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Sterling Silver R2-D2 & Pure Gold C-3PO

By Ben on Mon Mar 26 2012
Sterling Silver R2D2 Pure Gold C3PO

Sterling Silver R2D2 Pure Gold C3PO
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To commemorate the upcoming 35th anniversary of Star Wars, which made its debut on May 25th, 1977, Lucasfilm Ltd. Star Wars will be releasing both a sterling silver R2-D2 and a pure gold C-3PO. These two famous droids will be limited to only 35 units each, and will weigh in at 35 grams to fall in line with the 35th birthday. The R2-D2 figurine will set you back JPY 150,000($1,800 USD) and the C-3PO JPY 500,000, $6,000 USD.

Via swagsofresh, freshnessmag