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    Star Wars Droid Leg Lamp
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    Star Wars - Christmas Story Mashup leg lamp made from an R2-D2 head and a C-3PO leg by Gordon Tarpley. This leg lamp features the head of R2-D2 (acting as the lamp shade) mounted on top of the leg of C-3PO (lamp base).
    "based on a joke my wife (total genius) made about 9 months ago, I made a Star Wars Christmas Story leg-lamp crossover from parts I had around the house. Not permanent, but fun. The parts will be returned to their proper builds in a few days.
    I HAVE been planning on making a permanent version ever since she first mentioned it months ago. After this picture was posted on facebook, there have been TONS of responses asking where I got it, which has given me the motivation to build the actual lamp for next December (2013)
    Via LS, obviouswinner / By Ben on Sat Dec 22 2012
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