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    By Ben on Mon May 25 2009
    Turbo Jet Water Broom
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    Connect the Turbo Water Jet Broom to a standard garden hose and its ˇ°high-pressureˇ± water jets will ˇ°sweepˇ± your patio, deck, driveway, sidewalk, garage floor, or other outdoor surface, using just three gallons per minute. The broom rolls easily on two wheels. It features a soft foam grip handle for comforatable usage ans a water valve lets you control the flow of water. Made from heavy-duty aluminum, steel, and brass, the Turbo Water Jet Broom is available with either a 26ˇĺ, 5-jet head for $47 or a 36ˇĺ, 7-jet head for $55.
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