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Clothing Drive

Gear  |  AD


Embrace Life - always wear your seat belt

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always wear your seat belt!

Langara College: Rethink scholarship

Gear  |  AD
Advertising Agency: Rethink, Canada
Creative Directors: Ian Grais, Chris Staples
Art Director: Rory O'Sullivan
Writer: Simon Bruyn
Designer: Rory O'Sullivan

Tank Skeet Shooting

Gear  |  AD
Cool Tank Skeet Shooting!

MADD - "Broken Teens"

Gear  |  AD
This video has proven that underage drinking can cause brain damage.


Gear  |  AD
Ninjas Unbox a Nexus One by Patrick Bovin.

Levi’s Pop Up Closet

Gear  |  AD
Advertiser: Levi's
Agency: Mortierbrigade
Creatives: Tim Arts & Stefan van den Boogaard
Designer: Daan de Haan
Illustrator: Marianne Lock

HD Flip - In The Bedroom

Gear  |  AD
Husband comes home to a birthday surprise.

Every Sound Tells a Story

Gear  |  AD

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Milan, Italy
Creative Directors: Agostino Toscana, Alessandro Orlandi
Deputy Creative Directors: Luca Pannese, Luca Lorenzini
Art Director: Luca Pannese
Copywriter: Luca Lorenzini
Sound Design: Top Digital

Booty Pop TV Commercial

Gear  |  AD
Everything is fake! Take a look Booty Pop panties...

CANON Commercial - Freeze Tag

Gear  |  AD
An all out game of war using Canon cameras. CANON Cameras were handed out to various people and many of their shots made it in the commercial.
By director Saman Keshavarz
Music: Huddle Formation by The GO! Team

The Giant Condom

Gear  |  AD

The Condom Mob - 223 young person in a giant condom against AIDS.

CPR First Time

Gear  |  AD
People over 50 are the most likely to need CPR for cardiac arrest. And they probably won't buy you dinner first.

Aides: Old Man

Gear  |  AD
Advertising Agency: TBWA, Paris, France
Agency Producer: Ghislaine de Germon
Copywriter: Marianne Fonferrier
Director/DOP: Miles Goodall
Production Co & City: Suburban, Cape Town
Executive Producer: Linda Notelovitz
Line Producer: Sonja ter Horst
Co Production Company & City: Hamster Publicite, France
Executive Producer: Jean-Jacques Grimblat
Producer: Laurence Charlot

Leica Commercial (Wim Wenders)

Gear  |  AD
Wim Wenders Movie for Leica Camera, beautiful.