HSDPA and capability of playing music(AAC, MP3, Real) and video. [ link ]
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