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    Whaletone Royal Digital Grand Piano

    Whaletone Royal Digital Grand Piano
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    The Whaletone Royal Digital Grand Piano is a 13 x 8 ft Beautiful piano ! But there are no strings or hammers under the hood, instead it's entirely digital — complete with an internal noiseless amplifier, MIDI inputs and outputs, USB, and a headphone socket to play in silent mode. And if it wasn't unique enough already, each Whaletone product is made to order — allowing you to customize it to fit in with the rest of the furniture on your private yacht.
    "The model of a sound processor, a flagship model of Roland brand, with one of the best sound of the acoustic grand piano and a list of more than 500 various high quality sounds built-in. The is the musical heart of Whaletone. The processor generates an outstandingly authentic sound of a string grand piano which is rendered owing to the Super Natural Piano technology and is available in three types of sounds, i.e. Concert, Studio and Brilliant, and 30 selectable variations as well as 10 sounds of electric pianos in 15 variations, all of which are based upon the Super NATURAL technology too. This guarantees the highest quality enriched still by so important for professional musicians natural sounding elements as smooth and natural sound which makes it even more real, speed and reaction to finger hit, smooth transfer among the levels of dynamics with no unnatural loops of samples. Apart from the extraordinarily natural sound of the classical grand piano, it is also the entire richness of programmed sounds from the vintage models of 1960s to 80s , via combinations of types of sounds to the opportunity to create one's own, completely new sounds.
    Owing to the programmable pushbuttons and the One Touch Piano function, a swift access to the set sounds is possible, and due to the built-in display one may control the settings of the sounds which include 242 normal sounds, 10 organ sounds Tone Wheel, 256 sounds GM2, 5 rhythmic sets and 9 rhythmic GM2 sets

    Via Designboom

    By Ben on Sat May 28 2016
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