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Cenovis by Toby Dixon

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Calculator, Cute!


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Whisky Dean’s – Manly Marilyn Monroe


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Introducing the WWF file format - a Portable Document Format that simply can’t be printed out.
"The WWF format is a PDF that cannot be printed out. It's a simple way to avoid unnecessary printing. So here's your chance to save trees and help the environment. Decide for yourself which documents don't need printing out -- then simply save them as WWF." [ Youtube]

Game On

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"Game On in 2011, Use a Condom Every Time!
Have Fun Stay Safe
Leicestershire Teenage Pregnancy Partnership

wiley vs rhodes

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This is a live-action spoof of the old Looney Tunes Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner cartoons.

Paul Robertson

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Paul Robertson's pixel-art commercial for Syke energy drink.

The Human Jukebox

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On Friday, the 26th of November, this dude will swallow a tailor made wireless sound system and transform into a Human Jukebox. Seriously? 


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I will never ride bike with their backpack to do these tricks.
Music: Pola, Song: "airplanes flying into airplanes"

Band Aid: Hulk

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Cool advertising!
Flexible fabric.

Advertising Agency: JWT Dubai, UAE
Executive Creative Directors: Russell Heubach, Chafic Haddad
Senior Art Director / Copywriter: SM Ziyad
Illustrator / 3D Artist: Tarek Samaan
Planner: Prabhakar Iyer
Account Manager: Rochelle Barreto

Vintage Twitter in a box

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The packages were handed out Disruptive Code, a conference for web developers in Stockholm, during autumn 2010.
"With more than 100 million users worldwide, Twitter has over the recent years not only become a phenomenon, but a widely accepted tool to send short message to each other. Just like when we text each other on the phone, but visible to anyone. Amidst all this, Post-It celebrates 30 years in the business. What initially was considered a failed adhesive turned into maybe the most famous little piece of paper in history. Post-It became the standard for small, short messages and was used both between people and in public spaces, for anyone to see. Vintage Twitter is a loving homage to Twitter, with a reminder that the short message is not a new invention. The box, consisting of 500 Post-It notes (or vintage tweets) and a small pencil, was handed out at Disruptive Code, a conference for web developers in Stockholm, during autumn 2010.
Communications Agency: JMW Kommunikation, Stockholm, Sweden
Creative Director / Copywriter: Joakim Karlsson
Art Director: Jonas Böttiger
Illustrator: Thomas Olsson
Planner: Niclas Strandh
Published: September 2010"

Your hands in one day

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Well-edited advertisement by Wieden + Kennedy for Oronine, Otsuka Pharmaceutical’s long selling medicine brand. [ Youtube link ]

Currys & PC World Megastores TV Ad Director's Cut

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This is a commercial for an electronics store chain in London that C-3PO and R2-D2 land on earth and discover a empty store.

Page 3 - the woman you'd love your woman to be like

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The Sun spices up Isaiah Mustafa’s Old Spice ads to promote four decades of Page Three girls.
[ Youtube link ]

Japanese Cell Phone Ad: Darth Vader is my co-pilot

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Darth Vader is my co-pilot.

"Office" Getxophoto 2010 - Photo Festival - A tribute to the pleasures of leisure

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 "I always say I did nothing at the weekend. But the truth is ..."  [ Youtube link ]