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    TALCS - Nikon D200 On a Rifle Stalk

    Tactical Camera Assault Long Range Stock

    Tactical Camera Assault Long Range Stock
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    A Nikon D200 on a rifle stalk - the Tactical Camera Assault Long Range Stock (TALCS) features
    - Fully functional "trigger" operates the shutter and auto focus
    - Two Standard m1913 rail sections
    - Optional Left Hand Panning Section (Tested)
    - Optional Auto-Focus assist Light (Not Tested)
    - Two Sling attachments for optional single point sling
    - One Sling Stud for Harris Bipod
    - One Hook and Loop Fastener Attachment Section.
    " Nikon D200 on a rifle stalk is great combo of a weapon¡¯s modularity with conventional camera¡¯s abilities that even transforms well for a left-handed photographer¡¯s needs. The rifle camera uses three-contact switches activated in two stages of trigger movement. First pull of the trigger activates the auto focus, while the final pull activates the shutter to click images in low light conditions as well."

    By Ben on Wed May 6 2009
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