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    Surgery Cake
    Food   /   Comments
    The Surgery Cake made by conjurers kitchen."Failed abdominal surgery’ cake. Life-size,...
    Sandwich art
    Food   /   Comments
    Since May 2008, the caring dad David Laferriere has been drawing more than 1,100 characters on his...
    Edible spoon
    Food   /   Comments
    A disposable plastic spoon will take more than 20 years to decompose. This edible spoon is...
    Breast Cupcakes
    Food   /   Comments
    These breast cupcakes are made by MorganCrone for a breast cancer charity bake sale. They are...
    Food Finish edible spray paint
    Food   /   Comments
    Food Finish, developed by German food company The Deli Garage, is the world's first edible spray...
    Jake the Dog Latte
    Food   /   Comments
    Jake the dog s'mores flavored latte design. Made at Caffe di Angeli in Fort Worth, Texas
    Rainbow Pasta
    Food   /   Comments
    Like eating paghetti? Well, whip up a meal using the rainbow pasta and you will love eating it even...
    Sushi Pi Pie
    Food   /   Comments
    What do you eat to celebrate this Pi Day? Why not try this Sushi Pi Pie, which is made of...
    Food characters
    Food   /   Comments
    A series of humorous food characters created by Brazilian photographer Vanessa Dualib.
    FabCafe lets you create a gummy replica of
    Food   /   Comments
    FabCafe in Japan is offering the service to create a gummy replica of yourself for the White Day....
    Solar System Hard Candy Lollipops
    Food   /   Comments
    Vintage Confections(etsy shop) has created a 10-piece made-to-order solar system lollipop set that...
    GM egg
    Food   /   Comments
    The genetically modified egg by British designer Dominic Wilcox is aimed at raising concern on...
    Pandora s Pops
    Food   /   Comments
    Looking for something fun to spice up your relationship or date? Well, these heart-shaped lollipops...
    Cupcakes Baked Inside of Eggshells
    Food   /   Comments
    The chocolate cupcakes are baked inside of whole brown eggshells by Stefani Pollack, who paint the...
    Retro Video Games On One Cake
    Food   /   Comments
    Five retro video games on one cake, included Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Frogger, Pong and Tetris....
    Giant Lollipop Swords
    Food   /   Comments
    These giant lollipop swords comes in tutti fruitti, watermelon, cherry and blue raspberry flavors....
    Wooden  Leather Cases For a Chupa Chups
    Food   /   Comments
    This wooden and leather case is made from saddle leather and mahogany by Japanese design studio...
    Flask Tie a necktie with a builtin flask pouch
    Food   /   Comments
    This Flask Tie is a necktie with a removable built-in flask pouch inside. The hidden pouch holds 6...
    Angry Bird Donuts
    Food   /   Comments
    Angry Birds themed yummy donuts for Hanukkah, aka the Festival of Lights.
    Candy Cane Edible Shot Glasses
    Food   /   Comments
    These edible shot glasses are made from peppermint flavored candy cane to give your poison of...
    Wine Ice Cream
    Food   /   Comments
    Mercer's Dairy produces true wine ice cream. This is not just wine-flavored ice cream. It is a 15%...
    Solid white chocolate baby heads
    Food   /   Comments
    This solic white chocolate baby heads are created by Annabel de Vetten of Conjurer's Kitchen. They...
    Mr Gugu  Miss Go Sweaters
    Food   /   Comments
    This new series of sweaters from Mr. Gugu & Miss Go feature your favorite snacks and sweets...
    Edible peppermint candy cane spoons
    Food   /   Comments
    As Christmas is around the corner, it's time to buy festive food. This edible peppermint candy cane...
    McDonald  s anatomical clown
    Food   /   Comments
    For roughly $116, you can own a transparent, neckless clown with glow in the dark innards.
    Adorable Piggy Bread
    Food   /   Comments
    Adorable "Piggy Bread" by La Receta de la Felicidad.
    26Pound Edible Gummy Python
    Food   /   Comments
    This giant edible gummy python is 26 pounds and nearly 7 feet long! Each of the pythons colors...
    Turkey Cake by Baskin Robbins
    Food   /   Comments
    This ice cream cake is created by Baskin Robbins in the shape of a roasted turkey. Cool!
    Candy Corn on the Cob
    Food   /   Comments
    Candy Corn on the Cob is created by Instructables member alaskantomboy.
    Dovely origami tea bags
    Food   /   Comments
    Yiu Studio's Dovely tea bags are completely handmade. The techniques involve letterpress,...
    The Moon ice cream cake
    Food   /   Comments
    These moon shaped ice cream cakes are created by Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien for...
    Pacman cheesecake
    Food   /   Comments
    A Pac-man cheesecake from obsequies.
    Vernissage wine purse
    Food   /   Comments
    This wine purse is designed by Swedish company Vernissage.
    Sugar Cube Skulls
    Food   /   Comments
    The sugar cube skulls are molded by hand in small intimate batched of 100% pure cane sugar. They...
    Headcrab Cupcake
    Food   /   Comments
    This headcrab cupcake is made by artistic-aviary aka Liz. "The cupcake is white cake (with...
    Glowinthe Dark Aurora
    Food   /   Comments
    This glow-in-the-dark cocktail, named Aurora, is created by the Campus Companion Party Lab. The...
    Sriracha Rooster Sauce Lollipop That s hot
    Food   /   Comments
    "Warning: Very hot! Lick in moderation."$2.99.(thinkgeek)
    Cookie Cup
    Food   /   Comments
    Wow, edible cup! You can "Sip the cofee then eat the cup". The cookie cup is made of...
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