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    The Diamond Turntable by Schau

    The Diamond Turntable by Schau
    German brand Scheu Ananlog designed the sexy and pretty turntables for women. It is called "Diamond". The Diamond(EUR 3,900) with sleek design in color base and pure turntable. Its base comes in more colors than very feminine pink, and the grain version and the black version for cool guys. The pretty turntable!
    "This elegant turntable is a design masterpiece, with a pure, sleek silhouette and - naturally - excellent sound quality. Diamond not only offers state-of-the-art technology - it is also meets the requirements of a very demanding target group: ladies who refuse to settle for second-best."

    Via designboom Price: EUR 3,900   |   BUY

    By Ben on Fri Nov 14 2008
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