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    The Iron Station

    The Iron Station
    Gear  /  Design
    The Iron Station from quirky is an ironing board that can simply insert the sleeves or the pant legs into the arms, and find a flat surface. Close the arms again, and you can iron the back of that shirt. Finally, clamp the collar between the arms and it lays flat, ready to iron. Watch the video. On the site, it says they’re “making it”, but we can’t quite figure out how to buy it.

    -Board can separate and allow you to slide sleeves and pant legs onto individual "arms" for better ironing
    -Rotating "arm" moves to the angle you need
    -Board can be clamped together to hold cuffs and shirt collars in place for the perfect press
    -Innovative tripod stand makes for easy set up, provides optimum stability, and folds flat for storage
    -Cotton covers are removable and machine washable

    Via ohgizmo / By Ben on Wed Feb 6 2013
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