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The Commercial Mashed with Inception

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The awesome commercial of a vacuum cleaner, the LG Kompressor Elite.

AT&T Don't Text While Driving Documentary

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AT&T's Txtng & Drivng Campaign Urges Consumers That 'It Can Wait. 
"This documentary featuring families affected by texting while behind the wheel is being distributed to educators, government officials, safety organizations and public as part of a educational awareness campaign. "

Cenovis by Toby Dixon

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Calculator, Cute!


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Whisky Dean’s – Manly Marilyn Monroe


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Introducing the WWF file format - a Portable Document Format that simply can’t be printed out.
"The WWF format is a PDF that cannot be printed out. It's a simple way to avoid unnecessary printing. So here's your chance to save trees and help the environment. Decide for yourself which documents don't need printing out -- then simply save them as WWF." [ Youtube]

Game On

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"Game On in 2011, Use a Condom Every Time!
Have Fun Stay Safe
Leicestershire Teenage Pregnancy Partnership

wiley vs rhodes

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This is a live-action spoof of the old Looney Tunes Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner cartoons.

Paul Robertson

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Paul Robertson's pixel-art commercial for Syke energy drink.

The Human Jukebox

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On Friday, the 26th of November, this dude will swallow a tailor made wireless sound system and transform into a Human Jukebox. Seriously? 


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I will never ride bike with their backpack to do these tricks.
Music: Pola, Song: "airplanes flying into airplanes"

Band Aid: Hulk

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Cool advertising!
Flexible fabric.

Advertising Agency: JWT Dubai, UAE
Executive Creative Directors: Russell Heubach, Chafic Haddad
Senior Art Director / Copywriter: SM Ziyad
Illustrator / 3D Artist: Tarek Samaan
Planner: Prabhakar Iyer
Account Manager: Rochelle Barreto

Vintage Twitter in a box

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The packages were handed out Disruptive Code, a conference for web developers in Stockholm, during autumn 2010.
"With more than 100 million users worldwide, Twitter has over the recent years not only become a phenomenon, but a widely accepted tool to send short message to each other. Just like when we text each other on the phone, but visible to anyone. Amidst all this, Post-It celebrates 30 years in the business. What initially was considered a failed adhesive turned into maybe the most famous little piece of paper in history. Post-It became the standard for small, short messages and was used both between people and in public spaces, for anyone to see. Vintage Twitter is a loving homage to Twitter, with a reminder that the short message is not a new invention. The box, consisting of 500 Post-It notes (or vintage tweets) and a small pencil, was handed out at Disruptive Code, a conference for web developers in Stockholm, during autumn 2010.
Communications Agency: JMW Kommunikation, Stockholm, Sweden
Creative Director / Copywriter: Joakim Karlsson
Art Director: Jonas Böttiger
Illustrator: Thomas Olsson
Planner: Niclas Strandh
Published: September 2010"

Your hands in one day

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Well-edited advertisement by Wieden + Kennedy for Oronine, Otsuka Pharmaceutical’s long selling medicine brand. [ Youtube link ]

Currys & PC World Megastores TV Ad Director's Cut

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This is a commercial for an electronics store chain in London that C-3PO and R2-D2 land on earth and discover a empty store.

Page 3 - the woman you'd love your woman to be like

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The Sun spices up Isaiah Mustafa’s Old Spice ads to promote four decades of Page Three girls.
[ Youtube link ]