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    Stormtrooper Motorcycle Armor
    This stormtrooper motorcycle armor from UD Replicas that you see in the image looks awesome, which shaped like a Stormtrooper outfit. It’s made from grade-A cowhide, a suit will set you back $1,143. Features:
    - Incredible attention to detail, featuring form molded details like never before.
    - Raised rib detailing on the sleeves, shoulders, legs, torso and midsection perfectly replicating the look of rigid armor.
    - Adjustable forearms, biceps, thighs and shin leather armor allow for a personalized ‘custom’ body fit.
    - Waist belt is part of the jacket and not removable. Cleverly hidden is the main front zipper which has 3 main access points providing function, while allowing the main torso armor to be uncompromised and true to what was seen on screen.
    - Snap buttons on the cuffs and wrist zippers.
    - Jacket and Pants zip together at the waist essentially converting this to a one-piece body suit.
    - Removable quilted cotton lining.
    - CE-approved body armor in the shoulders, forearms/elbow, back spine protector, thighs and knee/shin armor is standard for riders but is easily removed for day-to-day wear.

    Via uberreview / Price: $1,143   |   BUY By Ben on Thu Dec 8 2011
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