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    The Flake
    Car  /  Concept
    The Flake, Da Feng's latest design, is covered in hinged carbon-fiber pieces. Each one is connected by carbon nanotubes to tiny solenoids that can make them stand up or lay flat, like an angry cat puffing up its fur. Each "flake", is made of carbon fiber, and can go from perfectly flat and streamlined to standing up nearly vertically. So if you want to go fast, all the flakes lie flat, but when you turn, all the flakes on one side of the car will stand up, helping lock the car down to the road. The Flake car, its wheels are made out of twelve independently extendable leg-things, allowing for an adjustable contact surface. Their 12 “legs” extend and contract in response to the road surface and vehicle speed, the bottom part of the “wheel” flattens at high speeds, turning the circle into a D-shape, so Feng calls them D-wheels.

    Via dvice, wired, pretendingpretentious / By Ben on Wed Aug 10 2011
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