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    By Ben on Wed Apr 30 2008
    The-Jet by Cirrus
    Car  |  Transportation
    The-Jet($TBD) by Cirrus. It likes your sport car which can fly to the sky. It is a personal jet, designed easy to fly. The Jet will seat seven people. The cockpit will have two seats, and the second row will have two seats as will the third row. The jet will be powered by a single Williams FJ33-3 engine, producing 1,900 pounds-force (8,500 N) of thrust and is expected to cruise at about 300 knots (560 km/h). And it will have a parachute. Cirrus is currently taking $100,000 deposits for the jet. The jet's certification target is 2010. A very cool jet, maybe you should park it in your garage.

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